November 10, 2006


Mark Glenn shared his emails with probably one of his bestest buddies, a vile character by the name of Alex "the Assmonkey" James. I won't post his email because it is just standard lies that were cut and pasted out of something like David

But his email prompted a response by me which refuted a few of the "issues" brought up by self-loathing retard Alex. Monkeyboy Mark Glenn is my target so to speak, and he again started emailing me today.

Mark said:

Are you still there? I thought you got flushed down the toilet where you belong, you piece of shit.

I can only imagine how fulfilling your life must be...angry all the time, thinking dark thoughts, justifying every form of evil that can be dreamt up as long as it benefits you and your pathetic excuse for a soul.

It's no wonder you people hated Jesus and continue to hate him to this day--he is everything you aren't and you are everything he isn't. It's no wonder you hate women as well, since they are the vehicles for carrying your own reproductive seed, and as hate-filled as you are you live with a never-ending longing for death.

What's the matter, your Jewish mother didn't love you enough? Too much berating and criticism and this is what it has produced, an angry, spiteful, foul-mouthed jerk who can only draw attention to himself by acting like a porn-star-wannabe? Please keep up the posts, you are bearing the ugliness of who you really are to thousands of people around the world even as we speak, and with every vomitous word that comes out of your mouth you are validating all the reasons why people such as yourself have been 'poisecuted' throughout the centuries. You and those who think like you are the anti-Christ and you will meet your end soon enough, and it won't be amoment too soon as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

'Do not assume that I have come to bring peace...I did not come to bring peace, but the sword...'
-- Jesus of Nazareth
My reply:

I don't think dark thoughts. I have a great life. I don't use
religion as a crutch and I don't hate Jesus, he never existed. I
don't hate women. I love them. At least 50% of my readership is
women, and they are highly educated and find your ilk repulsive. It
is you that is full of hate, but you are too retarded to realize it.
It must be due to those phenomenal Arab genes you posess. LMAOAY.

I'm glad I was able to teach you how to spell "ugliness"

You wretched piece of shit. Leave the West. We don't need vermin like you,

-The Atheist Jew
His reply:

This just keeps getting better and better...
Jesus never existed, and I suppose you discovered this all by your lonesome with that superios intellect of yours? Wow, it's no wonder you are so puffed up on yourself and haughty.

You know how you can tell when you are dealing with someone who can't stand to hear the truth in an argument? They resort to name calling. Ad hominem attacks, just as your Pharisee forefathers did to jesus. They couldn't beat him in an argument using logic, so that had to resort to calling names, like a bunch of spoiled, petulent children. Those are your genes, my friend. You are just like them.

Taught me to spell 'ugliness'? Is this really the best you can do? Is this your idea of raising your fist and declaring victory? What are you, 14 years old or something? You certainly act like one with all your adolescent name calling.

'Leave the West'--well, I have news for you, my friend, it will probably be YOU leaving, just as has taken place for the last 14 centuries. Eventually the body will spit you out, just as it always has, so keep a suitcase handy, that is, if you are lucky enough to get out of here alive, because when people figure out how much trouble you and people like you have caused, there will be an open season on you, just as there always has been.

And I for one cannot wait to see it...Like a public execution of a murderer or a rapist...and there will be no one to mourn you, and the worms will celebrate for the new meal they have just been given.

My reply:

You are just stupid and hypocritical beyond belief.
Ad hominem's: In your last post you called me a piece of SHIT....imbecile.

There is no evidence Jesus existed. There were 42 historians who
wrote between 1-35 AD and not one word mentioned Jesus. There should
be lots of evidence but none exists. In fact all evidence leads to
Paul inventing Jesus around 50-60 AD.

You have no truths. Not one. And thanks for your emails. I post
them on my blog where you are disgusting people. One person said that
he used to think getting people to go visit Auschwitz was silly, until
he read your emails. Thanks again. You are making a difference.
Keep up the good work.

And leave the West. We don't need filthy verrmin like you. And you
will be exposed further. You can take that to the bank, so I would
watch it with the threats about your pipe dreams of the next Jewish are a piece of shit....and I hope your children
aren't brainwashed by you.....or their existence on this earth will be
as worthless as yours.

-The Atheist Jew

The Assmonkey Mark Glenn again replied:

As I said, it just keeps getting better and better...

