November 30, 2006


And plenty of them live in North America. Doesn't matter what scientific evidence proves. The literal bible overrides all science, doncha know. Here is a great short scene from Inherit the Wind. Spencer Tracey really makes a monkey out of....OK, just watch the scene:

For a longer version of this scene go here. has lots of great stuff on its site. Check it out.

Can you believe that there are people who think the earth is young? Can you?

Here is the biggest goofball of all, Kent Hovind (he is in prison right now for tax fraud), getting his lies about science refuted. He gets his ass handed to him, actually:

The thing is he sounds good to the uneducated reality denier. People who want or need to buy it, buy it. The sad truth.


  1. I always loved Inherit the Wind. I try to re-read the play about once a year.

    And the movie was great, too.

    Thanks for capturing the very best line of all: "I do not think about things that ... I do not think about!"

    You've the essence of fundementalism, right there.

  2. Having watched this video, I can only say Mr Hovind is wasting his talents in sophistry. He could be making millions selling pyramid schemes to the gullible who want to get rich quick. That would be a more worthy and profitable enterprise for his abilities to twist fact, misrepresent statistics, go off in tangents, talk about subjects irrelevant to his main argument, make glib assertions, smug remarks, contradict himself...what the fuck.

  3. Thanks for posting these videos. I might suggest to a coule of creationists who visit my site, that they need to view them :)

  4. Shouldn't the plural of "Doofus" be "Doofi"? Just asking. :)

  5. BEAJ:
    Hey, thanks for the video. I'd always wanted to see Dr. Dufoid in action.
    I'll be posting on this shortly.
    Whadda mook.

  6. KA, if you want two hours of his nonsense, here it is.

    Doofuses or Doofi? I like Doofi.

  7. BEAJ:
    KA, if you want two hours of his nonsense
    Oh, no thanks. I have a slim enough threshold for bullshit as it is.

    I played the preacher in Inherit the Wind in HS, BTW.
    Kinda cool, getting a scene all to my head. But that was a long time ago.

    What was that old saying by Twain, about a river in Egypt? ;)