June 3, 2006

Response To Another Muslim Who Doesn't Get It

I must admit the writer of the Avari blog seems very literate and intelligent, at least on the surface, but sadly he is no different in the way he spins, deflects and cherry picks what is written as criticisms against Islam and Muslims.

He dedicated half a blog post to me and my question about Muslims using the term pigs and apes to describe Jews and possibly Christians.

Essentially he is defending the Koran by stating it is foolish to interpret apes and swine in a literal way, and he implies I'm foolish and uneducated for even bringing up the literal translation as a possibility.

I wonder if he bothered opening any of the links I provided in my post. It is a fact that some Arab Muslims, at least, interpret apes and pigs in a literal way when pertaining to Jews and Christians. Whether it is the right or wrong interpretation, it is reality that this idea is being taught to Arab Muslims at a very young age. Sure it is foolish, I find all literal interpretation, of all bibles foolish, but it doesn't stop many Muslims, Jews, and Christians, etc. from believing fully in literal interpretations. It was very juvenile of him to shoot the messenger.

He goes on to relevant points to defend the Koran. But then calls me an idiot as if I'm interpretting the Koran in the most negative way. I am not. But many Muslims are. That was the point of my post.

He says that he disproved me in his post. I have no idea what he thinks my post said. Maybe he needs an interpreter. I know I won't get an apology.

He goes on about my the questions for Muslims. And he uses one Christians Palestinian terrorist as proof that Christian Palestinian terrorists exist. How lame.

And again, he allows me to lump all Muslims together by his unsubstantiated support of the Palestinians and his obsession with Israel. On his sidebar he has a section called "Palestein" with 13 links (including one on the USS Liberty). Of course not even one link that specifically is about Darfur. Does anyone else notice a pattern here? Why is a Pakistani Muslim so interested in Israel but hardly focuses on Darfur(at least he did write a couple of posts on Darfur to his credit).

He even admits why Darfur is hardly mentioned, and it makes total sense:

...I think that there is another reason at work, which is also predicated on the problems we Muslims have with dealing with crimes and wrongs committed by fellow Muslims. When it comes to Iraq vs. America, or Israel vs. Palestine, it is easier to put things down into black and white. It's not just Muslim racism then, but a Muslim cowardice, an inability to face up to our own acts. Believe you me, if America attacked a predominantly black Muslim country, there would be demonstrations everywhere. People would be, quite literally, up in arms. People would be angry. Because it would be a case of a Muslim people suffering a non-Muslim assault.

Notice the sympathies that are expressed throughout the Muslim world for causes that one would not otherwise expect the people to sympathize with, except that the perceived aggressors are not Muslim, and the perceived victims are. Hence, that Muslims are allegedly "silent" (or relatively silent) over Darfur may be attributed, in some measure, to racism, which is a real disease plaguing our society. More accurately, however, our silence is stupefaction, looking into the mirror and seeing ourselves responsible for evil and oppression. We, as humans, do not like to know that persons of our group, our type, our clan, tribe, family or nationality, whatever it may be, are capable of such acts. We are instead hopeful, always, that it is the outsider -- in this case, the non-Muslim -- who is the bad guy.

When the facts prove otherwise, we become embarrassingly silent

He seems very reasonable, but something blocked him from understanding the point of my post. I would also like to see him write a piece on why he thinks Israel is on Arab and/or Muslim land.


  1. I was watching Death in Gaza this morning the movie. At one point they go to this boys house who is a willing pawn of I think 12. He lives in squalor with his family evidence of a battle field and failed economy in the south of Gaza.

    The person talking with the family is interrupted by the mother or older sister who asks the 5 year old girl in the family what do you think of Jews with a smile on her face. The reply of which is they are all descendants of dogs or something along that line which brings smiles to the families faces. How smart and cute the little girl is they are so proud of her.

    As a Jew myself I of course would like to know for at least a generation or two someone will not be looking to wipe me and family out or whatever rhetoric is most popular today. And to honestly see peace in the ME and all countries work together to improve the human condition rather then keep building new weapons systems and better ways to see each other become maggot meat.

    But as long as children are being trained to hate from birth by religion family and their culture how can that ever possibly happen. It seems the only people of the world these days who are actively engaged in the birth right of brainwashing of inbred hatred are Muslims. Of course just like in the US it is the poorest people with the least hope that make the best target for being used as pawns in the meat grinder. Then of course Israel who has kids moving there from all around the world to join up to defend Israel. The other side of radical Islam is they radicalize Jewish youth to go and do their bit to fight them off because they think their existence is on the line.

  2. i grew up in saudi arabia. i went to a conservative islamic teaching school and we were never taught to hate christians and jews rather to treat them we would as a brother.

    we were taught about the jews turning into apes thing and avari pretty much described everything we were taught (how they werent turned into apes because they were jewish rather because they did practice judiaism correctly)

    Just like you would not like to be sterotyped as an ignorant american/canadian fool, i'd appreciate it if you would not stereotype millions of people.

  3. Again, I am not stereotyping here. I believe some people are taught one thing, and some are taught another.

    I believe there are some Muslims who believe in evolution, evolution to a degree, and then some who believe in a young earth and some who believe in special creation. I was looking for numbers, or what the majority think. Read the posts again.
    Now Jews who didn't practice Judaism, how did they transform into apes, was it supernatural or is it allegorical?

  4. This is a most disgusting issue.

    Who and what is Islam to determine how another should practice their religion?

    If my children were told that other people were less important than they, regardless of the people, I would make sure they did not encounter that person, again. If it were a religious leader, a teacher or a political leader, I'd disassociate myself from the people

    If I heard such trash coming out of my child's mouth, I'd be ashamed. I believe that people who want their children to be taught hate, are not worthy of having children. Unfortunately this is not a universal attitude.

  5. AJ, the point has been made, they have closed the comments in that blog section you linked. :-)

    Oh I See

  6. Yes and many more ..., AJ.
    Name is not important as ideas.

    Oh I See

  7. the bible and the koran have both been used as tools of hatred. for the most part christians grew out of this phenomenon during the dark ages (about 1000 years ago).....seeing as islam is 1000 years younger than christianity is it really so surprising that we are witnessing the dark age of the younger religion?

    a twist on monty python: nobody expects the shia inquisition!!!!