August 21, 2006

Just Think Of Me As The William Hung Of Anti-Terrorism

Watcher from Eye on the World has FINALLY put together the slideshow to go with the song written by Elder of Ziyon, and to some extent, me.

If Fox News wants to pay my fare and accomodations, I have no problem performing it live on the O'Reilly Factor.


  1. Convert the Dhimmis, behead the rest! Love it. Needed at least one slide of a kid with a rocket launcher though. I mean, if you wanted accurate journalism.

  2. There are two of the "kids" carrying a Katyusha rocket, though.

  3. Hmm.. How did I miss that? I was looking for one of those innocent-looking five year old girls wishing a quick death to all Jews.
    My mistake.

  4. That was so bad I was crying with laughter.

  5. I got worked up over Islamo-fascism while listening to Michael sAvage on the way home this evening. Then i came home, made dinner, simmered down and watchedthat video. Excellent stuff.

    Someone ought to do a documentary on all the anti-communist, anti-moonbat, anti-islamofascist indy media out on the web. It would offend every nutty Muslim with a switchblade across continents, but wow, what an interesting look at the underbelly of the American (and Canadian) mainstream political media. Well, I think it would be interesting anyway. I like that sort of thing.

  6. You have anti-choice friends, AJ?

  7. Infidel, it would be interesting to do see a documentary on the mental problems of a Moonbat. "Obsession" which I featured here a couple of weeks before Google pulled the full version was a pretty good documentary that put Islam in it's place.

    Roya, two people aren't going to agree on everything. I am pro-choice. But I also think it is OK for people to be anti-choice(I can understand their logic and argument, though I don't agree with it). Just as long as abortion remains an option for pro-choicers.

  8. As a catholic priest who believes that the Jews are God's chosen people, it pained me greatly when I was informed about the sexual abuse scandal brewing in the midst of such a great nation.

    However, upon further investigation, my pain led to anger, as it became clear that God's chosen people were being led astray, and their belief system was being hijacked, by fake leaders and false prophets.

    As part of the clergy, I have had several meetings with high ranking Jewish leaders and have come away greatly pleased and encouraged by the message being delivered and the high morals displayed.

    However, at a recent inter-faith meeting among the leaders of several denominations, it became painfully obvious that the same Jewish leaders became different people when faced with a harsh reality. Instead of addressing the great issues of the day, they chose to display dubious traits of moral character and, to be blunt, a shocking lack of compassion for victims, and would refuse to speak about the issue of child sexual abuse with any moral clarity or honesty.

    It was as if the to speak of sexual abuse would be to bow down to Jesus himself.

    Now, we of the catholic faith have a tradition of ‘love thy neighbor’ (i.e. compassion) as being the first and foremost quality that we learned from Jesus and endeavor to incorporate such ideals into our daily lives.

    I do not understand how the leaders of the Jewish People do not learn from their previous great prophets and leaders such a Abraham and Moses, renown for their great mercy, kindness, compassion, truth and honesty.

    What has happened to the people of the Bible- God’s sole chosen nation?

  9. Don't the Catholics have a problem with pedophelia? Haven't they tried to keep this a secret for a long time.

    Maybe you should clean up your own nest before attacking a group of people.

    Don't you find yourself to be a hypocrite?