September 1, 2006

Jew Hater Sentenced In Canada For Internet Postings

More proof that Jew haters are insane. Reni Sentana-Ries, 63, formerly known as Reinhard Mueller was sentenced today in Edmonton to 16 months in jail for spewing anti-semitic nonsense on his website called the Federation of Planets.

Here are some of his writings. They are still on the internet for all to see. I think this is his wife's site. She was not charged. Check out the articles.

Besides denying the Holocaust, Reni made claims that the Jews are responsible for creating the Ebola and AIDS viruses, the collapse of the World Trade Centre towers and the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Like most anti-semites, Reni claims he doesn't hate Jews (he does say Jews are “sub-humans” and “demons” though) but instead of saying he just hates Zionists like most Jew haters on the internet, Reni states 'a few ancient writings have declared him the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and left him in charge of the future of the Jews.
Apparently the job discription forbids him to hate Jews, nor advocate their murder, but he is allowed to "chastise them.

He is a whacko. Over the edge. He is evidence that Jew haters are self loathers. The reason he changed his name is because his original name "because my former name inspires hate because of its German nature."

I don't have all the facts in this case but I don't think this guy deserves jail. I think he deserves a loony bin. I honestly think he believes what he is spewing.
I don't think that is the case most of the time though as with imbeciles like Zundel, who deserved deportation. His conspiracy theories are no different than those found on delusional Muslim sites such as Cytations, who for the longest time accused the Mossad of kidnapping Christians in Iraq or revisionist terrorist sympathizing sites like iPouya. Jew haters love to rewrite history, change the dictionary and also conspiracy theories make them drool.

Now let us define "anti-semite" again. Yes, Arabs are semites, but the term "anti-semite" does not mean someone who hates Arabs and Jews or just Arabs when I say it or print it. It mean someone who hates Jews. For the confused and/or deceitful, I can go back on this post and replace anti-semite with Jew hater if you wish. But better yet, why don't you imagine it.

From Wikipedia: Despite the use of the prefix "anti," the terms Semitic and Anti-Semitic are not antonyms. To avoid the confusion of the misnomer, many scholars on the subject (such as Emil Fackenheim) now favor the unhyphenated term antisemitism.[5] Yehuda Bauer articulated this view in his writings and lectures: (the term) "Antisemitism, especially in its hyphenated spelling, is inane nonsense, because there is no Semitism that you can be anti to."

The term anti-Semitism has historically referred to prejudice towards Jews alone. It does not traditionally refer to prejudice toward other people who speak Semitic languages (e.g. Arabs or Assyrians).

In recent decades some groups have argued that the term should be extended to include prejudice against Arabs, Anti-Arabism, in the context of accusations of Arab anti-Semitism; further, some, including the Islamic Association of Palestine, have argued that this implies that Arabs cannot, by definition, be anti-Semitic. The argument for such extension comes out of the claim that since the Semitic language family includes Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic languages, and the historical term "Semite" refers to all those who consider themselves descendants of the Biblical Shem, anti-Semitism should be likewise inclusive. This usage is not generally accepted.

To those who hide behind the guise of saying they don't hate Jews, they just hate Zionism or Israel.........let me challenge you. Do you spend equal time on each Muslim and/or Arab country that do much worse things than you accuse Israel of doing?
I know the answer. How much have you written about Darfur? How much have you written about Israel? You can't fool me. Are you fooling yourself?
Read this absolutely accurate article "SAY WHAT? ANTI-SEMITES?
" by Steven Plaut.

Anti-semitic sites like My Blahg fool no one, except Robert McClelland himself and his assmonkey NDP regulars. These people are the dumbest rockheads in Canada. I notice he hasn't bitched about the Jews and Israel for about a week now. He must be getting itchy.

Blatant anti-semitic bloggers like Hitler Was Right like to blame Jews for everything and at least he doesn't try to hide his insane hatred.

