June 5, 2006

Gay Marriage Amendment Blows

George Bush will eat the corn out of the Christian Right's feces it seems, in order to get votes. If it ever passed, it would just be a sad day for humanity and one giant leap into the theocratic abyss.

Here are some of my thoughts:

In prehistoric times, a man and a woman had sex, the woman got pregnant and the man hunted and gathered for a couple of years until the child was able to stand. Then he went to spread his genes elsewhere.

Churches didn't become involved in marriages until the 9th Century. And prior to the 6th Century, all people had to do was say they were married.

Marriage is just a way to celebrate the union of two people who think they will be together until one of them croaks.

Divorce rates are high, even amongst Evangelicals. Many marriages are crocks or turn into them.

It has only been a very short time since studies have confirmed that most gays aren't gay by choice. It is genetic, even in women, studies show that the tendency toward lesbianism occurs during fetal development.

Marriage is about two people who think they love each other and want to have children in many cases.

Weddings are a way to get families together to celebrate the union of two people who think they love each other.

What happens when a man and a woman marry and the man or woman goes through a sex change if same sex marriage is banned?

What about hermaphrodites? Can they get married?

Anyone who is stupid enough to get married, should be allowed to.

Sex with children and animals is wrong, it is like killing a person for absolutely no reason. Someone who does this should be locked up and has his/her genitals removed. Pedophelia and beastiality are choices and/or sicknesses. Homosexuality is not a sickness and in most cases, not a choice. Homosexuality is not a criminal offense. Beastiality and pedophelia are, or at least should be always.

Why does it matter so much to some people if two gays want to call their union a marriage? Get a life.

When a male Fundy gets a divorce or his wife dies, who does he spend eternity with? Are you allowed to have many wives in heaven. Is it just one big orgy because the wives too could have been married once or twice before.

This whole thing is just about bible thumpers being against homosexuality period. They can say that the bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but if they want to go by the bible, the only marriages were arranged. Maybe we should go back to those days.

One final thought. I still don't like seeing two men kiss, not even when Tony Soprano kisses another mobster on the cheek as a greeting.


  1. Hmmm. Wasn't there a period of time where a man and woman could copulate in front of witness and that would be considered a marriage?

  2. And why do you care if the state wont call union between same sex couples a marraiage? And I must say, the idea that gays are born gay has NEVER been proven.

  3. Reza, I'm sure that happened. Sounds like something the Roman or Greeks might have done.

    Dag, there is overwhelming evidence that nature is responsible for homosexuality. Nurture is involved too, sometimes. You need to do an internet search and you will find the scientific data to support this. The only ones who say that homosexuality is all nurture are Young Earth Creationists who tend to only worry about science when it comes to their Rapture ready cars.

    My concern about this is that it is Fundy driven. And why stop at labelling marriage? Once you give the irrational right an inch they will take a mile.

  4. There need to be legal rights for same sex relationships if they are willing to commit to each other.

    Why should heterosexual couples be the only ones to reap the rewards of tax advantages?

    Geez, are they going to add ammendments now that would keep people from having inter-racial marriages? What about mixed-marriages in terms of religions, that too.

  5. "not even when Tony Soprano kisses another mobster on the cheek as a greeting."

    I think anyone should be allowed to marry - the whole debate is foolish. On to more important things, RE: Sopranos -
    a). What did you think of the whole "Vito - Brokeback Mobster" thing?
    b). Think someone "close" to Tony is going to get whacked? Who?

  6. Im sorry...it is FAR from scientifically proven or accepted that people are born gay.

  7. Anyone who believes that homosexuality is a choice is a moron. Such a person cannot bear to think that their 'creator' would have placed gays and lesbians amongst us. They'll read and drool over the verses in Leviticus, ready to heave stones (with oh so much righteous indignation), all the while thumping and getting jiggy with their Bibles.
    Fundamentalists are buffoons. But worse, they are snivelling, life-denying, bankrupt cretins.

  8. Lisa, I thought the Vito scripts were great. It is amazing how I have some compassion for someone who shot a stranger in the back because the guy insisted on going through insurance. The writers are excellent on that show.
    I think it will be a close relative. Either his wife, son or daughter who is offed. I think killing Chris would create bad ratings for next year.