'No evidence Jesus existed'-- I suppose you also believe that the earth is flat and that leeches cure sickness.

What are you, some high-school drop out or something? The only thing I can figure is that you are still living with your parents, as this is the only rational explanation a to why someone like you would be home at this hour rather than out working for a living.

By the way, what do you make of people like Israel Shahak, Israel Shamir, Benjamen Freedman and others who say that the reason for all the 'poisecution' of the Jews is because of their own behavior? Oh, wait, don't tell me, let me guess--'SELF-HATING JEWS' right?
Anything except the obvious, huh? You are despised because you are a despicable people. You lie and cheat. You steal and you murder, just as Jesus said, and the obviousness of this is all around the world, and particularly in the Middle East where you murder people for sport. The only reason why there is this thing known as the West is because you people were driven out of Palestine in 70 AD and have been forced to mind you p's and q's ever since, and now that you have returned the world has been turned upsiade own...

... but not to worry, because 'the changes-they-are-a comin' and you know this which is why you and the rest like you are shitting all over yourselves in fear. 'Anti-Semitism'--ha, what a joke. you are as semitic as I am uneducated. If you were as smart as you say you are, you would know that you are just mongrel scum from southern Russia. Your ancestors never set foot in Judea and they have been driven out of every cuontry they lived in for the last 14 centures because they refuse to get along with others, and you are living proof of that.

'Holocaust'? only for people like you. For others though who want freedom from the paralizing and debilitating Judaic mindset, I celebrate them, good friends of mine who have detoxofied themselves of judaic thinking and have joined the rest of humanity. Oh, yes, I know, those 'self-haters'...

I won't take up any more of your time, since I know that watching child pornography is a big thing with you. Besides, I have gotten enough material from the posts you have sent. you would not believe how effective they are in opening people's eyes as to what 'being Jewish' is really all about.


My reply:

I have a great job and it affords me the luxury of mostly working out
of my home. And the hours are great too.

There is absolutely no evidence Jesus exists, but then again, you are
not into fact, evidence, or reality as anyone with a brain can tell by
your rhetoric.

I thought I am not a Jew. I am an Atheist. Why do you keep calling
me a Jew and implying I am a Jew.

And I have all kinds of middle eastern blood. But you love denying
reality. It goes against your propaganda. If you see my pic at my
blog, you'll see I am most likely darker than you.....and especially
your kids, if you are indeed the father of all of them. Your life is
a lie, so I'm sure you attracted liars to be close to you. You should
check your children's DNA to make sure they are all yours.

I think you are projecting. You are self-loathing vermin most likely
holding back his urges to view child pornography on the internet. Why
did you leave teaching? Does your community know about you yet?
They will. Very soon.

Leave the West, you vermin. We don't need your self-loathing ilk here,

-The Atheist Jew

I have a feeling the twerp Mark Glenn and his entourage of imbeciles are not done yet. I will keep those interested posted on this blog.

Update: Alex the Impotent emailed me.

Alex said:

Mr. Atheist Jew,

As described in the Bible by Yeshua-Jesus, you are the Babylonian Synagogue of Satan.
Your fellow Jews have been exposing you all over the Internet.

You need to repent about your lies and fabrications.

You will be accountable to God.

We will keep exposing your filth.

Your homeland is Southern Russia.


My reply:

Alex, you piece of garbage.
Jesus never existed. God doesn't exist. You feel so inferieor to
Jews that you obsess about Jews 24/7 and there is a Jew hiding under
your bed.

I don't lie. I've never been to Russia. I'm third generation
Canadian. You are an imbecile. Did your father teach you that you
are inferior to Jews, or did you teach yourself?

Eat Shit And Die

-The Atheist Jew


  1. Very interesting. I admire your perseverance with the brain dead amongst us.
    Assmonkey obviously hates Jews but loves Jesus. Jesus was a Jew (if he ever existed). How does Assmonkey deal with that?

  2. Wow, luckily he doesn't like ad hominem. ROFL

  3. What a douchegoblin

    Using my magic balls I predict that he is not only a cumchugger but that he regularly does a Haggard on his bum chum Alex.

  4. moderating comments? Fuck that shit

  5. Well you see, the problem is Mr. BEAJ, you simply haven't yet detoxified yourself from judaic thinking and joined the rest of humanity. In time, I'm sure you will realize that the Jews are a hideous scum of the earth that should be executed publicly like murderers and rapists. Oh, and by the way, I'll be praying for you.

