July 18, 2006


The folllowing two scumbag's analysis of the Middle East crisis are so uneducated, rhetorical and just full of lies and half truths, that I won't bother refuting them in this post. I just want to show these Moonbats off so that my readership can just see how retarded these imbeciles are.

First enemy to mankind is Washington Post columnist/POS Richard Cohen. Thanks to Chris At Home:
"The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself."

Richard, go screw yourself you braindead Dhimmiwitted ignoramous. I hope you wind up as a dishwasher thanks to this "column."

The second piece of human feces is another Robert McClelland, a Canadian cockroach.
He has demonized Israel over the last week at Myblawg.com (blawwwwwg...how cute). Titles of his Jihadist supporting, West hating posts have been Israel/Lebanon Edition, Israel Invades Lebanon, The Failed State of Israel, Israel Murders Canadians, and More Israeli Terrorism.

I'm not going to quote this vile piece of dog dung. He has a bunch of maggots who are regular commenters there as well. He is an NDP supporter. He is nothing but an impotent little twerp who whines away to a very small audience. He wrote "#@$# the Jews" on a building last year. Why is he even breathing?

Below, Robert McClelland (top) and Richard Cohen (below) hang out together:

One well known (to this blog) dhimmiwit has not written a word during this whole crisis. I wonder what Steve is going to write about next at his site: Digitally Deranged.

Israel Matzav totally schools the first Cockroach Cohen.


  1. I feel like sewing Richard Cohen's foreskin back onto his d*ck.

  2. The only option for Israel: CRUSH the opposition in the most brutal manner possible. This is war! They can either see the blood of their nation slowly seep into the battlefield over a period of years, or they can wipe out all thoughts in the enemy's mind that they can compete on the battlefield.

  3. "but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now."

    Um, the return of prisoners, the return of land won in war, and the forced withdrawal of settlers, stabbing our friends like the Shah in the back and letting fanatics take over governments --- THAT is what keeps the warfare going.

    As another blogger put it, we need to stop the cycle of nonviolence before it spirals out of control.

  4. Hey Bacon, You are on fire!

    I was lauging out loud when I saw that picture.

    Hey we are at war here too. Look at what the liberals did to us. They let the serpent into our country. We got a large faction of Lebanese Canadians that are not only pro-Hizbollah but many of them have deep ties to the terror organization.
    We have to expose these people for what they are right now.

    I just had a good look at the the map of where those "vactioning" Lebanese were killed..right in the heart of the Hizbollah stronghold. where the Israelis warned them to get out.

  5. I might well return to Israel if the war continues. If anyone has a job tip for a middle-aged guy with a bad leg, let me know. I can do all kinds of things and I speak a bit of the language.

    I'm serious about going at the end of August if this continues so long. I'm not fussy about the work I can get. I'll lift boxes and sweep floors and such. I pay my own way, and I don't complain. What a bargain.

  6. Another cockroach is that Richard from ww.no-libs.com.
    A fake Neo-con is one step worse than a moonbat.

    The moonbats from Blawg are actually his personal friends and his whole website is devoted to giving them an outlet for propaganda. In fact, I think he diverged from them because of some personality conflict and set himself up to argue with them but in fact espouses the same philosophy. He is simply angry with his moonbat friends for some personal reason but he wears the same stripe.

    Its real twisted sick.
    The net result is a Blog that simply is a mini-Blawg.

    The proof is in the pudding. It's perfectly reasonable to debate with moonbats so we can know more about their evil intentions and know more about how to body check them.
    But we don't debate with them to understand "truth" . If anyone doesn't understand truth, they need to lie down in the grave with terrorist victims.

    If one does not at some time wholeheartedly renounce, repudiate, revoke reject and revile moonbats and terrorists then one cannot possibly stand up against them and in fact one is one of them.
    That is what a moonbat is: a wishy-washy, namsy-pamsy,self- defeating butt-licking, Darwin award winning, assmonkey nebbish.