    Dag, read this post of mine and check out the links provided.

    Pimpette, I think this about the marriage label, and as far as benefits go, they will be decided on a state to state situation.

    Doctor, it is unconceivable to me that anyone who thinks about it and uses a brain would think that homosexuality is a choice. But then again, many "smart" people are sure there is a God and sure that evolution is a crock, and many doubt the age of the earth. Those who know the earth is young aren't too bright.

  9. Funny you should mention men kissing now. here is a little romantic poem and a photo you may like.

  10. bacon, it seems as if the Jews allowed that during a period of time when each town did not have a Rabbi and travel was dangerous or impossible. Eastern Europe I believe. It is no longer a practice, I would think.

    Heard this from a Rabbi...and confirmed by an Orthodox friend.

    Necessity is the Mother of invention.

  11. I saw it on your site earlier. Those aren't men though.

  12. tis Reza who said that about the Jews allowing a marriage to be sanctified by a most unusual way. Not an anti-semetic statement just something she was told.

    Somehow I ended the message before I properly signed off. Sometimes I am technically challenged.

    Meanwhile...good for Canada. They caught some of the baddies.

  13. Does anyone else think it is ironic that the Concervatives want gays to always be swinging bachelors enjoying free love and the Liberals want gays to form monogomous relationships with 2.2 kids and a white picket fence? :)

    Canada has had gay marriage for over a year and so far our cities haven't turned into sand and our rivers into blood... the 700 club must be pissed.

    I must say though, this move by Bush will blow back right into his face. The country has to deal with terrorism, twin-deficits bankrupting their kids, and environmental challenges but instead will spend the next 3 weeks debating the threat of gay marriage and flag burning. Nice.

  14. One thing for sure, you don't hold back!..lol (I nearly chocked on the coffee when I read the first bit about the corn.)

    By the way, I just had a huge argument with some people about what an atheist is. I don't deny the existence of god/gods, I just have disbelief in their existence. Most people say it is the same thing. I don't see "disbelief" and "denial" as being identical in meaning.

    But I don't care if other atheists define themselves as being people who deny the existence of god, it is mainly agnostics and theists who disagree with me on the definition. (Your thoughts?)

  15. We need to promote same-sex marriages to stop over-population destroying any more of God's lovingly created species.

    Either that or breed many many more lions.

  16. great post bacon as far as what happens when a couple are married and one partner has G.R.S. since the r is no gay marriage the relationship is terminated.

    Trust me on that one Ive donr the research to know that answer.

    Now intersex Indivuduals I have no clue but Isure if you googled it youd find the answer


  17. Reza, I'm still not sure what you mean by "most unusual way" or the timeline you are talking about.

    Jordan, I'll bet some Fundies think that allowing gays to marry will cut down Aids, because it will promote less promiscuity, and this is another reason why they are against it. Pat Robertson is probably saying that God has punished us homegrown terrorists because Canada allows same sex marriage.

    BeepX2, I used a dictionary definition verbatim in my blog header for atheist.

    It is just a word. But I don't like using the word belief or disbelief because of then theists like to say it is a religion. Also, it is too close to saying I don't believe in a young earth. And many Atheist say they know God doesn't exist.
    Personally, I would just like to change the word Atheist to Realist. Atheists believe things that have been proven.
    We are the supernatural deprived, or God deprived too.

    Technically, everyone is really an Agnostic, because nobody knows for 100% certain that God exists or doesn't exist.

    But I think what differentiates Atheists for Agnostics is that Agnostics live their life under the guise that God may or may not exist. Atheists live their life under the realization that God doesn't exist.

    Maybe that is it: An Atheist realizes that their is no evidence that proves God existense.

  18. "Pat Robertson is probably saying that God has punished us homegrown terrorists because Canada allows same sex marriage"

    Too funny!!! Although admitingly I am going to have to watch the 700 club this morning... with Pat, you never really know do you? :)

  19. "Im sorry...it is FAR from scientifically proven or accepted that people are born gay. "

    I'm sorry, your just saying so doesn't make this true.

    here's just one link, do the rest of the research yourself: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002340883_gayscience19m.html

  20. For an atheist you sure have a lot of commentary about religion. Why not be honest, you hatred spreading anti-Christian, not an atheist at all!

