July 17, 2006

Bacon and God: The Mideast Crisis

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Why did Hezbollah attack Israel, why did they start this? They are just doing what radical Islamists do naturally. Israel pulled out of that territory years ago, and Lebanon still haven't followed UN resolutions to disband Hezbollah. In other words, like everywhere in the world, the majority of Muslims stand in silence, while radical Islam has it's way.

Anyone who supports Hezbollah should become extinct. And the sooner the better. Those who don't support Israel please answer the question: If you were Israel, what would you do?


  1. "Why did Hezbollah attack Israel, why did they start this?"

    I'm telling you, the rat-faced Iranian prick is behind this. He told them if they would carry out this kidnapping, Iran would help them "wipe Israel off the map" once and for all. That's my guess and I'm sticking to it. You know he and Syria are funding and arming the bastards.

  2. Arabs have a history of trying to unsuccessfully wipe Israel off the map, and have used other Arabs (especially the Palestinians) of doing the dirty work. Arabs are very gullible. Perhaps, Hezbollah is just being gullible here.

  3. "If you were Israel, what would you do?"

    I'd bomb the shit out of southern Lebanon, and then I'd move troops into it and would never leave until the Party of God (translated from 'Hezbollah') is cleaned out.

    I'd also make demands on Syria to turn over terrorists in their terror-tory, and if they refused, they'd also get thorough airstrikes.

    If Iran wants some, well, wash, rinse, and repeat.

    Oh wait -- I support Israel! :)

  4. Why? One reason is probably for money and more arms - but with Hezzblojobs that's like paying a drunk to drink - they simply couldn't resist anyhow. Islamic life-training means they have real low impulse-thresholds; show them an ankle and the chick's married, show a little more and they have to kill her - there's no sense of porportionality.

  5. the palestinians are foolish and so are the hezbollah, but bring darwin in to rein on arabs, ALL arabs, that is wicked and naughty and distortion. NOT all arabs are palestinians and hezbollah.

    On this issue, I support Israel, but beaj refrain from the detonation program u had on other post where the land is wiped out and refrain from unwise cracks about darwin and arabs generally.

  6. Great toon best laugh I had today.

    I heard this joke the other day. It apparently is quite old but I thought I would share any way just in case you hadn’t heard it.

    This guy walks into his bedroom at home with a sheep under his arm. His wife is laying on the bed and the guy says this is the pig I diddle (expletive replaced) when you’re not around. The wife says that’s not a pig it’s a sheep. The guy says I wasn’t talking to you.

    If I didn’t support Israel I would say they should follow all of the UN mandates thereby committing national suicide in the name of Allah.

  7. I would make an incursion as far as Beruit and then suddnely pull out, leaving a heaping mound of ExLax brownies in the middle or the city. Everyone knows that nothing biologically devestates a country more completely than hundreds of thousands of rats dying with the runs. Then, since the infrastructure is disabled and no food gets into town, all the people left would have to eat the brownies and then you'd see the show start. Go Israeli brownies!

  8. vile, you are vile !

  9. What else can I do but wish Israel the best in its crushing of Hezbollah. ('The Party of God'. Yeah, right. And Hamas are choir boys.)

  10. Thank you! And you are anonymous!

    It was my first ever attempt at absurdist humour. I hope it came out well.

  11. Second chanc`e, what did you actually want to say???

  12. Hey Bacon, You're goona love this:

    I'm gonn give you the Liberal Left master plan for Israel,from Chris's Blog:


    Stunning Mistake
    "It's the Jews fault, according to WaPost columnist Richard Cohen. While mentioning European pogroms and the Holocaust, he drops in this tidbit:

    The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself.

    This is why the Israeli-Arab war, now transformed into the Israeli-Muslim war (Iran is not an Arab state), persists and widens. It is why the conflict mutates and festers. It is why Israel is now fighting an organization, Hezbollah, that did not exist 30 years ago and why Hezbollah is being supported by a nation, Iran, that was once a tacit ally of Israel's. The underlying, subterranean hatred of the Jewish state in the Islamic world just keeps bubbling to the surface. The leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and some other Arab countries may condemn Hezbollah, but I doubt the proverbial man in their street shares that view.

    His advice? Pull back inside the borders of Israel and wait for their enemies to go away. No, really:

    The smart choice is to pull back to defensible -- but hardly impervious -- borders. That includes getting out of most of the West Bank -- and waiting (and hoping) that history will get distracted and move on to something else. This will take some time, and in the meantime terrorism and rocket attacks will continue.

    This is what passes for deep thinking on the Left...along with outrage over Bush's use of the word "shit." Read Lileks to get more of this thinking.