    On no-libs you can see there are not much articles, analysis or information distributed about the terrorist threat. There is mostly just only an invitation for libs to come in and tell their point of view. How pathetic!
    It's like a moonbat sneak attack.
    No-libs : a cockroach site for nothing but libs!!!
    Now you see Bacon here made a clear and wholehearted denunciation of pro terrorist moonbat. I respect this.A person should be able to do this once in awhile. If they never do or can't then they are really lost in the wishy washy world of moonbatism and they might as well line up for the gas chambers and the ovens. I even prefer the honesty of terrorism and find it refreshing compared to the sneaky-pete convoluted, dysfunctional, hidden agenda world of the scheming murderous repressed dishonest emotions of the moonbat.
    Terrorism give you no choice, you must choose, even if it is only to choose how to die. Not to choose is a choice.

    And it is the wrong choice.

  7. "I might well return to Israel if the war continues"

    There is much work to be done here. The leftists of our government let in an dangerous community of immigrant Hizbollah adn pro Hizbollah supporters. Someone let the snakes in the house.

  8. BEAJ, this is nothing to do with your article, so excuse me for posting it here, but I thought you might find the following link interesting as it reminds me a lot of how islam is spreading right now: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/5192634.stm

  9. CD, it is an interesting article, but it doesn't really talk about where the native Englanders came from. From what I gather little is known about them, and the fact there could have been as little 10,000 means a takeover of genes wouldn't be such a large feat. Don't forget, that Romans were occupying it and left a little over a century before the Anglo Saxon invasion. Also, regarding Islam, unlike the Germanic, many Muslims in the West don't have an economical or social advantage over the rest of us.

    Max, the left needs to be bitchslapped by us cyber warriors, and bitchslapped often.

  10. (Sorry Athiest but my friend Max can't go unanswered)

    See Max, this is exactly why you won't be posting at "Let Freedom Reign" (LFR - www.no-libs.com). Making unsubstantiated claims or outrageous statements without back-up/supporting info is not how you bitch-slap the moonbats. It's how you make your self look like a raving fool. You make others look like fools as well when they allow you to post that stuff on their sites.

    Not once have I ever supported that freak McClelland. In fact I recently had a post up exposing him for the loon that he is ( which sparked further bad exposure from various other sites.

    McClelland's minion thai-guy is also one that I've recently exposed (in a very big way). In fact, I've been bitch-slapping the moonbats in general, and McClelland's crew in particular, since I started blogging well over a year ago.

    I've exposed dozens of MoonBats Max. Scroll through the archives.

    While you're in the archives, pay attention to the posts illustrating where I actually go out into the physical world and perform counter-protests whenever the moonbats decide they need some publicity. The most recent of which was this past Monday where I stood all alone in opposition to dozens of terrorist supporters who were whining about Israel's recent actions.

    What are you doing for the cause Max???

    Don't question where my loyalties lay Max, unless you can back your claims.

    Sorry for the interruption Athiest.

  11. Richard, no problem. I recently engaged in friendly fire myself.

  12. BEAJ, I don't want to pollute your thread, just wanted to point you to the aticle. So I'll shut up directly after this. You got something back to front there. There wer around 2 million natives and possibly as few as 10,000 Germanic immigrants. Economic and military capabilities do not influence breeding rates now as they did many centuries ago. In fact, in the west the poor breed fastest and the muslims breed fastest of all. This is evidence that a small immigrant population can rapidly overwhelm and replace the natives and their language and culture. Nuff said :)

  13. CD, I think I need stronger glasses:)

    You aren't polluting my blog, and this conversation doesn't have to end.

    Yes, the Muslims are breeding way faster than the non Muslim Westerners. It is a concern.

    But if what you say is true, the native Englanders who were poorer, shouldn't have been overtaken by the Anglo-Saxon.

    Romans were heavily into raping and pillaging. And again, my contention is that most of the native Englanders were probably very closely related to the Anglo Saxons. Since man migrated from Africa 40,000 years ago, many headed straight north. But they had to go through Germany before they landed in England.