    I thought holocaust deniers would have died off by now. Maybe natural selection doesn't work as well as I thought.

    I'm still not quite sure what assmonkey means, but in this case it sounds as though it is a bit more of an insult to the monkey. But I have no problem with that. Those monkeys have gotten a free ride for way too long.

  6. Crap, those Israeli hookers are at it again:

    Israel sees shale replacing oil

    Looks like those good-for-nothing Jews invented a way to turn limestone rock into oil for $17 a barrel. This may not be such good news for Saudi Arabia as America has more limestone than the middle-east has proven oil reserves.

    Innovation is a bitch!

  7. Lex, he rationalizes Jesus was a Jew, as Jesus didn't think like a Jew and Jews hated him for it and killed him.....

    DB, he is a laugh a minute.

    Choobus, you said a swear word. You said a swear word.

    Flamingo, there will always be Jew haters. And holocaust denying is alive and well in the Arab world especially...lets not forget about Iran.

    Jordan, if Arabs are gonna hate Jews, Jews are giving them a great reason if a replacement for oil is found.

  8. Are we all having fun yet? There will be tears before bedtime if this keeps up.

    I only get creationist retards on my blog, you have a superlative selection of "let's blame everything on the 'joos'."

    Whacky christians, whacky muslims and whacky religious jews - they should all be smacked and sent to bed without any supper.

  9. "Whacky christians, whacky muslims and whacky religious jews - they should all be smacked and sent to bed without any supper.."
    Good one.. ja! ja!
    NICE blog Atheist Jew.
    I am learning English, and this is the kind of stuff I like to read.

  10. Beep, I'm noticing the creationists are getting bolder these days. But they lay off me more than most. I think the "Jesus never existed" stance makes me too nonconvertable.

    Rojo, thanks. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

  11. Thought I posted this earlier but guess I got the pass phrase wrong or maybe its just a little long and repetitive. Apparently being concise isn’t my speciality. Sometime I think my views are a little violent and maybe even stupid, maybe I didn’t get posted for a reason other than a typo. Moderation sucks but I completely understand when you get some of the repetitious butt hole surfers posting why you don’t bother posting them so your readers don’t have to scroll past them.

    I’m a little surprised this Glenn assmonkey has not got a better argument. I’ve grown accustom to seeing violent bigots who blame all the worlds woe and strife on Jews. I would have expected someone who puts out mass consumption vitriol to have a better argument than you will all die and I’ll be glad along with stringing a bunch of swear words together. It makes me feel better about the position I have on who I support in the ME when it seems all they (the people I see as the real reason for ME violence and war) have is hate and lust for more death backed by no real factual information.

    What’s going on in places like Somalia, Darfur and events in Rwanda, Kosovo, Chechnya etc etc etc don’t even seem to register with their sort. Basically millions being cut down by hordes of violent megalomaniacs means nothing to these activists. Yet whenever Israel retaliates for being attacked it is a massacre or genocide against humanity. Yet all their hoping, praying and doing everything you can to see that Jews for 1 should all be killed like some sort of mindless biological function of the immune system is perfectly acceptable. If this should ever happen Israel or any Jews affected by the slaughter would of course be wrong to respond to this natural expulsion in any form.

    I would think for people like him his worst fear should be that the U.S will stop supporting Israel. The letting Israel off the leash conundrum free to retaliate for things like having missiles fired into their country daily and having its borders breached by terrorists without the need to play nice so their friends and enemies in foreign lands won’t think too badly of them. Those same friends and enemies whose policy it is to strike back hard whenever anything hostile happens to them.

    P.S. BEAJ, it is amusing that it doesn’t take you much to turn this assmonkey into a raging assmonkey who can’t even control himself enough to spell properly. He must be so violently smashing his keyboard so you will get the emotion of his messages. Either that or his gimp friend has the ball gag tied to tight while he is being whipped and trying to type at the same time.

  12. RE AJ:

    If I am "convertible" it isn't in the sense that I could be converted to either christianity, buddhism, islam or judaism.

    A "god's authority" which is in practice and word, synonymous with a specific gender (alpha maleness) is fraught with immense difficulties in my opinion.

    Of course believers will kick and scream that their god belief does not have a gender identity, while at the same time, getting their panties in a bunch if you refer to their god as an "it" or a "she".

