March 8, 2007

Visual DNA and The Uncyclopedia

H/T Lemons and Lollipops

I really didn't like the fact that gambling was represented with a picture of a slot machine. Slot machines are for mindless creationists, while horse racing, poker and blackjack require thought.
Many of my selections were low ranked as far as popularity is concerned. This makes me unique like a platypus.


This is a lampoon version of the Wikipedia. They demand humor. Anyone can edit. Lots of fun.

The page on Atheism is hilarious. Apparently, our blue haired God, Athe is extremely hot. Yep, Atheism is the first "religion" on this planet where many followers want to get into God's pants.

I added my Moonbat Dictionary to the Uncyclopedia. It was easy to join and easy to copy and paste it from my blog.

Funny entry about God (who was named Herschel Goldstein at birth) and make sure you read How To Start A Religion.

We can debate which is funnier, the Conservapedia or the Uncyclopedia. I vote for the Conservapedia because it is not intentially trying to be funny.


  1. Thanks for the link to Uncyclopedia - I'm sure I'll spend the next 30 minutes there, when I should be studying. :)

  2. Thank you for letting me know what the H/T thing meant. I don't wear a hat. Can the gals have one? I would curtsey so maybe I could use C/T for curtsey to...
    Great blog!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I did that visual DNA thingie. It said I was a dreamer. Oh well -(goes back to imagining piles of chocolate..)


  5. Thanks for the tip. Most timely.

  6. Lisa, you shold get extra credits for studying the Uncyclopedia.

    Raggedy, thanks. C/T may not work well because I doubt many people will know what the C stands for. They may get lost after the Cu..:)

    BeepX2, don't they have chocolate in Australia?

    Anon/Rickey, pill time.

    Snoopy, what tip?

    Jack, "very nice" ? What is very nice? I feel like Pesci in Goodfellas.