    The article doesn't describe where the native Englanders originated from.

  14. This may be a pesky fact and you will probably delete this comment and not update your post, but Robert did NOT write "#$#$ the Jews" on a building last year, that is a straight up lie. He talked about the act of doing it and whether by definition it was anti-semitic, but he did not do it, pretty big difference.

    Be a man and admit you totally lied and correct your post. You should probably apologize, but I won't wait for that either, I mean my god the guy supports the NDP, he must be shit on.

  15. Why do you apologists always feel the need to lie through your teeth to get the job done?

    You might not like what McClelland has to say, but he did not write "F-- the Jews" on a building. Your last sentence, which I construe as a threat to McClelland ("Why is he still breathing?") is an instance of the violent overreaction that we are seeing in the ME today.

    Take a pill, grow up, and learn to engage in civilized debate.

  16. I think the point is not where they originated from but that the two groups are genetically distinguishable from each other. Here's the study:


    I couldn't care less about ethnicity and being "racially replaced" but I'm rather bothered by the idea of a barbaric ideology overpowering the progress we have made simply by breeding faster whilst our welfare systems support them.

  17. Sid and dawgy,

    No threats, just wondering why he is taking up space.

    He clearly says in the link that he did the act. He could have used the word "if" but chose not to.

    I'm not a liar for taking him at his word.

    If he didn't do it, fine, I stand corrected but that is not what he said in his post.

  18. Dr. Dawg, I just went to your Blog. shouldn't you be living in Mississauga Erindale or Dearborn plotting your next innocent act.

    I read your crap about the Canadian terror sweep.

    Your ilk is what the West doesn't need. You are the problem.

    And you have the audacity to call me an apologist.

  19. You are the problem.

    And, heaven help us, you are the solution?

  20. The solution is obvious, radical Islam must be eliminated, and not pacified. You are a pacifier, if not more, from reading your blog. You should be coming down hard on your brothers, not blaming the West for being paranoid, and not blaming Israel for defending herself. But you can't grasp it.

  21. Oh the children! The humanity! Why do Pawn-a-stinian apologists always wax lachrymose over the deaths of children and civilians when, unlike the IDF, they remain unapologetic about the intentional targeting of children and civilians by the zombies of Allah? Is it because those children have been unjustly deprived of the opportunity to slay and be slain in the path of Allah? Are the mighty mujahideen sore at having been robbed of future human cannon fodder? Oh, I forget. There's no such thing as Israeli civilians: they're all legitimate targets by the freedom fighting right to returners.

    Oh yes, a prisoner exchange is what this is all about. One wonders which undetonated splodeydope in Israeli custody would have to be released to finally, once and for all, bring peace to the Middle East. Funny, I don't recall the Hamas charter mentioning anything about peace in relation to prisoner exchanges; I do recall something about eliminating Israel once and for all. The same goes for Hezbollah and their puppetmasters in Teheran--of which Dr. Dawg is an obvious and willing sandal-licking lackey.

  22. Oh, and nevermind that outfits like Hezbollah intentional put civilians at risk by firing rockets and hiding--like the cowards that they are--amongst the civilian infrastructure. Nevermind.

  23. Oh...oh yes...oh

    Thank you for your contribution, DT.

  24. Hey Richard,
    You are my cause right now!

    What an arrogant demand that I not question your loyalties or that I need proof positive of my claims. Life is not a law court. I will question your loyalties as I see fit. That is exactly how tyrants and moonbats behave: "Where is the proof?" they cry, while murdering their victims!
    Since you are so masochistic, I will tell you why I think you are a moonbat:

    Actually you are one of the McClelland's biggest supporters, you just can't see it. You are suffering from some sort of neurosis, very much like the moonbat neurosis. In fact "Moonbat versus Neo-con" is not relevant to your psychology. you are wired in a different level and these terms are meaningless words to you, you actually are having a personality difference with your friends, and they are your friends , you even personally see them (puke). My point in calling you a moonbat is that I see you as having the same world view, the same psychological profile, the same philosophy as the moonbats. In that context your political arguments are only personality differences. I think your politics in fact have no practical reality. You are similar to a homosexual in denial suffering from homophobia ie a moonbat in denial afraid of your moonbatism.