    It seems more plausible to me that many god beliefs evolved from existing social structures which were based in patriarchy.

    (This doesn't mean that patriarchy is, in and of itself an unworkable or worthless social construct, just that it served as the template for the creation of many religions.)

    Consequently, these religions seem more of an indication of the pre-existing social, cultural and political structures rather than any sort of "revelation" in a metaphysical sense.

    They continue as a means to promote and sustain the concept of a male hierarchy in the natural world as well as in a "supernatural" one.

  13. ok so you hate arabs, and he hates jews, and somehow you both think your better than each other....right...

  14. I don't hate Arabs. As a whole though, I don't respect their overall lack of education, and their intolerance over a tiny piece of land.

    I am also aware that most conflicts in the world involve Muslims, and moderate Muslims are doing nothing to curb it...or at least not nearly enough.

    My bias though is based on historical observation, not assmonkey rhetoric.

  15. BEAJ, I must admire your perserverance in attempting to educate the uneducateable (Glenn & Co, that is, not Arabs in general). However, in the case of Mr. Glenn, it's a lost cause; he won't listen, he won't learn. All he'll do is sit in an echo chamber and talk to himself. It's like that with too many of these fartnuggets.

  16. You find that proof yet? Did your dog eat it? Maybe you left it at the office? Wonder how many excuses you will come up with to avoid the FACT that you have no evidence for evolution. Must be embarrassing to have your butt handed to you by a 19 year old, huh?

  17. Anon, keep denying reality. I let idiot comments stay here.

    Fact is that all scientific evidence in the field of biology fits evolution theory. There is none that contradicts it.

    If evolution were false, there would be oodles of contrary evidence.

    If I had a theory that states the sun revolves around the earth, every scientist on this planet would be able to debunk it (or as scientists say, falsify it).

  18. If anonymous has evidence against evolution, I would suggest that he bring it forward. Evidence disproving a 100+ year old theory that is the basis for all of modern biology would certainly be worth a Nobel Prize. Not bad for a 19 year old (my age also, by the way).

    That was a little off topic. Dr. Hovind here seems to be lacking in the reading comprehension department.

  19. RE "joo haters"

    I guess I spoke too soon the other day by stating that I only get creationist nuts on my blog. I finally got the triple whammy. A "joo hater",a "ho hater" and probably a "black hater" in the same post.

    byrdeye said... "That's what it appeared like simply at face value. But actually, Blacks & women were both tooled by the Jews - who were the BIGGEST gainers from their 60s activism. And the biggest losers? All the rest of us (especially kids) living now in the social meltdown in their shadows...divided and conquered.

    A championship team can only win when each player knows his role, pulls his weight and puts the team first. As soon as you start riling up intrateam competition, a house divided cannot stand - and all will lose in the end. In short, WE GOT PWNED."

    I clicked on his blog ( ) which seems to reserve most of his vitriol for women who dare to have an opinion which might contradict his own. lol

    Anyone interested in commenting on his delusions is welcome to comment here :
    Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me

    Or they can comment here at AJ's blog.

  20. Just stop giving this guy a platform, for crying out loud. But if that person is reading this, just lt me set him straight on a couple of things.

    Taking as a premis that Jesus existed, let us inform him that Jesus's aim was to make Jews more G-dfearing. He had no thought of converting gentiles what-so-ever. It was Paul, an oportunist if ever there was one, who decided that anybody could play.

    So let MG or whatever his initials are be aware, that should Jesus have existed, should he have been the Messiah, and should there be a second coming, there'll be no room in his father's house for MG or any of his so-called Christian or Islamic friends, because the teachings weren't for them.

  21. Beep, I have to admit that some of that dudes material was pretty funny.

    Chairman, people like Mark Glenn need to be exposed. Many people think that anti-semitism doesn't exist. Fighting it with facts are exposing the fights is a good way to defeat it.

