November 13, 2006


I haven't posted much about Iraq. The war there is getting a lot of negative press these day to say the least. So I decided to get a second opinion. I got the idea to interview a soldier actually stationed in Iraq right now, by email.
Yes this is totally legit, I know this guy from the Yahoo message boards, and his emails confirm the legitimacy.

Ok here we go.

If you want, you can say a little about yourself as an intro (and why
you agreed to this interview), and what is your job, and the nature of
your stay in Iraq?

My name is Chris and I'm in the Army National Guard. I am deployed to Baghdad, Iraq as the S5 (Civil Military Operations Officer) for an Infantry Battalion. This is my second deployment in 4 years, my first being to Bosnia in 2003.

As far as being CMO officer, it is different than anything I've been trained to do. We are trained for combat operations but the whole CMO thing is strictly hearts and minds. It's a great change of pace and has given me a chance to talk with people, learn the culture, and gain an understanding of the people we're here to help.

I'm still not clear what a CMOO does during a usual day, can you
expand on it a little more?
What differentiates a CMO from others deployed?

My day is usually spent either looking at projects, talking to local national contractors about future projects or paying contractors for completed projects. Not to mention the typical meetings that plague any organization with Power Point slides and the entire mess. To be honest, the US Army would come to a dead stop if Power Point ever went dead....

When other Infantry Companies go out on patrol where they kick in doors to snatch bad guys, or get illegal weapons, or whatever their mission is for that day, I go behind them to see if there is anything they need for support. Not all Iraqis are bad. A VAST majority of them are very good people and want the "wahabbis" or the "militia" out of their neighborhoods.

I guess you could say that we play "good cop/bad cop". HAHA

I spend a considerable time "outside the wire" talking with tribal leaders, village leaders or influential people in our Area of Operations (AO). We have meetings so that we can organize our efforts and not duplicate our efforts.

What is the general feeling amongst Iraqis when it comes to the US
presence in Iraq? Are they resentful? Can they see things improving?
Does it depend on how religious they are and what religion they
are....does that make a huge difference?

When we talk with the locals, that's one of the key issues we try to hit. It is divided between Shiite and Sunni lines. Shiites are glad we invaded and are ready for us to get the Hell out. Sunnis are upset with us for invading but don't want us to leave until there is stability and security.

When the news reports that a "majority" of Iraqis want us out, keep in mind that Shiites ARE the majority. If we leave, today, the Shiite Militia will be the force in this country. Backed by Shiites from a less favorable country, they will cause havoc in Iraq.

To say that the people are resentful is probably not right. These people seem more resentful to each other than to the US military. The US has only been here for three years. Saddam oppressed people for generations.

Since the Shiites are the majority and they want you out, how is
stabilization going to be possible? Can you see a light at the end of
the tunnel? Can the Shiites and Sunnis see a light at the end of the

I'll tell you what it looks like from my foxhole. The VAST majority of ALL Iraqis want security and stability. Not all Shiites are in the Militia and not all Sunnis are in the insurgency. I do see a light at the end. Just today, I worked with a major to set up his own security measures so that he can protect his village from either one. They want peace as bad as anyone. They love their children as much as we love ours. They don't want them growing up in this crap and we don't want to send ours any more to fight in it.

Stabilization is very possible. We just need to make sure we are able to go after the bad guys with extreme prejudice and we can NOT leave until we fully accomplish this mission.

Do you think your views are shared by the majority of the enlisted?

Each soldier will share a different experience. The enlisted guys who talk to the people would probably agree with me. They may be a little less diplomatic about it but I would think we would match up pretty well.

To be honest, our views are not as important as the mission we must carry out.

Are the Iraqis who want peace helpful in identifying where the bad guys are?

90% of any information that has led us to bad guys, IED's, dead bodies, or weapons caches have come from the locals we work with.

They want stability and are not afraid to stand up for it. Of course, it's also easier to stand up when you know there is an American patrol coming through your town about 4-6 times a day....

Do the locals generally think that US invasion was for liberation
purposes, oil, or because of Israel? Or a combination? Do you guys
get called Zionists?

The public thinks we either came here to liberate them or to just get rid of Saddam. Oil has never been brought up and we are a separate entity from Israel as far as they're concerned. I've never been called a Zionist. None of our soldiers have been either, to my knowledge. As a matter of fact, the only time anyone has even mentioned "Jew" was during a meeting when the interpreter got upset with the "target" we were talking to. The guy asked my interpreter what his religion was and he told him, "I'm a Jew." That was just to tick him off, I think.


How safe do you feel on a moment to moment and daily basis? You must
always be on the look out for potential danger. How much does this
occupy your mind?