    The proof is in the pudding when it's time to stand up and be counted you chose your moonbat friends and I think you would do the same you would do the same in times of crisis. You are so frightened of being criticized by your moon bat friends you would turn on your own mother.

    Take a good look at your Blog. Moonbats go there to make propaganda, it is moonbat infested. Look at Bacon's Blog. He generally has to go somewhere else to argue with the moonbats. If they come her , they don't feel comfortable, but you make your moonbats comfortable, you accommodate them.

    You don't research or disseminate much information about terrorism. You are obsessed with arguing with the Blahg people and playing by their rules. That's why they infest your site. You spend your time 24/7 obsessed with them and even copying their dialogues (UGH!) How offensive an useless that is. Why should anyone want to read that?
    I want the opposite I don't want anything to do with them or you. I just go in to take an analysis of them and get the hell out and leave forever. They are no use. I'm happy to get banned by them, It is an achievement!
    Take an example of Mclelland "Fuck the Jews" thread, I would post a link to expose him, but I would never waste as second replying to it let alone the lifetime you have spent.

    I'm not posting at your Blog because for one thing, is is an odious moonbat infested environment and you the Blog owner hasn't got the guts or moxie to denounce and revile the moonbats who come there. You want to have a rational argument and debate with them except their intellectual method is totally dishonest and full of ad hominems an insults. Their arguments have no meaning, it is their intentions that have meaning,. because you can't understand that you can understand nothing.

    The other reason is that you required me to "tone down" my rhetoric and "go easy" on your moonbat friends. Tell me are they sick? Are they dying? Is someone shooting at them? Why do you need to protect them pray tell? Shall I send flowers?

    You also attacked me several times earlier without any specific complaint. If you want to work against the moonbats you would have contacted me in private but you are working WITH them and you are too neurotic to understand yourself. I refuse to be repressed so I won't post on your website, and GEEZ I don't miss it, it is a waste of time.

    And what is this big deal about making an"unsubstantiated charge" Life is not kindergarten, it's a legitimate tactic especially when the point is to challenge unsubstantiated innocence.
    But then you are afraid the moonbats might criticize you if someone did this, God forbid the moonbats would criticize you, they have you shaking in your boots.

    If you are trying to win a "logical argument" with an insincere moonbat then you have already lost. Two opposing sides with different intentions cannot "win" arguments. For every point there is a counter-point. One can only discover and reveal intentions and methods.
    Intent is revealed in one instant One word can tell you if someone wants to murder you or help you kill the enemy. One doesn't argue about getting killed , you don't argue with grenades, you deal with them, you do the same with moonbats and terrorists.

    I don't care if you went to a protest or what you think you did there or if you shot someone through the head. you still are what you present yourself to me and in my opinion that is a neutered moonbat.

    If I post on a moonbat blog or a blog infested with moonbats, I expect them to hate me and be upset by what I say or I am not doing my job. I bury myself deep in their minds like a satan bug. And on both the Balhg and your blog they were hysterical to get rid of me since my first post. But you, you make them tea and cookies and grovel like a dog.

    Why are you trying to earn their respect, why do you need their approval? I saw FOUR (4) of them use the genuine threat on you that they would withdraw EMOTIONAL support from you if you did not get rid of me. And that to you is a genuine threat because you need them emotionally , you are hooked into them and they know it. They walk all over you and make a fool of you because you do not have the moxie to revile them or aggressively reject them. Someone neutered you in your infancy.
    Your responses to them are lame and pathetic. I don't respect you. I don't want to read anything you wrote on your site no matter what is is ostensibly about because you can't stand up and tell the moonbats to Fuck off and Die and Burn in hell where they belong. You are a nebbish. You are a schmuck. You are a person without a voice and without any fire, you don't know who you are. You are a moonbatophobe. If you got the moonbats of your site and they didn't go there what would you have? Nothing, because you are empty.

