March 30, 2007

Mammals Didn't Branch Out As Soon As Dinosaurs Perished: So What?

Yeah, I know this sounds like a victory for creationists because if science is wrong about one thing, then all science is wrong. Just like the bible would be wrong if Pi wasn't 3.

It now looks like mammals branched out a little 65 million years ago, but waited another 10-15 million years to really diversify.

Science assumed that mammals evolved as soon as dinosaurs perished. This was based on the facts that mammals did branch out after the dinosaurs perished, and dinosaurs weren't around to stop the mammals from evolving. However, evolution usually only happens when it is needed to happen, so that species can increase their chance of survival.

What we do know is no animal larger than a house cat survived very long past the meteorite hit, or hits of around 65 million years ago. We do know that oxygen levels on earth were much higher than they are now, as well.

A large meteorite hit would most likely cut off sunlight (which is a big part of current theory), and most of the plant life on the planet died.

All that were left on land, were small detritivores (cool, I learned a new word). Food was a plenty for these animals, which included insects and little rodent like mammals.

When food is plentiful, and the environment stays somewhat stable, there is no need to evolve. Also, because the larger animals perished, what most likely happened is that large plants and trees died, causing large herbivores to die, causing large carnivores to have nothing to eat. They couldn't survive on the smaller animals who already knew how to hide from the big guys, more or less.

I don't think loss of trees and large plants was all there was to the dinosaurs demise, because they weren't quite cold blooded reptiles, and many small reptiles did survive. Studies have shown their body temperatures varied with size.
Body temperature and the abrupt change in oxygen content most likely was the greatest contributor to dinosaur extinction, but science doesn't know for sure YET. The jury is still out to why small dinosaurs also perished, or did they evolve into birds after the meteorite hit, or something else that went extinct?

Not knowing YET doesn't mean that God exists. And it definitely doesn't mean that because science doesn't know YET, that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and evolution didn't happen.

There is a good chance that the atmosphere slowly changed, or maybe abruptly changed around 50 million years ago, causing plants to get bigger and trees to grow again, which led to different food sources and a need for some animals to get bigger to have a greater chance of species survival.

Many headlines for the above story make it seem that the dinosaur's demise had no bearing on allowing mammals to evolve. The thing they are missing is that without the dinosaur's extinction, mammals would most likely never have got bigger than a small cat, or they would have been easy targets for snacking.

If the meteorite missed, dinosaurs would most likely be still dominating the planet, and only small mammals might still be here. Except for the free-range large mammals, the now highly intelligent dinosaurs bred on farms, for food.

I added these tectonics maps showing continental drift at three crucial times. Remember, placental mammals and marsupial mammals branched out around 110 million years ago. Placental mammals didn't make it to Australia for quite some time after the big asteroid hit.

Isolation of the marsupial mammals, coupled with plenty of food and shelter, probably had something to do with the fact that no Aussie animal developed their intelligence into anything that resembled man or bonobo or dolphin. Maybe next meteorite crash, the Australian little rodents that survive, will be the ones that lead to the most intelligent species on the planet, eventually.

For real science from real scientists on this topic, check out Sandwalk and Pharyngula.


  1. Which is why the majority of Australians have no problem in accepting evolution. The animals here are specific and quite weird in comparison to other continents - because of the geographical isolation.

  2. Remember, placental mammals and marsupial mammals branched out around 110 years ago.

    Holy crap! You've become a YEC! ;-)

  3. Hey BeepX2, do the Aboriginals mostly believe in evolution too?

    JA, at least someone reads my blog, thanks.
    Ok, I will correct it now, I can't have one mistake in my post or my whole post will be wrong according to Fundies.

  4. RE BEAJ

    The few that I know personally do. The ones who are teachers, nurses, engineers etc.

    Aborigines who still live their traditional lifestyle are more likely to have retained their own cultural understandings of the world.

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  18. Thanks Renegade Eye, I actually did spend a lot of time researching this post. And I am admittedly just a novice when it comes to science.

    Medication doesn't solve mental illness, it only controls it, and to my knowledge, it may control it to a varying degree.

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  20. "Go whine all you want. I have no idea why I let you post here for so long. You are a complete retard."


    With regard to the later development of mammals, facts are facts, and theories should be squared to them accordingly. Creationists become so in love with a theory that they forget a theory is supposed to explain facts, not to disregard them. Of course, that is creationism's raison d'etre.

    If one could deduce specific conclusions from a theory, then you know the theory has something wrong with it. Newton's theory of gravitation, for example, doesn't predict how many planets our solar system must have. Likewise, any theory of evolution isn't not going to entail a specific sequence of development among species -- that is a matter of chance. Contingent matters can not be known through pure logic, despite what some anti-empirical rationalists may believe.

    A few writers like Dawkins write as if evolution is not a matter of chance, as if it were a matter of Spinoza-like necessity. They are in error.

  21. Yes, I think it is time to remove ricky as well. He has had ample opportunity to discuss and chooses not to offer anything except attacks on people's character. Time to move him on.

  22. Jason, it depends how you define chance. Genes are constantly mutating, so there is potential for evolution all the time. When an environment changes even slightly, the genes that allow for certain traits to become predominant win out.

    The environmental changes occur by chance, you could say, especially when a meteorite hits the planet, but take the evolution of the giraffes neck for instance, the early giraffe like animals had more to eat the bigger their neck. The big neck genes won out over time.
    It might have been by chance that those horse like animals were there in the first place and that trees starting growing larger due to more sunlight or even the trees fight for sunlight.

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  42. *wave* hi fellow Atheist Jew(s).

    Discovery had a recent show about the mammals that coexisted with dinosaurs.

    The coolest factoid presented was that juvenile tyrannosaurs were small, light and feathered. Apparently they underwent massive growth in their teen years.

  43. Lisa, the mammals couldn't get too big, or they would have been easy food for the dinosaurs. But I'm OK with have a rodent looking mammal as a great grandparents (to the power of 20 or 30), I've accepted it.
    Many of the commenters here are Atheist, only a few are Jews too.