September 12, 2006

I Watched Lots of NFL This Week: Some Observations

The refs have new uniforms. The refs were horrible last year. I'm thinking the NFL changed the uniforms instead of firing the old refs and hiring new refs. When you change the package people think it might be new and improved, it works with things like laundry soaps, so why not give it a try with the refs.

Lots of new coaches. Lots of boring safe calls by them too.

I'm wondering if the team that gets the highest Jewish lobby support this year is going to be Arizona over the Giants or Miami. No, Rex Grossman of the Bears isn't a Jew.

If the Giants offense played a two minute drill all game, they would be unstoppable, but they still only use the 2 minute drill in the last minute of the game.

"Born again Christian" Kurt Warner may have made a second deal with the devil this year. Maybe he sold his wife's soul this time. Watch out for Arizona.

Can you name two players on the San Francisco 49ers?

Why did Favre come back? Why? Why?

I don't know what it is but I just don't like Drew Bledsoe's face.

Does Minny's Brad Johnson think he is living in the 50's. Check out his hair.

32 NFL teams and not one starting white running back. I can't believe this type of racism still goes on. It is 2006, for cripes sake. Surely there are white guys being overlooked for the job. Blacks make up only 10% of the American population, but they make up 100% of the starters at the running back position. We are all created equal. Aint we?

I'm starting to think that the only reason so many white guys play quarterback is possibly keep the odd KKK guy watching. It is some sort of conspiracy. That is why only one black QB has ever one the Super Bowl.

And what's up with the fact that no black coach has made it to the Super Bowl, let alone win one. This is another way that the NFL ensures high Super Bowl ratings. Racist America may not watch it if one or more black coaches were involved. And think of the all the cursing bad calls in bars, if the call in question was made by a black coach.

It is a fact that 45% of Americans believe in Young Earth Creation, but when broken down: 65% of high school dropouts in America believes in YEC, while only 25% of college grads believe in YEC. I'm pretty sure most of the players in the NFL fall into the last category. Yeah, like most of them REALLY graduated college alright...wink wink.

Go Arizona.


  1. Bacon, the black coached teams should only be required to score 80% as many points as the white coached teams in order to win to level the playing field. Plus, as reparations for not being given coaching jobs for the first 50 years of the NFL, black coached teams should be given 3 free wins and the black coaches given twice the pay of white coaches.

  2. The worst call I saw this weekend (out of many) was when Randy Moss was flagged for taunting as he gently tossed the ball to San Diego's kicker after going out of bounds.

  3. I don't know if I believe the statistics of the young earth theory. I've lived almost 40 years in the middle of the bible belt and I have only met two people who professed to believe that the earth was created at 9AM 5070 years ago.

    I don't think the KKK involves themselves with football. Why would
    they want to spend their Sunday watching a bunch of black millionaires who are married to white women.

    I don't have an answer to the quarterback situation it must be some illuminati conspiracy.

  4. Hammer, I wish you were wrong, but I can't find anything that states differently about Americans and their belief in a Young Earth. Here is another troubling article.

  5. Sheesh that article is scary. I was hoping for a second it was an article from The Onion that got picked up by mistake.