    Despite your protestations I have not seen you revile or renounce the the moonbats. If you would you would bark at them and enjoy it.

    You should try barking at them it would do you some good. Let me address you in the language that you understand and deserve:

    Bow wow
    woof woof

  25. Hey!
    Did anyone notice how leftist the press has been the last days and pillorying Harper!!!??
    It's total propagandizing.

    I almost think I am living in Terrorist controlled Lebanon!

  26. "Take a pill, grow up, and learn to engage in civilized debate.

    Dr. Dawg"
    Re: "Israel's crocodile tears"
    Why should anybody be civilized to uncivilized scum that post Pro-terrorist Propaganda?

    "When right-wingers get upset with us, it seems we get a choice of rope, gas chamber or firing squad."

    Not me, I don't believe in giving you a choice. My choice for you is a one way ticket to South Lebanon to fight with your comrades.

  27. " a threat to McClelland ("Why is he still breathing?") "

    I think he is still breathing because he chose to practise hate in a country that tolerates adn encourages leftist hate. He practices it in a country where we have soldiers dying against Militant Islam to protect his right to speek freely and propagandize for militant Islam.
    (God what's wrong with that picture?)

    Now if he had chose to practice the same passionate hate against militant Isalm, against Hizbollah, against the Canadian Lebanese community (outnumbers the jews by 3 to 1 and infected with Hizbbollah according to the Terrosism reports) I think they would have assassinated him by now even in Ontario.

  28. Thanks for that Max. You've just proven my point.

  29. Thank you for your contribution, DT.

    The unassailable Little Bow Wow. I bow my head in deference to your matchless powers of persuasion and argument.

  30. Oh, Max, If you feel like spawning some balls, I've got a special post up just for you:

    Let's see what you've got when you're not slaggin' a guy behind his back...

    Please excuse the intrusion Athiest. I'll see if we can't take this elsewhere...

  31. Richard, why don't I see comments on your blog. I use Mozilla, does that matter, or do you have comments disabled?

  32. Comments are enabled and it seems to be working properly. I use both Explorer and firefox and haven't had any problems...

  33. Oh, Max, If you feel like spawning some balls, I've got a special post up just for you:

    Let's see what you've got when you're not slaggin' a guy behind his back...

    Please excuse the intrusion Atheist. I'll see if we can't take this elsewhere...

    Yes Richard. I've proven your point that you are what I say you are.
    Why should Bacon object to getting hits on his Blog?
    What are you whining about "behind your back" This is right up front and in open reply to what your present yourself as. You obviously can't handle it. You are a whimpering whining little dog.
    Did little Maxie Waxie play unfair with the Doggsie Woggsie? Should Maxie tone it down and go easy on the little pathetic repressed middle class de-balled nebbish?
    That appears to be your site, Richard and as you remember I don't post there, and I don't even read there because I find listening to a nest of moonbats offensive.
    You can rest assured that not only will I never post there, I will never read a word on your Blog.I perfectly comfortable with that. Do you thing I'm going to have a conversation with you like you have with your moonbat friends?

    You still don't get it. The only response you and your friends will ever get from me is for you to go Burn in Hell and stop using the air of this planet.

    The only people you post for there are your moonbat friends.

    Talking to them seems to be your reason for existing. It's true love.
    Why are your budsy wudsies still breathing? Why do you let them breath so comfortably on on your Blog? Why do you refuse to to tell moonbats to go to hell. why do you need them so much?

    The only way to get my attention is to post on my Blog and you know a what a short life any moonbat will have there.

    Go play with your moonbat friends, you neutered crying little baby. maybe they will give you a towel to cry on. When you come out in public be sure to wipe the moonbat s@i$ off your c@c$.

    woof woof
    bow wow
    quack quack

  34. Yup, No Balls... Just as I thought...

  35. "Yup, No Balls... Just as I thought...