Other Jew hater sites like Digitally Arranged, try to blame Jews for everything, but in a more PC manner. Steve is an anti-semitic coward. He should take a deep look at his posts. He is in fact fooling himself. But he aint too bright. Here is classic anti-semitism by dhimmiwit Steve.


  1. LoL. I've had some fun with McClelland's crowd.

    Also, my "friend" Abu-Issa published a picture portraing US republicans as Nazis. If he is not careful he could end up as Mueller.

  2. I agree that this jerk should NOT go to prison. I do not believe in thought crimes and quit frankly, it harms the image of the Jewish community.

    I am FAR more concerned about politicaly correct "we love jews just not those evil zionists" than "holocaust never happened" folks. Personally, I am glad that the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Hamas, and most other Islamists groups deny the holocaust... its one of the few things that their left-wing apologist can not justify.

  3. It seems an insanely harsh sentence for the “crime” of being a bit of a looney. I actually find the people who prosecuted and sentenced him as more offensive than him. Bloody cowards aren’t going out and rounding up Moslems for hate speech. Sad old Mueller is just an easy target. I predict the sentence will be quashed on appeal.
    I consider myself to be a Zionist but also believe researchers are allowed to question the facts of the holocaust. Hell, even the man on the street can question anything he likes without being put in prison surely?
    Winston Churchill said, “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” All historical “facts” are open to question.

  4. Is it just me, or are Jews against holocaust denial laws far more than non-Jews?

  5. Yeah, I'm not sure this sentence was appropriate. The guy is clearly deranged and probably does belong in a mental ward, but I'm not too keen on jailing people for opinions they voice on their blogs or websites, no matter how offensive those opinions may be. It's a very slippery slope, if you ask me.

  6. I must admit, I have said a few negative comments about Islamic ideology and culture and I generally stand by them.

    Am I spreading hate? Am I allowed to state that Communism is an evil ideology that killed 100 million people but be silent on a specific religion simply because one ideology claims to be devine? Does it matter that I am an athiest?

    The anti-hate opinion laws have to go. Countries that embrace free speech, with all of its problems, do far better than those that embrace censorship.

    As long as there is no direct call to violence like "kill all the (whatever)", horrible speech should be legal.

  7. I generally abhor hate speech laws but I draw the line at those who would cry “kill the whatever” as a solution. No doubt I am far too basic and simplistic but I prefer the old days when the haters were up front and centre. Now they spend who much time talking in code that I fear I cannot keep up as being trendy has never been a goal that I ever managed to meet. For the moment anti-Semitism is now dressed up as being anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli government per say, but who can say what the morrow will bring?

    But what I find interesting is that whole the rhetoric coming from the Muslim world is just assumed to be nothing but empty rhetoric by westerners and should not be taken seriously. What is preached from the mosques everyday in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia et al is far more inflammatory than anything Zundel preached or said, but he is jailed and pilloried while Saudis or Palestinian Imams get a free pass. Now just why is that?

    And if you call westerners to account who claim to be anti-Zionist on that, they attempt to argue “cause and effect” – if successive Israeli governments didn’t do this or that, the rhetoric would be different and to point they are right.

    If the Israelis just laid down their guns and allowed themselves to be slaughtered enmass the Imams would stop preaching anti-Jew rhetoric, but not because the moment of hate had passed, but because the Jews would all be dead. It wouldn’t stop the preaching of hate but it would change the focus. They refuse to accept that the rhetoric of preaching “death to the Jews, kafirs, nawars” or the routine demonization of Jews and other groups as the primary cause of Muslim strife with the rest of the world including Israel.

    What we really should be questioning and asking ourselves is why hate and the demonization of the “other” is such a common element found in all of today’s Islamic societies regardless of culture or geography, and why we do not call those societies’s to account for their hate.

