June 21, 2006

How To Carry A Cat That Looks Like Hitler

Here is the cat:

Here is what you use to carry him:

I'm not a cat person by the way. Dogs are the only real pets out there. Cats are just a step above squirrels.


  1. Ah, well, methinks you just haven't found the right cat.


    A Devoted Cat Person.

  2. BEAJ: Of course, dogs are the only real pets. Dogs have owners. Cats, on the other hand, have staff!

  3. Don't you dare deomonise cats. (smack smack)

  4. BEAJ: Your fan club in action?

  5. Yes Chimera, I delete him when he copies and pastes like that.

    He is an obsessed Jew hater.

  6. Is that what he hates? I thought maybe it was coherent thought he had a mad on for...

    By th' way, when you delete a comment like that, how do you get the whole comment box to disappear? In Blogger, I've only ever seen a deleted comment as "comment deleted by owner" surrounded by the otherwise empty comment space...

  7. There is an option to delete comment forever. So if you see that box on your blog, just click the trash can and delete it forever.

  8. Oh, man, here is where you got it wrong. To like a sniveling creature that plays loyal to get another bone?

    Come on, a simple logic - comparing the relative weight of dogs vs. cats shows that dogs are created to serve as meat containers for cats to use in emergency.

  9. i'm wondering what other uses there are for something like that. the only thing i can think of about the same size and weight as a cat is an infant. is that cruel?

  10. Snoopy, you have to use your imagination in order to give a cat pet worthy traits.

    Jhrhv, it depends on the infant.

  11. I am reminded of a line from the hilarious movie Meet the Parents when Ben Stiller's character says he preferrs dogs:

    De Niro says:

    "So you prefer an emotionally week animal?"


    Cat-lover, but too allergic to own any pets. :(

  12. I like squirrels - especially the flying variety.

  13. Feeding a cat is like getting bugs for a spider and sticking them on the spiders web.

  14. lol, I didn't know you posted this.

    Here is my reply: ~

    Cats That Look LIke Hitler