June 6, 2006


Since Atheists are believed to the sons and daughters of Satan by many fruitcakes out there, I feel compelled to dedicate a post to 666.

I've decided to take a different approach to 666. This is not the first time the year or date 666 has been upon us. The first time was the Hebrew year 666, but nobody had a clue about Christianity or the concept of a calendar back then. It was still around 990 years before Noah saved 2 of every animal on this planet, except for dinosaurs. He watched all the dinosaurs drown, the heartless basturd. I still can't believe he would do such a thing.

Then came the Roman calendar. I don't know how or if they recorded year dates, and I'm not interested in making this my lifes work to find out. I know they didn't use BC unless they were really clairvoyant. The Julian Caesar started in the year 46 BC, but again, I have no idea if Julias started with year 1. The man or myth Jesus was born in the Gregorian calendar year of 0-4 AD, which would mean he was a toddler or maybe a kindergartner June 6th, 06, if he existed at all. Of course they didn't call it that back then.

The year 1268 AD coincides with the Islamic calendar for the 666. It was a time in history that the Mongolians were starting to try to steal the land that the Muslims stole a few centuries earlier.

Ok, enough already. Here is where I'm going with this. I'm not too sure when the relevance of the Mark of the Beast scared the Jeebus out of certain people. But if it was known during the Gregorian year of 1006, May 1st 1006 would have been a sure sign the end was 35 days away. Unfortunately, the Gregorian calendar didn't come into affect until 1582. But on May 1st, 1006, the brightest Supernova ever was seen by mankind in recorded history. It must have scared everyone regardless.

Watch this video and see why May 1st, 1006 was a date that many astronomers would love to go back to if they could use a time machine.


  1. What does 666 mean?

    "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six," (Rev. 13:18).

    666 is the number of the antichrist, the end times figure who will arise with the purpose of opposing God and God's people. 666 is the gamatria of the name of the antichrist.

    In Greek and Hebrew there are no numeric characters. There are only alpha characters. For example, the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, etc. are alpha characters. The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., are numeric characters. They are different -- except for the letter "o" and the number "0". When the Greeks wanted to write a number, they used letters for numbers. The Greek letter "alpha" had the numeric equivalent of 1. The next letter "beta" has the numeric equivalent of 2, and so on.

    Therefore, whenever a word in Greek is written, because the letters are also numbers, every word has a numeric value. This numeric value is called a gematria. The Greek word for Jesus (IhsouV) has a mathematical equivalent of 888. Also, the Greek word for fish is 1224.

    What the Bible is saying is that the future antichrist will have a name that when it is written in Greek, its numeric equivalent will be 666.

  2. Some think the hebrew alpabet
    www or vav vav vav has numerical value 666 [ the greeks are the other alphabets with numerical values] and that the bar code [ when we check out goods at the counter] from a human eye can be seen as 666. Ooooohh :-) s-c-a-r-y..... zzz


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  4. Good stuff, bacon eater.

    And if another Atheist Jew can slaughter a sacred cow or two on your blog . . .


    . . . and, what the hell, why rip on religious flakes once, when you can do so twice:



  5. Nice post Bacon.

    J 146, interesting comment also. Thanks to both of you.

  6. Little tidbit regarding the previous post: the Gay Marraige Amendment was shot down in the Senate at noon. Thought I'd spread the word.

    And I think it would be awesome if someone had a child on 6/6/06, even if Pat Robertson would believe they're the devil.

  7. Strangely enough, 666 in binary is 1010011010. What do you suppose is the significance of that huh? HUH? IT'S GOT TO MEAN SOMETHING! IT'S IN THE BIBLE! I know, if you start at middle C, making that zero, Then D becomes one, and that string of numbers becomes one of the most annoying things you could ever play over, and over, and over, and over.....

    Sorry. I was channeling a superstitious fucktard.

  8. Look at the atomic number for carbon the basis of life on this planet
    6 Positrons
    6 electrons
    6 neutrons

    6-6-6 the basis of life

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  11. Read the Public Forum (link half way down page) at website http://truthquestonline.info/

    Article/thread by "TheTruth" entitled,

    "What is the meaning of the number 666"

    Direct link..


  12. 666 (represents the Anti-Christ) is
    (1)the MARK of the beast
    OR (2)the NUMBER of his NAME
    OR (3)the NAME of the beast

    that a mankind will receive IN the right hand or IN the forehead the AFTER World War 3 when the Anti-Christ emerges with his 'PEACE' plan. Then once the MARK (666) is received - the beast armies with the 666 will fight Jesus Christ and his Angels in the final great battle of Armagedden.

    666 = 3 strand DNA. The KJV bible has 66 books = which is the normal man. The 666 will a hybrid man/beast/machine.

    666 in binary is 1010011010 =
    1+0+1+0+0+1+1+0+1+0 = 5.
    FIVE (5) = 5 POINTED STAR - HIGHEST symbol in withcraft (the religion of the Anti-Christ) and 5 pointed (fallen) STAR = (1)S(2)A(3)T(4)A(5)T = SATAN - also known as Satan(Santa)Clause