  8. The big differentiation I see when it comes to anti-Islam bloggers and anti-semitic bloggers is that Jew haters tend to dwell on half truths, lies, revisionist history and conspiracy theories in order to try to get their audience to hate and even kill Jews.

    Anti-Islamic bloggers tend to use facts more.

  9. Kateland, don't try your logic on Moonbat blogs, the answers you receive will be very depressing and the facts you bring to the table will be non constructive.

    When you post it here, you are just preaching to the choir. I'd like to think though, that we are asking them to account for their least some of us are.

  10. Catherine, it looks like someone beat you to the slippery slope description.

  11. Best article ever!!!,,19269-2337669,00.html

    "Muslims feel like victims. The West feels guilty. Is the world going mad?"


    "This condition places the blame for every ill in their lives, in their communities, in the West and in the countries of the Middle East, on the imperialist oppression of the white man, the American and, of course, the Jew, never once stopping to consider even the possibility that their plight might be, in part at least, their own making.

    Though the West is surely not blameless, either through history or today, in its treatment of Muslims, the idea that responsibility for the woes of the Islamic world these past few hundred years can be laid at somebody else’s door is escapist fantasy.

    The nasty regimes of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt conveniently emphasise this victim status to divert attention from their own repression and inequality and to blame Israel. The failure of Palestinians to create an orderly and successful society is blamed on “the occupation”.

    The failure of many Muslims in Europe, especially in Britain, to integrate effectively is laid at the feet of a white racist society that excludes them. The real injustices suffered by these communities become a convenient smokescreen to hide their own flaws.

    This victim mentality reaches its apotheosis in the minds of a few in the hideous distortion of martyrdom. The image of the suicide bomber captures the ultimate catharsis of victimhood and at the same time the ultimate escape and liberation from it — the violent immolation of the victim on the altar of a sacred ideology. Of course this is a perversion of the very idea of sacrifice. Martyrdom is a willingness to die for one’s faith, not a willingness to take hundreds of innocents with you in the process.

    Pierre Rehov, an Algerian-born French filmmaker, who produced a documentary, Suicide Killers, was asked in a TV interview this year how the world could end the madness of suicide bombings and terrorism. “Stop being politically correct and stop believing that this culture is a victim of ours,” he said."


    Reat it all!

  12. I am currently enrolled in a Holocaust studies class as part of my graduate studies. My instructor is Zsuzsanna Ozsvath. She is a concentration camp survivor. More than that, she is a remarkable individual. She has written several books and many articles on the Holocaust. In a few months her personal story will be published by Indiana University Press. For those who want to know more about the Holocaust and the history of antisemitism, I suggest they read "Hitler and the Holocaust" by Robert S. Wistrich. The book will tell you everything you need and should know about the Holocaust and what led to it.

  13. I don't know how you guys feel sorry for him. To me some ideas need to be kept in check, such as Nazism, and other dangerous ideas. It may not seem dangerous but what about the consequences of such thoughts.

    I would blame him for any action against jews that his readers may take, the same way I would blame the mothers of child suicidebombers for preaching anti-jewish talks to their children. One needs to take responsibility for what they advocate.

  14. Roya, as I stated, I don't know all the facts of this case. But just from some of the readings I saw by this idiot, I can only conclude he is crazy and his following has to be imbeciles. That being said, you incite imbeciles with the truth as well as with lies/conspiracy theories, so those of us who post the truth about Islam could be equally guilty of causing someone to harm another individual in extreme cases. This is why it is a slippery slope. We know what the truth is, but our truth isn't the truth to the insane and/or Moonbat for that matter.

  15. Do you need "proof" that people who hate other people before they've even met and exchanged pleasantries are insane? Surely it's a requirement.

  16. ps. all theists love conspiarcy theories

  17. AJ, this guy says he is a header of some sort, he is not just giving an opinion.

    Also, in regard to subjective ness of an opinion, it is not a problem. Your opinion and ipouya's are all compatible with freedom of speech, and so does the opinion of this guy. But he also says he is a leader which sounds like he has an agenda to lead people against jews. Hitler talked the same way before what he did.

