March 17, 2007


Fundies are pretty well convinced that homosexuality is 100% nurture. Especially bible literalists, who "know" that according to the bible that homosexuality is an immoral sin, and sinners can all be cured. If biological, this means that the bible is wrong, which of course it can't be. Also, it means that God created homosexuals, and this too would complicate things immensely for the slack jawed yokel creationists, who believe that God created man in his image. This would literally mean that God likes it up the pooper between one out of 20, to one out of 10 times.
No, Fundies are sure that homosexuality is a mental illness that happens after birth.

After dealing with Fundies in the comment section of various blogs the last couple of days, I have come to the conclusion, that they are in fact mentally ill. It isn't like I've thought about it before, but I finally got completely convinced.
How can people continually make excuses, try to poke holes (and believing hole poking is peer reviewed science), and continually repeat the same lies, convinced that they are truths, over and over again and not be nuts?
How can anyone who opened a science book, watched a nature documentary or read links that are used by people like me to refute their nonsense, in a very educational manner that an 8 year old could understand, still believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old? I realize that evolution is a lot harder for the simple minded to comprehend, but many who argue against it say they have a very good knowledge of science, which of course is a lie, or in fact, they are the craziest of the crazies. These people will go to great lengths to try to explain away scientific fact in order to make their 1900 year old book of myths a total reality.

The only question is whether reality denying is nature or nurture.

Of course, nurture is obvious. Many YECs have been brainwashed since infancy. Now, those who haven't been exposed to real science, thanks to the allowing of home schooling, have an excuse. But these people just stay in their own little world, and they won't be trying to show off how smart they think they are outside of church. Still, a brainwashed person has to be considered mentally ill.

The ones that have opened science books, are still of course brainwashed, but their psychosis runs deeper because they have to overcome major cognitive dissonance, to the point they are actually delusional.

I say man is predisposed to believe in the supernatural, and a lot has to do with our evolution when it comes to invention, innovation and social skills. That being said, I can't say that someone who believes in a higher power is mentally ill. But people who deny real evidence in order to justify their specific beliefs are mentally ill.

It is one thing to embrace reality and add God to the equation. That is acceptable in lieu of our brain's hardwiring due to mostly social evolutionary pressures that modern man has faced.

Could the YECs mental illness be partially natural? Yes. Since the agricultural revolution, man benefitted in staying in one place. With that came getting along with others, and if you didn't, you got kicked out or killed. The best way to control the masses in the past was to instill fear. This is where inventing Gods, and giving Gods spiteful characteristics, worked the best. Keeps many in line. Many Christians think that without the "morality" that "God gave us," they would all be rapists, murderers and thieves.

So those who were believers, had a better chance of survival, and with that, allowed them to have way more children than the infidels too. If you can believe that it is possible that susceptibility to believe in myths can be somewhat inherent, which I do, then two mentally ill (young earth creationists) parents have a better chance of producing an offspring who is more likely to live a life of delusion, than say, the offspring of Atheists.

The question is can we reverse these potentially mentally ill children. The reason I bring this up is because Reverend R. Albert Mohler Jr. has stirred up the bible literalist community with his acceptance that homosexuality most probably occurs during fetal development.

His solution to stop homosexuality intrigues me; "What if a hormone patch during pregnancy will do the job?"

I say, why not prevent mental illness, and give pregnant young earth creationists a hormone patch that looks like this:

Most mentally ill Fundies can function well in society. They can live and die in their blissful ignorance. It is just the ones that want to infest the government or schools with their mentally ill ideas that I see a threat. Because I do believe that their illness is mostly nurture, it is best they aren't allowed to spread their nonsense.

Unlike homosexuality, YECism is treatable and curable in many cases. Check out Dr. Stephen Meyers' story. And I do believe, as I've said before, the Young Earth Creationist movement will die within 25 years, and it has to do with their spokespeople attempting to spew their lies and falsities on the internet. They can only make themselves foolish. Many YEC bloggers and message boards have already started trying to censor those who easily cut through and refute their bullshit.

I love this paragraph from Dangerous Intersections (I found this blog today, and it looks great):
It seems that schizoid tendencies are revered in Christianity. You couldn’t be a Saint unless you demonstrate what are now known to be several symptoms of Schizophrenia: Hearing voices and knowing them to be real, projective charisma, supernormal strength or agility, preternatural sensitivity to other’s thoughts, and so on. The bible and chronology of Saints document many textbook cases of schizophrenia. It usually manifests in women at the onset of adolescence (e.g: Joan of Arc) or men at the end of adolescence (pick anyone from Moses forward).

