September 14, 2006

I Just Love Valid Analogies

When I see a new analogy, one I've never thought of before, I get stimulated. It is actually a bit of a rush. I found a few recently while making my daily rounds through the blogosphere.

I know too situations are never even close to being the same, but many situations today are others that have happened or are happening still. Many attempt to make analogies, but they base it on just one or two dubious points, like comparing Israelis/Jews to Nazis (the term "zionazi," for example) or comparing evolutionists to Hitler. In order for an analogy to be valid and have legs, the situation of both subjects being compared must be more similar than dissimilar.

The Palestinians are not similar to the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust. At no time were the Jews of Europe a physical threat to the Aryans. The Jews had the land they owned and their businesses taken from them because they were born Jews. They were gathered up and mostly murdered because they were born Jews. They were not given an option to peacefully within their own sovereign countries. They weren't even given the option of living in a land next to the sovereign countries who picked them out because they were born Jews. They didn't declare war against the Nazis. They didn't live for the destruction of Germany. Jews were punished for being Jews. In the West Bank, Arabs are being punished for trying to push Israel into the sea. They are being punished for their own bad choices.

My recent post on the analogy of evolutionists and Hitler.

Now back to the new analogies I discovered.

In the comments in one of Steve's terrorist apologizing blog Digitally Deranged, Mad Zionist came up with a good one regarding radical Islam and those who state that the West creates more enemies by going after terrorists, an argument that I find all over the Lefty Moonbat blogsites. MZ said that when the Allies took out Japan and Germany (who were out for world dominance like Islam today) during World War 2, the objective was to elimate the enemy, at least elimate the enemies ideology. Well, even though many innocents were killed (especially in Japan), the strategy worked. The war ended. But because the Allies were dealing with fundamentally normal rational human beings, resentment by the Germans and Japanese, didn't result in any further actions against the Allies: In other words, no Nazis or terrorists were created. Why does the Moonbat left buy the Muslim excuse? Why do the Moonbats find the Muslim excuse, that eliminating the enemy that Radical Islam is, to be an acceptable one? Are the Moonbats in fact accepting that Muslims are neither rational or normal? Maybe the Lefties should take an introspective look at what you are saying.

Another great analogy was done by Elder of Ziyon, who made a fantastic point that radical Islamists and their supporters don't think like democratic West thinks. To sum up his article, he states that terrorists and their supporters have a zero sum game mentality. They only get happy when Israel is sad for example. They get sad by the same amount that Israel gets happy. In other words, they don't think that Israel and the Palestinians can both get happier. Happiness in the region is a fixed amount. Read the post, I can tell that if I keep explaining this I am going to blurt out stuff about Arab assmonkeys again.

Roya, in the comment section of her Atheist Girl blog, gives great reasons why the Palestinian terrorists are not like the IRA:

...there is a difference between Islamo-facist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, and groups like IRA and PKK.

The former two,
1. do not recognise the right of existance of their adversories
2. Their aim is simply to destroy their adverseries rather than to help their own people.

The later two,
1. accept the right of their adversories for existance
2. and are not driven by the aim of destroying their adversaries but to do what is best for their own people.

She also compares the Kurds today of the Jews prior to the formation of Israel by quoting a Kurdish journalist:

"The Kurds of today are the Jews of decades and centuries ago. They are divided by different foreign oppressors. Some of them are forgetting their own language. Many of them are in exile. The Kurds, like the Jews, strive to live in peace with their neighbors and establish a democratic nation-state of their own. The Kurds, like the Jews, are also surrounded by “neighbors” who may hate each other but can call agree on one thing –a common cause in opposing any and all aspirations of the Jewish and Kurdish nations. "

Atlas Shrugs recently posted a speech by Netanyahu where he rips the BBC a new one, when he fairly compares the recent Lebanon war to the actions Britain took against Nazi Germany. Watch, enjoy. It is full of great analogies:


  1. Glad to see the recognized Arab intellectual community is finally honoring deserving kafirs fore their "courage". Unfortinately, only former Nazi S.S. may apply.


    "Mona Nagger reports on an embarrassing letter of solidarity that Günter Grass received from 46 Arab intellectuals. "The signatories see in Grass' confession to having been a member of the Waffen SS (more here) a sign of courage that deserves respect and recognition. The critique of Grass is being interpreted as a campaign 'aimed at diverting attention from the Israeli crimes against Palestine and Lebanon.' The Israelis are depicted as 'Neonazis': 'They kill Palestinians and Israelis, destroy their countries, build a dividing wall around them and put them in camps.' The tone recalls quite clearly the language of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad." Nagger's conclusion: "The document says a lot about the sensitivities of many Arab intellectuals. They live in a world of conspiracy theories, far removed form reality; they mistake populist slogans and rhetoric for intellectual discourse and they see no need to take a serious look at the Holocaust and Nazi crimes."

    Man, these guys are not even trying anymore!

    I have finally realized why the extreme left cannot recognize the dangers from Islamists... they are just too damn obvious!! (and funny)

    Anyways, when do they vote in a new Pope?

  2. Bacon, I think we've driven Steve Guess into retirement. Funny how the thinly veiled anti-Semitism of anti-Zionism is exposed with the greatest of ease.

  3. Bernarda and BDE are over at Atheist Girl's blog polluting the crap out of it with their idiocy and blatant Jew hating that they try so impotently to deny.

  4. I just found out myself AJ. They are just good at throwing insults.

  5. GREAT POST! I completely agree with it, 100%!!!

  6. After everything that has happened, I still don't think Steven is a bad guy at all! In his heart, I think he is doing what he believes is the right thing. Unfortinately, as long as he holds different races/religions to different standards, I don't think he will ever stop blaming Jews for the actions of others.

    Steven doesn't hate Jews at all. I just think he believes Muslims are children who can't help themselves because of greivence "a" through "z". And I must shamefully admit at one point I believed the same thing, although not nearly as extremely.

    The only way out for me was for a Muslim girl to slap my moral relativism out of me. She would say, "its not the Jews, they are just crazy. Why the hell do you think we gave up everything to work minimum wage jobs in cold-as-hell Canada, for the poutine?"

    (ok, the "poutine" thing I made up)

    As more and more incidents appear that can only be explained through sheer religous hatred and insanity, like Cartoon-fata, conversion at gunpoint, and today's Pope-gate, perhaps Westearn society will once again realize our ideology, not circumstance, is what seperates our worlds.

    Perhaps one day we will even figure out that our ideology is worth defending.

  7. Roya, they are stuck in 1947. They argue from the point that Israel should pack it in because to them it is the biggest crime in history. It is hard not to call them retarded.

    Red Tulips, thanks. I imagine lawyers love good analogies.

    Jordan, I think Steven is completely misguided and hypocritical. Not an intentional Jew hater but he sures fans the flames.