No one is complacent. You always look for snipers and possible IED's. Those are the biggest threats to us, today. I've learned that I can socially multi-task. While I'm talking to kids on the streets, I can also notice people moving in and out of buildings and scan rooftops.

It's constantly on your mind. I will say that there are places I feel more secure than others.

Can you see Iraq being the next Turkey? Or is that too hopeful to
imagine in our lifetime?

Honestly, that's beyond my comprehension at this point. Would I LIKE to see that? Sure. At the current levels, this country will be this way at some level for at least a generation. Turkey may be too much to hope for but maybe something on the lines of Lebanon or Egypt.

Of course, keep in mind, that's just my opinion.

I know you are a Christian, but do you know any Atheist or Agnostic
soldiers? Do you believe there are no Atheists in a foxhole? I
already know you couldn't imagine yourself being one:)

I'm very much Christian, you're right.

Are there really any atheists in a foxhole? Sure. When you don't rely on God, the only thing you have left is each other. It's someone you can see, touch, hear, and on long hot days, smell...LOL!

There are soldiers with me who don't care either way. They don't consider themselves atheists but that's because they just don't think about it at all. Our personal religious beliefs rarely come into play.

Now for a statement by me. I completely see why America had to invade
an Arab Muslim country. The USA had to show that they are not all
talk and 9/11 put Arab Muslims on the map. If the wrong hands get a
WMD, they will most likely use it. Saddam was not playing ball, and
Iraq was invaded. Overall, I believe it to have been completely
necessary. It will cause other countries to think twice. And the
invasion from what I've seen has led to step forward in Westernizing
many of the Arab Muslim nations over the last 3 years. If not Iraq,
it was going to have to be someone else, but Iraq was a very good
Yes innocents had to die, but they had to die in Japan in 1945. If
not, eventually someone was going to use the A bomb. It was
inevitable. And look at the reform that came with the 1945 bombings,
not to mention it ended a war.
But the reality is that the reason the invasion of Iraq was allowed to
happen was because of the WMD rumours. I'm not saying anyone lied,
but there was a lot of misinformation.
How do you feel about the way the government got the war started?

In my personal opinion, if President Bush had come on TV and said, "Saddam has thumbed his nose at the UN and the International Community for the last time. We're going in."

I would have been happy with that.

I have absolutely NO problem with why we went in. I'm glad we did and would back doing it again.

By the way....

Iraq started it. We just finished it. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. That's what started this cycle.

I knew I worded the question wrong right after I wrote it:) I think I
have enough to put in a blog post now. Thanks for the interview, and
stay safe, finish the job, and don't buy the farm.

Thanks, I really enjoyed it.

Send me a link to the blog. I would like to read the bashing that is coming when you post it!




How was that for an interview? I heard 60 Minutes is looking.....What? Too soon?


  1. Best blog post I've read today.

  2. Smells to much ZIONIST trash.
    Tell me, do you think all people is IMBECILE like you?

  3. This blog reeks like an open sewer. Maybe it's just the smell of jew.

  4. Obviously it was anticipated that Muslims would not like this line of thinking. Tough shit Habib.

  5. God bless you, Chris.

    Reading your comments made me feel proud to be an American and proud of what America stands for.

  6. I don't agree with you, but unlike anonymous, I won't personally attack you, or anyone I disagree with.

    You'd be surprised, if you read my blog in the early days, I supported the invasion. I was influenced by Hitchens.

    I think the war that Hitchens, Perle, Wolfowitz, and yourself support, is different from the mess that actually is on the ground. From the day Rumsfeld was cavalier, while the museums were looted, it went downhill since.

    My blog is lefty, that understands Islamism is an enemy of the left. It is best fought with secularism, logic and science.

    I had to laugh, being called a shiksah.

  7. Great post. And I totally agree about going in to Iraq and it proving that any attack on the U.S. is going to mean one nasty shit kicking for anyone who is remotely connected to that sort of action in the future. That’s what you call deterrent. Proof 1 is the number of attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 namely 0. If anything a lack of proof backing the original party line almost says guess what if you know something is coming at us you should be working to stop it especially if you are the leader of the host nation. Otherwise we could be coming to your home town with the a shoot first ask question later policy.

    One of the biggest mistakes is the rest of the western nations not fighting side by side with the U.S. in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. It only made the scum bags feel that much more sure that they can divide western powers and that we are weak. With a united front things in Iraq would probably have gone much better and looked more convincing to the whole region. Those lame ass EU nations save their butts and when you need a friend where are they eating cheese and electing neo-Nazi’s.