Further reading about cognitive dissonace: Cognitive Dissonance, regarding Marcus Ross, "a geologist who recently completed a doctoral dissertation at the University of Rhode Island. The subject of his dissertation was “the abundance and spread of mosasaurs, marine reptiles that, as he wrote, vanished at the end of the Cretaceous era about 65 million years ago.” According to his supervisor, his work was flawless - a brilliant piece of scientific research." Ross believes the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Either he has an agenda (and is slightly mentally ill), or he is completely off his rocker and certifiably insane.

Fun link:
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  1. Clearly The Great Social Worker in the Skies can't really suppress his bisexual urges: he simply can't resist creating more gays!

    "Oh, look, I'm soooo bad aren't I? [insert gay voice here] I've just created another 100 or so, just in the last second!"

    Alternatively, we have to assume He is certified mad: after all, genuinely mentally ill people do act in mysterious ways a lot of the time.

    On a serious note: I don't believe fundies are mentally ill: just very brain-washed. It's not the same. It can be reversed but that doesn't seriously mean it's an illness.

  2. The gay agenda’s objective is to alter societies view of gayness so that it is considered to be completely and utterly normal. Society will be cured of its gay people are odd people neurosis. Ideally you wont even comment about a persons gayness like you do so often today – it wont come as a surprise to discover that someone is gay because it will not be newsworthy - like finding out someone is heterosexual is not newsworthy. For example if I told you George Bush was a heterosexual this seems like not much news but if I told you he was homosexual then you will prick up your ears (no double entendre intended).

    Social sanctions against homosexual behaviour are probably founded in ancient fears about fertility levels. Also the West’s social matrix is heavily influenced by Judeao-Christian concepts. If you analyse the characters in the Bible you are left with an overwhelming impression of deeply neurotic individuals with God himself being the ultimate neurotic. Obsessed with correct behaviour down to the nitty-gritty detail and especially concerned with sexual thoughts and obedience, demanding to be loved and no matter how good you are it will never be good enough.

    We have come a long way however and each new generation is more accepting of people with different habits. Yet evolutionary pressures will begin to take effect. Organisms within an environment compete for resources and there are winners and losers in this game. Sub-cultures within a culture are more or less efficient at grabbing the available resources for themselves. Currently the WASP culture and their close allies the Jews control most of the English-speaking worlds resources however it is possibly in decline. WASPs and Jews in control with their biblical foundations is it any wonder that gays have issues? Jews have for some time been very efficient at obtaining more than their fair share of resources and have been persecuted relentlessly through the centuries for this however their alliance with the WASPs has been a fruitful one for both parties. The decline of WASP control will open up opportunities for sub-groups.

    Fear of a sub culture getting the upper hand in the resource grab is a very real one and an underlying, unconscious, fear may be that gay culture will gain the upper hand – hence the hostility. In a contest between the fundamentalists and the gays for resources there may come a time when the gays start to win. A gay person could be more employable than a fundamentalist or more likely to be successful in business. Already gay people are being targeted by advertising as it has been observed that many are high-income earners with high discretionary spending power. The greatest hostility probably comes from the lower socio-economic groups ( a lot of YECS) who are rapidly becoming marginalized.

    So you see from an evolutionary point of view gay bashing has a certain logic about it and being gay may be advantageous in certain settings. Let the contest begin.

  3. Although "cognitive dissonance" might seem to be a recent development and obviously has disturbing implications, consider how many scientists also accept the notion of a virgin birth, and the resurrection of Christ.

  4. I have never undestood how is it that some people, including a lot of smart scientists can actually call themselves Young Earth Creationists. It simply puzzles me!

  5. Bacon, just in case you missed this link in my first, rather too long, comment:

    A Portrait of "Generation Next"

    I think this reputable report should be of great interest to you. It clearly shows a trend in the next generation (18 -25 year olds) more in line with your views. You are winning! It's a pdf document but when it opens do a search on atheism and homosexuality to get statistics on modern trends compared to previous generations.

