June 22, 2006

Should Sheikh Riyadh Ul-Haq Be Allowed To Speak In Canada?

Sheikh Riyadh Ul-Haq, from Britain, has been invited to speak in Montreal and Toronto at the end of this month. It is a fact that young Muslims in Canada (and everywhere on this planet) are being recruited by bad Muslims. We just saw 19 arrested, and hopefully there will be more arrests soon.

Here are some quotes Ul-Haq that are on record:

"Among the believers there are those who have proved their word and agreement with Allah and thus they have expired their lives, meaning they are martyred in the way of Allah. And the rest of the believers, they are waiting for martyrdom. They are waiting for shahada [martyrdom] . We should follow in the footsteps of the shahada. We may be under siege at the moment but have hope."

"The Prime Minister [Tony Blair] tells Muslims in this country that whatever the Taliban says about casualties, etc., you should treat it with caution, you shouldn't believe what they say. Those servants of Allah are declared liars."

"The only Muslims who are considered moderates are those who for example, forgive me for polluting the masjid's [mosque's] atmosphere by saying this, but those Muslims who openly advocate lesbianism, those who are publicly declared homosexuals, Muslims who don't believe in segregation - the hijab - who feel no shame bowing down and kissing the Pope's hand, those Muslims who feel absolutely no shame, or they don't see any sense of irony in the fact that they openly declare that Israel should be recognized as a Jewish state, not only should Jerusalem be handed over completely to the Jews, but even the Masjid al-Aqsa."

"Of the peoples of the earth, the ones that hate Muslims the most, the ones who are bitterest in their enmity towards Muslims, the most unrelenting, unforgiving, are the Jews and the mushrikin [Hindus], idolaters in all their forms."

"May Allah give all Muslims, individuals and leaders, especially, and our governments the understanding and the sense to see through their propaganda, their, and deceit and to view them as they really are and thus treat them accordingly."

More information is found here.

This leads to todays poll:

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Good discussion at God is for Suckers about how far religious freedoms should go, with an emphasis on Muslims in America.


  1. "May Allah give all Muslims, ... the understanding and the sense to see through their propaganda, and deceit and ... treat them accordingly."

    I've read this time and time again. I know what it means to radical Islamo-facists: Kill the Infidels. My first reaction was to bar the creep from Canada. On second glance though, let the guy in and surround the area with undercover cops - keep track of familiar faces for future investigations and raids.

  2. Let him talk, and if he crosses the line and incites hate, arrest him.

    He shouldn't be arrested merely for "hate speech", he should be arrested because he is an enemy of the people; and I don't think he would disagree if the "people" are defined as non-Muslims.

  3. Thanks for puting it up.
    If our government was not so PC, he would never be allowed in.Not in the aftermath of what happened in Toronto regarding the 17 arrested young terror suspects. It would show the world, Canada will not put up with hatemongering Islamist whako. Just treat him like Zundel.
    Second best scenario, let him come in, monitor his every word & as soon as he
    breaks the Canadian anti-hate law, throw his ass in jail. No bail.


  4. It is funny how open he is.

  5. Surely freedom of speech is a right of citizens of a country. As a visitor the country also has the right to tell him to fuck off. I don't know what book of manners says you must allow your enemies into your house to teach your children to kill you, but it sounds like a pretty stupid book to me.

  6. I don't think people should be arrested for "inciting hatred" UNLESS it includes calls to violence.

    For example, "The infidels are all filth, holocaust is a zionist lie, and 9/11 was caused by Mossad", unfortinately, should be legal.

    But "kill all the Jews wherever you find them" should be outlawed.

    The unfortinate part of being for free speech is you always have to defend the right for the douche-bags to spread hatred.

    The only thing worse I can think of is the alternative.

    Did you hear there will be a big anti-israel demonstration in Vancouver this month? Crap... I was planning on moving there after I get married. (my gf's Iranian skin hates Toronto's harsh winters)

  7. Let him speak. And make it news. Give the viewer and reader a background to the controversy. Then let him hang himself on the unravelling strands of his argument... and turban.

    Pricks like this function better in the shadows. Bring him out into the open. Daylight is a wonderful sanitizer.

  8. I really think they should let him talk, just to see what the West is up against.
    If he tones it down...good. We're winning.

    I also think he should be constantly watched from the minute he enters the country to the minute he leaves.

    Jordan, it will be interesting to see how many assmonkeys show up in Vancouver today.

    Probably more than when the Muslims had a rally against terrorism in Washington....I think 50 people showed.....probably 4 or 5 Muslims.

  9. Good news GW... does not look like the SOB will be coming here anytime soon

    URL is to the Star article ..http://tinyurl.com/jtuhz


  10. I've given it thought, and I would rather he speak here because either way it is a victory.

    If he preaches hate, it will bring what we are up against in the wide open. If he doesn't, that would mean he is intimidated and it could be perceived by the radicals as a sign of weakness.

  11. Good point. I still like the idea of him having to undergo scrutiny in UK consulate.

    & I could not care less what the radicals think of him. As long Canada shows toughness in regards to messengers of hate. Tolarence has it's limits.

    here is a cool link 4 u http://www.freephotosandvideos.com/


  12. I heard ul-Haq on the radio this morning (CBC). He gives a very convincing argument that his parts of his speeches and quotes have been taken out of context and that some have actually been modified. It appears that one of the sound clips that many people are basing their quotes on was modified.

    If this is true, then I find it disturbing that something like this could get so out of hand.

    I'm all for blocking his entry, but only if he's guilty.

    I'll be following up with his claims.

  13. lol, peeps using racist, xenophobic language to decry someone else for doing the same. the hypocrisy of the zionists laid bare.