    We don't allow child pornography, or the preaching and advocation of suicide bombing or being part of KKK and don't consider them as part of freedom of speech. If he only thought that there was no holocause that would have been a different thing but he is not.

  18. I wouldn't say I feel sorry for him. He's obviously a hate-filled douchebag. My issue is with the fact that he's being jailed for his *views*, not for any action he's committed or recruited others to commit. From the link BEAJ provided: "Reni Sentana-Ries, 63, was told by Mr. Justice Philip Clarke of the Court of Queen's Bench that his views are appalling, that he showed no remorse and that he is a high risk to reoffend." His views *are* appalling, but I don't believe in jailing people for their opinions. As I said, it's a slippery slope.

  19. Why does anybody care what this pathetic guy says? Anyway, the truth is, the Canadian police should be hanging out in mosques - not blogs - arresting moslem vermin who really do contribute to terrorism and crimes against humanity.

  20. Yeah this is bogus and bad news for us. The Islamofascists will hide behind this.

    The Jewish activists made a bad mistake a long time ago. They tried to portray HATE as a crime. There is nothing wrong with hate. It is quite healthy. The Jews hated Nazis. I hat Islamofacism and totalitarians.
    hate is not the problem.
    advocating violence and subversion is a problem. Advocating terrorism and supporting terrorism in any way is a problem. all these guys posting terrorist advocacy should be jailed, They are dangerous to our democracy. We need a militant democracy.

    This "hate idea" indoctrination has got everybody confused and made us defenseless. Canadians haven't hated because they've had a soft life. Now Satan has taken up residence in Canada, and it's time to change the tune. You will now learn to hate or perish.

    Learn the value of hate.

    No we must defend this guys right to express himself, it is no slippery slope it is crystal clear. Expression of feeling and opinion is legitimate, even those we hate.

    And you do hate his opinions don't you ladies and gents? Do you think you should be punished for that? Feel guilty?

    No hate is not the problem.

    Now take a look a a leftist that got his come-uppance

  21. "I don't have all the facts in this case but I don't think this guy deserves jail. I think he deserves a loony bin."

    Ditto. I would even go a bit further and let him continue. It is a win-win situation. He is the one of the best show cases of his ilk.

  22. It is an absurdity that this man is jailed for his, obviously ignorant, attitudes. As much as I'd like to enmass feed these people ground castor oil seeds, it is still onerous. Hopefully my blog doesn't qualify as the same or I'm quite screwed.

  23. Mad Zionist said...

    Why does anybody care what this pathetic guy says?
    We must support him, because next they come for us and your blog.
    He did not advocate sedition treason or terrorism as far as the charges go.

    Those advocating those things are the ones to be shut down.

    If we establish terrorist advocay as a crime, then we can go after the islamofascists, if hate is the crime, then all expression is dead and we give them a free hand to stop us from protesting our own destruction.

    "Death to Islamofacists!"

    Did I just commit a crime or an act of patriotism?

  24. This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

  25. The fact that America would never put someone in jail for the nonsense they spew on their blog is the real reason you use American spelings. Admit it.

  26. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen: When ALL of you lunatics, imbeciles, Zionists, anti-Zionists, Semites, anti-Semites, hate-mongers, Jew-haters, Christian-haters, et al, decide that you had enough bashing, or enough trying to put the other side in jail or a mental institution, or simply finished killing each other, could you please close the door behind you? You see the rest of us normal people are still trying between our 9-5 work-days and our mortgage payments to live a NORMAL life. Close the door behind you idiots (the idiot meant in its original etymology) because the stink from your rotten heads is spilling over. Oust!

  27. Are Zionists automatic haters? Semites automatic haters?

    Why not Jews Christians and Muslims and throw in Atheists too then?

    What is a normal person, does a normal person believe in God?