    And he did it again! His latest is called “The REAL reason Israel is going Full-Frontal on Hezbollah – NOW.” Can’t be the kidnapping or the missile attacks, after all. He thinks Israel – wait for it – might be trying to pick a fight with Iran. He wonders why Israel didn’t do an Entebbe raid to get the prisoners back – “dropping in special ops behind Hezbollah lines, giving the commandos some air cover, and then rescuing their two soldiers.” The phrase “behind Hezbollah lines” is amusing enough – as if there’s a red dotted border in south Lebanon beyond which no Hezbollah soldier passes. (“Sir, request permission to take the prisoners, melt into a suburban Beirut apartment complex, and take refugee in the bunker underneath the parking lot.” “Permission denied! We have rules, you know. Stay here, in the tent with the glow-in-the-dark logo on the roof!”) You can see his point; after all, Idi Amin never attacked Israel again after the Entebbe raid. Just go commando! It’s so simple, and the only reason governments don’t solve their problems with stealthy bands of men in face-paint is because something else is afoot – either that love of war, that whole boys-with-their-toys thing, or Devious Plots. See, if Iran tries to run an Israeli naval blockade, and Israel sinks the Iranian ship, Iran might fire a missile at Israel, and Israel might use that as a pretext to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities.

    So far it’s grade-Z armchair wargaming, notable only for the forum on which it appears, additional proof that the intellectual bar for posting at this particular site has been set lower than a storm drain. But here’s the best part.

    Just a final thought - although I doubt it, is it totally beyond the pale that these two Israeli soliders were instructed to allow themselves to be kidnapped in order to foster the chain of events I have just described?

    There you have it. Israel should sit and allow themselves to be attacked until Muslims decide they like Israel. Israel engineered the war to excuse an attack against Iran. Iran is not a threat, but Bush is the greatest danger to the world today. Iraq was a peaceful kite-flying country until the evil Amerikkka attacked.


  13. So that's the plan...remember Goldfinger?

    What do I expect from you Mr. Bond? I expect you to die!"

    dun dun dun dun da da ...DA DA!!!!

  14. Lefties are insane. That is the best solution these lunatics can come up with. They pretend that the only thing that makes all Arabs and Muslims intolerant is the existence of Israel.

  15. You need some reading comprehension lessons, BEAJ. Go read the friggin' post before throwing insults.


    P.S. -- Thanks for the link, Max.

  16. You are a typical racist jew pig.

    tzvi feels sorry for pusgut
    by: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 07/18/06 09:48 am
    Msg: 2821210 of 2821213

    Thank you very much.

    I feel sorry for him. [ontario gordo]

    I think thatyou are a good guy.

    May you see the arrival of the Messiah.


    Very respectfully,

  17. Really? She looks kinda sexy to me.

  18. Hezbollah waited and planned to kidnap the israeli soldiers and that is an act of war, for which the response has been an act of war by Israel against Hezbollah. Is Hezbollah a state a sovereign? They have a number of their rep in Parliament as a political party represented in parliament.

    Vile, so u hv not answered whats yr main point of the absurd joke?

    Arabs play up its only two soldiers taken, so why the big reprisal? It was a planned act of war esp after seeing how the prior event went in Gaza and they wanted to pull the trigger on Israel, they were waiting to test their strength.

    If ONLY Pales and Hezbollah recognise the need to hv development without this warring attitude they would do better with the money they plow into weaponry.

  19. Chris, I apologized on your blog and by gmail. Again, sorry, I just woke up when I read your post.

    Oink, I deleted one of your posts. I'm tempted to delete the other. Please try to be original if you want to comment here.

    Anon, I agree, it was an act of war.

  20. Anon, I agree, it was an act of war.

    Perhaps it is worth pointing out that every missle attack by Hezbollah, every incursion by Hamas, and every commuter bus and restaurant visited by a homicidal Pawn-a-stinian previous to this incident was an act of war. Yet, a great many people still find Israel's response illegal and disproportionate. If anything, the escalating conflict has been long overdue--to both Israel, and the West's, detriment.

  21. Dev, the issue with West Bank is a bit more complicated as it is pending negotiation for agreed borders and the pales suicide bombing jeopardises or delays that end. The situation with Hezbollah is very clearly another state aggression

  22. "Vile, so u hv not answered whats yr main point of the absurd joke?"

    If I explained it away, it wouldn't be very absurdist now, would it?