  22. BEAJ: I have been reading your blog and various links with some great interest for a while. I'm one of the people who was raised in a strict, Independent Baptist environment where any questioning of religious doctrine was met with frowns which warned us that thinking wasn't an option. Although I resent the approach of your emailer here, I can certainly understand how his mind can so easily be twisted. And, as the Christian's always say.."you never know who's watching". How sad he doesn't apply that more often, and doesn't see himself in his own statement that "you are baring the ugliness of who you really are to thousands of people around the world". Reminds me of a Ghandi quote where he stated he was fascinated at knowing Christ, but met Christians and felt let down. Although I may never be successful in finding the purpose of life, I have spent the majority of my life trying to discover the reason for my existence and trying to treat others with respect. I haven't read your entire archives and was wondering, do you agree with the assessment of some of your posters that Christian's are brain dead and/or stupid, especially when you take into consideration that you mentioned you and your wife have gone through various phases of conviction about things?

  23. I don't think Christians or any other believer are "brain dead" as a rule. Some are though.
    I think brainwashed is a better word for it. But I think we have evolved the need to believe, so it is natural to assume God and the supernatural. That doesn't mean God exists.

    Some people are scared to accept the reality of science and some are content with their assumptions and don't even try to understand science.

    I think that you more one opens their mind and the more they accept reality, the more their convictions will change, to the point of at least accepting evolution and an ancient earth.

    Dr. Ken Miller, although I don't understand it, believes in God, and he is a very intelligent man....more intelligent than even me:)

    I think Atheists, including myself, feel that it is extremely frustrating that many people deny reality and mounds of scientific fact over faith.

    It is one thing to believe in God, it is another to say the earth is young and to ignore cold hard facts.......the people who argue the age of the earth or the fact that is evolution, are the ones most likely to be labelled brain dead.

  24. I agree that "the more one opens their mind and the more they accept reality, the more their convictions will change". Interestingly enough, the God of the Bible challenges believers to prove what He says is true. In my opinion, that should force someone to not only do what is required to see if it works, or in the very least require them to research and think,if they are so inclined. ThankYou for your response.

  25. Great Mystery Solved

    For centuries scientists, philosophers, and the great thinkers of the world have pondered, debated and been perplexed by the great mystery: "Why do Jews steal?" Scientists in Poland have finally unravelled the age old puzzle. Polish biologists have indentified an organ in the base of the Jewish brain call the medullah cleptomicus. This organ appears to be unique to the Jewish brain and is also thought to be responsible for aggressive anti-social behaviour observed among those of the Hebrew race. With the discovery of the medullah cleptomicus scientists are hopeful that a cure for Zionism is on the horizon and that world peace will be had in our life time.

  26. Great stuff, Bacon. I think we are looking at the poster child for why islam is a bloodthirsty terrorist organization that needs to be criminalized.

  27. Anonymous: Stealing knows no boundaries. When I was only 19, I was pregnant and afraid and had no resources to speak of. The Chief of Staff of a Memphis hospital saw to it that I was placed in a private room that was donated to the hospital by he and his wife. He delivered my baby at no cost, thereby saving me from the humiliation of the charity ward where I would have been examined by numerous residents in training. Twice in my younger years, I was given substantial legal assistance by attorneys at no cost. All three of the people who helped me were Jewish. They didn't steal from me. They saved me. You are definitely lost somewhere in your mind. That is so unfortunate.

  28. RE: Giving people we don't agree with a forum.

    As much as it irks me sometimes to post the comments of people who I consider to be cretins; I have decided that it is better, on the whole, to let people have their say. Even if I consider their "say" to be utter nonsense.

    Just because I value reason, it doesn't mean that the people who post at this blog, or mine, or any other blog, will also value reason.

    But I do feel a certain responsibility to construct an argument based on reason, (when I can), even if it appears to me that "their version of reason", is anything which which doesn't conflict with their religious beliefs.

    Afterall, if we want people to use reason, we need to be able to model and demonstrate that in our own behaviours.

    Suffice it to say, this is not always possible - but I consider it, at least for myself, the prefered option.

  29. LOL, LOL and LOL some more :)

    I applaud your patience, BEAJ. And you're as funny as always :)

  30. Bacon

    Thanks for the visit. I thought it was "Nobel" of you to share the Arab "scientist" with a wondering world; wondering how anyone could go to school and come away such a complete idiot.

    I see you are on a theological bent, so as an Agnostic Christian I hasten to contribute with solutions to two fundamental mysteries of life. One, how can I be held responsible when the Devil made me do it?

    The other side is divine preordination lets me off the hook, doesn't it?

  31. BEAJ:

    You are inspirational! Keep fighting the good fight. I myself have fought the haters on their turf many times, though lately I just don't bother. Perhaps, when I get the energy, I will continue.