    And yes it’s too soon, what you’re the guys from South Park now? I’m missing Monday night football. God bless America! What do atheist say instead of that?

  8. "One of the biggest mistakes is the rest of the western nations not fighting side by side with the U.S. in Iraq as well as Afghanistan."

    I think you'll find that this is a bit of an overstatement. Well, my mate who just came back from Iraq would disagree for sure.

  9. "Tell me, do you think all people is IMBECILE like you?"

    Oh cmon, that has to be a fake comment. Irony is never this sweet :)

    Good entry. Personally, I am not hopeful. It seems that Shiates and Sunnis only know relationships based on dominance or submission, never equality. That being said, I do not blame America for this 1400 year old religious-cultural fued. It is an unfortinate reality of Islam.

    Its also becoming apparent that the "Insha’allah" (if God wills it) approach to work is preventing the Iraqi army from being useful. Unfortinately, calling a society or culture "lazy" is still not acceptable no matter what the facts on the ground suggest.

    It is nearly impossible to win a war when you publicly state "we have no problem with you, only your government". Imagine if this was the allies approach against the Nazis and Empire of Japan.

    The fact is that we no longer have the stomach for doing what is necessary to win a war. And for the first time, we are facing an enemy that seems to be indeferent to preserving their own lives. Hizbollah often brags that they will win because "we desire death more than the Jews desire life". Unfortinately, they may have a point.

  10. Excellent blog post; it's definitely a good look into the troops in Iraq.

    A point about anonymous: Isn't it interesting how these bigoted types never post their names?

  11. goodbye force projection, hello powerpoint

  12. I agree with Jordan. The war in Iraq, however, ended in May 2003, and what do we have to show for it? Dozens of mutilated Iraqi bodies are dumped in and around Baghdad daily; dozens of Iraqis, American and coalition soldiers are blown to kingdom come by suicide bombers, IEDs, VBIEDs, sniper and mortar fire daily; Muqtada al Sadr and his like still stalk the streets; and the Iraqi government seeks to include Sunni and Shiite militia members, blood on their hands, into the political process (remember when Iraqi leaders convened last November to inform us that killing “occupiers” (i.e. coalition forces was NOT terrorism?). We may not have what is necessary to win this war but it should also be noted we stopped fighting it over three years ago—without defeating the enemy or even a stated desire to defeat the enemy. Instead, we were told our success was to be measured by getting the Iraqis out to vote—as if voting were a panacea for terrorism (Hamas anyone?)—or by the number of Iraqi security forces trained. Perhaps my definition of “war” is outmoded. We were supposed to go to Iraq to prevent WMDs being passed by Saddam into the hands of rogue mercenaries, NOT empower those mercenaries through political processes. Our patience in getting the Muslims to “like” us should not be infinite. The best we can hope for now is this dreaded civil war the media keeps promising us. Let the Sunnis kill the Shia, let the Shia kill the Sunnis, drag Iran and Saudi Arabia further into the fray and let that 1400 year old enmity divide and massacre our enemies in ways that we’re just too Western to comprehend. What’s the alternative but more coalition troops shot down like wooden ducks at the fair and more guilt and shame (and weakness) for the West in being unable to cure what ails the Muslim world (this presupposes, incorrectly, of course, that a) there’s something “wrong” with the Muslim world (and that they’re not just incompatible with modernity) and b) it’s our job to do something about.)

    By this, I do not mean to denigrate this particular soldier’s optimism, or invalidate the sacrifices of many soldiers who’ve given their lives under the pretense of protecting mine and yours (and providing a brighter future for Iraqis). I do think we need to be much more frank about what this “war” is and where it is going. I know it’s difficult not to spit on what many Democrats suggest (that we need to “change course”) because so many of them are hysterical nitwits and outright traitors, but it is possible to be right about a thing and wrong about the wherefores.

    There’s your daily dose of optimism.

  13. It is so refreshing to see an atheist who isn't towing the party line of "Iraq is a quagmire," "Bush lied," and "We shouldn't even be in Iraq."

    My response to them is: War in Iraq or Saddam in power, take your pick. There is no third option here.

    Great post. Thanks.

  14. Very interesting article from TCS Daily

    "I think that American troops should stay to protect the oil fields in Iraq. They should also seal the Kurdish region. On the other hand, I'd be happy to see our soldiers walk out of Baghdad, not with their tails between their legs but with their middle fingers in the air. From my observation post, which admittedly is nowhere near Iraq and has me shrouded in media fog, it appears that the Iraqis have botched their liberation. We gave them an opportunity to experience freedom and democracy, and they responded by shooting one another and blowing people up. "

    It doesn't really matter. The world will always blame America for the actions of others. They are the new Jews. And as an old Jew, I must say, bravo! Nobody does self-loathing and takes blame for everything wrong in this world like America. :)

  15. I think I'm with you Devareaux.

    Iraq could certainly become a quagmire if it is not already but there really is no need to wallow in it. Move on. What if there is another war? The war part is the fun part. It all became not fun when the war ended and peace keeping began. Wouldn't it be better to have war, pull out, have more war, pull out and so on? I think the troops would enjoy it more. I know I would.

