February 24, 2007

Youtube Atheists

They let me in without a background check. Don't they know that I'm really a Fundy who is working undercover?

Over 250 members and counting. Check out the videos. Even Hellbound Alleee has joined up.

Oh, and you God damn Atheists who are not members yet, join Deep Thought's Atheist Blogroll. Just email Mojoey and he will add you.


  1. http://theatheistjewslob.blogspot.com/2007/02/jewtube-atheists.html

  2. Ricky never has anything remotely intelligent to say. I am wondering if he is a pre-pubescent child living in his mother's basement.

  3. What's more, Rickey can't even create a live link in a comment box and now he's fucking up his own blog with images that don't fit the page. What a guy!

  4. I'm in. More atheist videos! Yay!

  5. Interesting.
    I haven't done a Youtube clip, because
    A. The camera absolutely LOATHES me, and
    B. I purchased the 'God Who Wasn't There' eons ago.
    & I never emailed Mojoey. 1 day I noticed I had piles of links from folks I'd never heard of before, & discovered the Blogroll.
    It was pretty easy to install even prior to the New Blogger.