  21. I am not just anti-Christianity, I'm anti every religion.
    I am not spreading hatred, I am telling the truth.
    If religion wasn't in my face, I wouldn't write about it. Keep religion within your house and church and away from the government and any other public institution, and I won't write about it.

  22. Unusual way and I am trying to be delicate. Hmmm. Ok. Either under a Chupa with a Rabbi/Cantor performing the service. Or, consumating the marriage (yes, doing IT) in front of witnesses.
    I forgot the details...I was so busy visualizing this that I probably wasn't listening carefully.

    I'm not sure of the time frame. I was led to believe it was during the time when most European Jews were Hassidic and before States/Countries had laws governing marriage. I will try to get more details on this. Not every town or village had a Rebbe. Actually this is not important, I just have an interest in trivia.

  23. "For an atheist you sure have a lot of commentary about religion. Why not be honest, you hatred spreading anti-Christian, not an atheist at all!"

    I always love this lie. So presumptuous, and arrogant simply because this "anon" (afraid?) doesn't like that it has no comeback and can't refute you.


  24. The issue of gay marriage will definitely be in the headlines quite a bit as the election season grows warmer down here, but as usual it will go nowhere. While Conservatives love to reel in the religious right with the promises to overturn Roe v Wade, ban gay marriage and flag burning, every night they get down on their knees and pray that those issues NEVER go away, because without them they have nothing left to win elections. You think they could actually run on their ACCOMPLISHMENTS? lol

    Onto gay marriage- there is no logic behind banning it. However, in order for them to be considered under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, they have to be considered a suspect group. That is to mean, they have to be considered a group that is actually being discriminated against. The only groups this applies to right now are race, religion, and alien status. Gender is only considered "semi-suspect", which is just insane. And it's discouraging that if gender isn't a protected class then it would take many extra steps to ensure that same-sex couples would be extended the same protections.

    Other than that, we can be safe in the fact that even if an Amendment can be passed through both houses of Congress, getting it ratified by the states would probably not happen at this time. And in the years that would pass before it would even be brought out to ratification by the states, one would hope that the Supreme Court will finally hear this issue. There is some precedent that could be used to decide this case in favor of gays. The one that comes to mind is Loving vs Virginia involving the banning of interracial marriage.

  25. BEJ, I didn't understand how you managed to couple the subjects of homosexuality, beastiality, and pedastry. Hey, it 's your blog and there's much mystery. My people do not see those words as having any relationship to each other, yet you managed to lump us all into the same paragraph. After that, you didn't need to tell me that you are made uncomfortable by two men kissing. You've already told me the company into which you place me. I know that's not where you are intellectually, but go back and examine what you just said.

  26. Houston, before I wrote the article I was reading up on the issue a bit, and on one site, they were lumping together beastiality and pedophelia on the issue as to where to draw the line. I wanted to eliminate that whole argument on one line. I didn't think it would be offensive.

  27. Over 450 different species engage in homosexuality activity.

    Dag, do you still think it is a choice?

  28. well bacon Im bi so to me it can be a choice lol

    but this next ? is off topic here How did you get rid of bernarda he has been hitting my blog and being an ass


  29. Udonman, Bernarda is a female from France. I just started deleting her posts after giving her warnings to stay on topic and to knock off the rhetoric.

    Also, I think that most guys who say they are bi are really gay. At least that is my opinion. I'm not saying that to be snarky or disrespectful by the way.

  30. nah I know I am bi but trust me I know that for a fact

    and I feel the same way about alot of the people that say they are bi but there are a few of us.

    as far as bernarda well I will just start deleting her post if she comes back to my blog.

    But she was just on nogodblog and well go to the coulter post and see her reaction after she posted off topic and I called her on it.

    oh and by the way I am farmgirl from above.

  31. I know you are Farmgirl because I clicked the ID. Which blog of yours is Bernarda polluting?

    I have let Bernarda's last two comments here stay because they were on topic and didn't include the usual anti-semitic rhetoric.

  32. was polluting udonman glad thats the only one. hasnt been there for a while but after our little confirtation on ngb I have a feeling she will be back on mine.

    I was hoping there was something you said to her that got rid of her or if there was some way to block her IP address oh well if she comes back to any of my blogs. I treat it like spam and hatemail. delete if off topic.