    Hey Sweetcheeks! Aww poor thing! you are thinking of my balls. You must be very disappointed.
    Are you lonely? Are you thinking of me? You can't get me off yor mind?

    Aww poor sweetiepie. Don't worry you can always play bumboy with your assmonkeys. You can play with their balls.

    But wipe their sperm off your face before you go out in public.

    Don't go away mad, just pick up your panytyhouse and go away.

  36. We got 800,000 lebanese and 300,000 jewish immigrants in Canada. That's what the Liberals did to us. They let the vipers in our huose.
    From the Israeli insider:
    We now got an indication of what Israel might agonna do: No civilians got any excuse to be south of the Litani River. anybody not leave can be regarded as Hizbollah. There are two reports out on Israpundit, one says Hizbollah is diguised as civilians, the other say Hizbollah deliberately has engineered civilian casualties.

    " Updated 07/19/06 19:09 Israel time
    In a dramatic indication of Israeli military plans, the IDF has advised the nearly 300,000 residents of south Lebanon to evacuate north of the Litani river, a distance of some 40 km (25 miles), and indication of a likely military incursion to that line."

  37. Israel needs to wipe these guys out fast. This can't be a lingering thingy. The Lefties will get in the way.

  38. "Hey Sweetcheeks! Aww poor thing! you are thinking of my balls. You must be very disappointed."

    Yeah, because I thought you may have some. One day amigo you'll figure it out...

  39. "Hey Sweetcheeks! Aww poor thing! you are thinking of my balls. You must be very disappointed."

    Yeah, because I thought you may have some. One day amigo you'll figure it out..

    Oh my bestest, deepest, ball fondling amigo, you miss me so much! Just like all moonbats you are obsessed with me and in love with me. I keep cursing you and you keep coming back. I am glad to have so deeply affected you, I have down my work well.
    You tell me to tone it down and take it easy on you and to go away but you chase me to the end of the earth to beg me to fondle my balls.
    Listen Sally Sweetcakes. I would go to your website to curse you but you like it too much.

    You are just going to have to collect the pieces of your broken heart and find another lover.

    Aw my poor quivering lovesick honeybunch you must face the truth that the the only good terrorist and terrorist supporter is a dead one.

    Let me translate that for you and your terrorist supporting friends:

    woof woof
    arf arf

  40. "I am glad to have so deeply affected you, I have down my work well."

    I think the proper termenology would be :"I have done my work well"

    Ya'know, I compared Max to Thai-Guy once and the more I look into it, the more I think Max really IS thai-Guy...

  41. Hey Ritchie my little snuggle bunny!

    Long time no see, you still miss me?

    I have no idea who Thai-guy is except that he is somebody else you are obsessed with and have some kind of love crush on . You have a lot of those, You are wired to your your moonbat friends like a puppet on a string.

    No I won't give you a fair fight, terrorist supporters don't deserve to live, neither do those who support moonbats.
    I'm a big fan of disproportionate response, Please go off with your moonbat friends and fuck off an die and burn in hell where you belong.

    BTW, The family of eight that was killed were serving as civilian shields for the Hizbullah and had rockets in their house.
    I heard it on the news channel
    "Terrorists R us"
    Also on the news servie:
    "No-libs Terrorist Wire"

    And as usually left me whisper little love words in your faggot ear:
    quack quack
    woof woof
    arf arf


  42. "Bacon Eating Atheist Douche thinks I’m a cockroach, amongst other things, for not supporting what he claims is Israel’s right to murder babies.

    I’d really like to know what’s going on with people like this. Is it addiction? Is Atheist Jew on cocaine, crack, crystal meth….vodka enemas?

    There is no rational excuse for promoting this kind of genocidal hate"

    From The cockroaches speak! .

    Funny they alway call it genocide when the patriots of the nation suggest exterminating cockaroaches. I guess they consider themselves to be a separate species from the rest of us.

    No there is no excuse, there is a reason, the reason is:
    "Cut out the goddam cancer before it kills all of us".