  23. Dev, the issue with West Bank is a bit more complicated as it is pending negotiation for agreed borders and the pales suicide bombing jeopardises or delays that end. The situation with Hezbollah is very clearly another state aggression

    Would Hezbollah agree with you that the situation is more complicated? Would Hamas? Whatever their proximate goals, the one thing that unites them all is the eradication of Israel. Period. Which party, be it Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria or Iran (and while we're here, the rest of the Arab/Muslim world) will accept anything less than the annihilation of Israel? The Ummah has no borders.

  24. if u look at the ridiculous call by hezbollah that they are doing it FOR all muslims and all arabs, yes then from their point of view, but i am looking at it from third party point of view, from international point, from american point of view.

    can u appreciate that subtlety? contrary to what some think or what some moon bats think, as far as this crisis is concerned, Clinton too says ALL americans are behind Israel, and Bush too has not urged israel to restrain. The third party dimensions are very clearly an act of state aggression because hezb has members in parliament and controls that part of southern lebn

    but then u know they are some die hard moon bats but one moon bat site beaj refers to has lapsed into profound silence ...

  25. if u look at the ridiculous call by hezbollah that they are doing it FOR all muslims and all arabs, yes then from their point of view, but i am looking at it from third party point of view, from international point, from american point of view.

    I understand that; but they don't care what your point of view is. Your POV is irrelevant to them. Your point of view is borders and diplomacy and measured retaliation and I'm telling you--because it's what they tell us--that they don't care. Your POV doesn't dictate their policies.

    Bush, to the contrary, has urged restraint. I think the WaPo headline is: US Urges Restraint on Israel. As to Hezbollah's parliamentary status making this a "state" issue, Syria supports Hezbollah and Iran props up Syria. It's all the same. I'm not making any distinction. Just as I don't make any distinction between terror wars: the vermin attacking Israel and the vermin that attack the U.S. are the vermin that bombed Mumbai, etc. There's one common denominator that unites and powers them all.

    It's either open war now, or it's open war later; and the Iranians, no doubt, appreciate being in charge of dictating the pace.

  26. Dev, only 1% of the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide are on cahoots with the Hezbollah and Hamas radical violent extremist. Thats only 12 million though a large number but they do not speak for 99%. So even amongst them, they care to be dissociated. So it matters for international opinion as as well as Muslim opinion, the external POV.

  27. Dev the distinction MATTERS as then , as US had the right to root out Al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, thus israel has to the right to root out Hezbollah bases in Lebanon and seek to disarm them, though Chirac [French P] will say otherwise, but then they have their own interest. By far and large Bush was on the right track about not restraining israel , I saw an earlier post news on that

    External opinion matters as we live in a small globe. We need to persuade others of the rightness of our actions.

  28. the better the case can be made out that Hezbollah action is state action, the better the argument that the retaliation is lawful use of force. There is also pre emptive strikes to be considered.

    For example on a different tangent, totally different sphere of argument, where there is state action, then one can argue one's {US} constitutional right has been violated. Thus a state university is considered a state actor and thus has to give its staff the first amendment right of free speech while a private university staff does NOT enjoy such free speech. Thus the distinction of state actor is paramount to determine if there is a violation of constitutional rights.

    We live in a world where distinctions in civilised society matter.

    Likewise in a different sphere, as the actions of Hezbollah are state actions, it is an act of war and there is a right to defend using reasonable force AS WELL as right to use pre emptive strike to prevent such similar missile attacks into the heart of israel.
    The pre emptive strike new international law arguments will give Israel the leverage to root out the hezbollah and disarm them.

  29. Hi bacon!!
    Looks like I'm not the only one who attacks the wrong person eh?

    But I can see that when I posted the comment, the blockquoting could not be copied, but still that last sarcastic line should tell the tale.

    Chris and you have similar perspectives. You should link his blog. Chris has an engineer's perspective. I think his blog is one of the better blogs on the web for strategic and military analysis on current political events. If I want to catch up on the curent crisis or see if there is something new I read his blog.
    You didn't notice the picture of Donald Rumsfield that serves as a logo on his blog :)

    D. T. Devareaux!!! Nice to see you around on the web. :

    "US Urges Restraint on Israel." love that!!
    "the vermin attacking Israel and the vermin that attack the U.S. are the vermin that bombed Mumbai"

    And hizbullah has slipped through and is entrenched in the Canadain Lebanese Community and in USA.

    Lightning out of Lebanaon

    Hizbullah International

  30. Anon,

    We need to persuade others of the rightness of our actions.

    If those others be Muslims, have you tried arguing with the Koran lately??? :)

    I don't know where you're getting your percentages from, but it's no secret that the Islamic world has no love for Israel and the Jews; one needn't be a card carrying member of Hamas or Hezbollah to wish them destruction.