  16. The war part is the fun part. It all became not fun when the war ended and peace keeping began. Wouldn't it be better to have war, pull out, have more war, pull out and so on?

    It's obviously very difficult keeping a peace that was never won.

  17. Excellent post BEAJ. You brightened my day.

    It's a shame you have to put up with trolls. But luckily illiterate, pathetic ones don't need any kind of rebuttle.

  18. BEAJ:
    Interesting post.
    I for 1, was very much against the war, & still am. We had no business going after Iraq, especially when there's no proven link between Hussein & Al Qaeda. It destabilized the region, & drove thousands, if not more, moderate Muslims into the arms of the enemy. No weapons of mass deception. It was a stupid, stupid move. Especially since the KSA is exporting Wahabbi terrorists to the US.
    I'd also heard, that prior to Iraq invading Kuwait, Hussein (who was buddies w/Rummy at 1 point, geez, whadda surprise!) contacted the White House about invading Kuwait (the reason? Kuwait stealing their oil), & asked if there was a problem. I heard this from an old Navy Intel guy.
    & force-fed democracy? At gunpoint?
    I say we impeach the whole lot of them.

  19. It's obviously very difficult keeping a peace that was never won.

    Yes peacekeeping was probably the wrong term to use. I believe the obsession with rapid victory has led to great trouble. While 'conquering' Iraq in three weeks seemed cool at the time the reality was the Iraqi's didn't really put up much of a fight at that stage. It's easy to win when the other side doesn't fight.
    Perhaps in future wars things will proceed at a much slower pace. Looking back now would it not have been better to slowly carve away at Iraq. Instead of one massive push carve out the southern sector slowly and carefully. Build up the northern Kurds and raise a southern Shiite army in the 'liberated south'. Use these two armies to eventually advance on Baghdad and make sure 'Free Iraqi' troops liberate the city. Give them mostly artillery and air strike assistance. Embed spotters and SF troops in with the Iraqis. Two years from start to finish resulting in a truly liberated Iraq and happy Iraqi's.

    This strategy worked well in Afghanistan and would have worked in Iraq only taken much longer. The enemy must be left with some pride intact or the people totally exhausted with war. A lengthy campaign of bombing and siege with surrenders done with dignity and respect. An acknowledgement that the enemy fought well and bravely and can be proud that they held up for two years against a mighty super power.

    This strategy should have been Rummy's. Few troops, Special Forces, low casualties and steady action. Engineer semi-spectacular victories for press releases at regular intervals to keep the folks back home amused and interested as the war progresses.

  20. Blitzkrieg war still has its uses but it should only be used as a form of grand drive by shooting. You don't shoot up the neighbourhood and then hang about expecting everyone to love you. If Blitzkrieg is the method then you enter with maximum impact, trash the place, loot the gold and treasure stores to pay for the campaign and then get the hell out of there.

  21. The war in Iraq was misguided and poorly strategized, but still the better option than just pussying out. What needs to be done is a full blown religious war against islamic vermin like Al Sadr who use their mosques as terrorist recruitment centers. No respect should be offered terrorist leaders or the filthy "holy buildings" they hide for cover in.

  22. BEAJ, like you I used to laugh at the stupidity of these people. Then I wanted to get a better understanding of them. Reading the book Future Jihad by Walid Phares I am shell shocked. What an eye opener this book is. I will summarize it on my blog. To the Muslims (peaceful and violent) there is one goal above all else and that is to restore the Caliphate. This goal is long term, it transcends morality as we know it - the end justifies the means - the atheists (you and I) are their worst enemy. The State of Israel is a thorn that must be removed at any cost. National boundaries are irrelevant to the cause. Only one thing matters to them, the world mission to re-establish the Caliphate. They don't care about Nobel prizes,they don't care about democracy, they don't care about how many people die in the process, they don't care about anything that doesn't directly contribute to their cause. Now, are you still laughing?

  23. Lex, it is possible to laugh at the Islamic mentality and also take their threat seriously. I do both.

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    Re: ? Israel is a pain in the ass
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    I stand corrected.

    I just Googled it.


    I don't track Air Force stuff very much.

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