    Feel free to invent imaginary distinctions all you please, but these themes have been in existence well before Israel was created. You obfuscate things with your own perspective at your own peril. They're not making the distinction, so why should you?

  31. D. T. Devareaux!!! Nice to see you around on the web.

    Thanks Max. My vacation from stirring the caustic cauldrons of vitrol is nearly at it's end. ;)

  32. Dev, pity if u lose perspective and do not stand back and look at reasoning. Reasoning will help Israel. Of course if u prefer Daniel Pipe, his stats are 10 times higher. Go his web site, for 10% but 1% is a conservative figure.

  33. Devm if you look at Olmert's press statements, they are calculated to win international opinion. Rightly so. The distinction thus matters whatever the 12 million vile deviant violent Jihadis think or view and whatever rhetoric OIC Or Arab league takes when they do not condemn the initial aggressor, Hezbollah.

  34. Reasoning will help Israel.

    Reasoning brought Israel how many intifadas now? Reasoning is what landed Israel in this current crisis. You want more reasoning?

    Devm if you look at Olmert's press statements, they are calculated to win international opinion

    What is and has been the "international opinion" of Israel? Stop and think. Exactly. So what price will Israel have to pay this time to enjoy "international opinion"? TIME TO TELL INTERNATIONAL OPINION TO TAKE A HIKE. That goes for Israel and that goes for America.

    You know, you keep spouting off pleas to reason and citing this figure or that but you haven't taken the opportunity address a single one of my questions.

  35. another issue, and Dev I am not replying to your post, OK.

    There is this meet between Chirac and Saudi Crown Prince, and it is a time when allies are needed where France has put self interest of arms deal that did not go through in March in the forefront, opportunist. Fortunate US is understanding.

  36. It was a pity that while Israel was attacking Hezbollah, they had to bomb the only 3 international runways out of Lebanon.

    Thousands of lebanese australians on holiday in Lebabon have had great difficulty in getting home to Australia.

    Syria, (part of the axis of evil), has been kind enough in it's obvious evilness, to allow most of them to travel through to syria and then out and home to australia.

    When does bombing Hezbollah become bombing Lebanon? Is there a distinction? It seems as far as Israel is concerned, there isn't a distinction.

    One more point. It would seem that more than any other group of people on the planet, jews should know the horror of a "disproportionate response."

    I know this is an emotional time and a frightening time for many people in the Middle East. Putting faith in ANY means being a JUST means, or that "might makes right", is threatening to spiral us all back into a sandy, dark cave.

    Mind you, the religious nuts will be happy.

    They will have had what they believe to be their armageddon and no doubt would be gloating about the magnificence of their sky fairy, or some such crap, as they root around in the bare, radioactive earth searching for seeds and roots.

    This is a time for level heads. Pity Bush's head is so level it is mainly used as a table for a Foster's Beer Can.

  37. Beep Beep, there is more to it than that. Israel is bombing the infrastructure that beneifits Hezbollah. If Israel wasn't differrentiating there would be a lot more dead.
    Read Combs post about disproportionate response. I posted the link yesterday.

    Again, I ask everyone who is criticizing Israel right now, and I'm not getting any response "If you were Israel what would you do?"

  38. Bacon it is hard to imagine a Hezb supporter rising to yr challenge as to what israel should do. Maybe at most they would say it is just a small operational killing and kidnapping and that israel should not have seen as a major war as it is because of the red line

  39. beep, Chirac is urging Israel restrain. Imagine if it is France that is rained with missiles from Germany eons ago, was there restraint? In conventional war where there are state actors, there is acountability but when hezb hides behind lebanon and has rep in Leban parliament, they have to be treated as quasi state actor.

    beep do not allow yr bias to color yr pic of this confrontation

  40. beepbeepitsme said...
    It was a pity that while Israel was attacking Hezbollah, they had to bomb the only 3 international runways out of Lebanon.
    The slightest research would show you that the 3 runways cratered were the only ones that could serve a 747 - the very same 747s that lands EVERY WEEK from IRAN,loaded with missile parts and supplies, unloaded ONLY by Hezballah guards (reg Lebanese army are forbidden to touch them) and driven, untouched, to their strongholds in south Leb.

    See,of all papers, NY TIMES Monday,7-17.

    The IDF/IOF left UNTOUCHED the recently completed Terminal building (cost over $500,000,000!and the other runways.

    Proof that Israel is limiting their strikes aginst all that is Hezballah.


  41. How about just blending in with the rest of the world?

  42. If the Arabs dropped their arms there would be peace. If the Israelis dropped their arms, there would be no Israel.