  6. Gert, I'm using Fundy "logic" and definitions in order to make a point.
    Though brainwashing does make a person act insane and appear insane and do and say insane things.

    AA, I'm not part of the gay agenda, though I agree that gays should do somersaults in public until they are completely socially and intellectually equal. It worked with women 100 years ago, and blacks 40 years ago.

    "You are winning!"
    I'm just trying to be as logical as possible using facts and discoveries that are available to everyone. I have the same information available to me at my fingertips as todays 18-25 year olds. Like I say, the internet will be the medium that kills off false theories and lies.

    I was impressed by the very few who thought the preacher or Jesus was the dude they most looked up to. But still 50% are against gay this opens the door for a few more gay parades I guess.

  7. Lex, not sure how old cognitive dissonance is (the term is young, but the symptoms go way back). The heliocentric universe must have caused a lot of heads to explode.

    Dr. Martha, as long as a doctor isn't into research, I guess it is possible. Like I said, it is an "illness" that is caused by brainwashing.

  8. How can anyone who opened a science book, watched a nature documentary or read links that are used by people like me to refute their nonsense, in a very educational manner that an 8 year old could understand, still believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old?
    They're probably along the lines of this.

  9. If in doubt just go to a dog park. You'll see male dogs shagging each other all the time.

  10. When are you going to get off this homosexual thing?

    What is the point?

    Maybe you are a femme with your gay videos and costumes.

  11. This post wasn't about homosexuality, it was about mentally ill/brainwashed Fundies.

    Maybe I should post about this:
    The majority of Iraqis are now than before the war started.

  12. This post wasn't about homosexuality, it was about mentally ill/brainwashed Fundies.

    Nevertheless it does mention the word homosexuality five times and homosexuals once. I thought long and hard about putting my long comment in here but it did mention YECS and stuff and because of the above statistics it did seem appropriate. Sorry if my comment was out of place but I do like to think I make a contribution to the discussion.

  13. schlemazl:
    You'll see male dogs shagging each other all the time.
    Oh, here's the 'fundie' explanation for that:
    "It's how they play! It's not sexual at all!"
    Last time someone said that, I pointed out that a certain part of the anatomy...refuted that pretty well.

  14. It would be interesting to do an experiment with dogs.
    Gather together some dogs that have been observed enjoying sex with other dogs (dogs=male bitches=female). Find a bitch on heat. Put the dog in the same enclosure with the bitch on heat and another dog that is tethered. Observe what happens
    If dogs are homosexual a significant percentage of dogs should choose the dog over the bitch.

  15. If people are born as heterosexuals, why are they not born as homosexuals? If god is resposible for people being born as heterosexuals, he/she/it must also be responsible for people being born as homosexuals.

    Unless, of course, god isn't all powerful in the first place.

    It always amuses me that religious people want to be able to deny homosexual people marriage. Especially when religious people seem to stuff up their marriages, held in the supposed god's presence, as much if not more than any other societal group.

  16. Males, in the animal kingdom, will "roger", given the opportunity or the inclination, any hole which isn't covered or moving quickly away from them. Why else do you think that male animals sit down a lot in the presence of other male animals?

    And why do you think that dogs never drop the soap in the shower?

  17. AngloAmerican said...
    This post wasn't about homosexuality, it was about mentally ill/brainwashed Fundies. //////

    Pusgut is an expert on doublespeak/turnspeak. We all know he is a fraud and hypocrite weasel.

  18. Beepbeepitsme has it right when she observes that no hole is safe from males in the animal kingdom. When it comes to gay rights the focus shouldn’t be on sexual practice but the fact that there are people who have strong feelings of love and affection for those of the same sex. Unhappy marriages are a very sad thing and the world would be a better place with more happy gay marriages and fewer unhappy straight marriages so it seems silly to deny people happiness.

    There does seem to be a subset of the gay world that has an unhealthy focus on sex and are pretty much mentioning it all the time. I’m not sure if that is just a reaction against straight culture or what but some sexual activity amongst certain gays is phenomenal. Society has tended to frown on unrestrained sexual activity whether it be gay or straight. Much like we frown on it at work or at school.

  19. AA:

    "There does seem to be a subset of the gay world that has an unhealthy focus on sex and are pretty much mentioning it all the time."

    There does seem to be a large subset of the straight world that has an unhealthy focus on sex and are pretty much mentioning it all the time.

    Sex and skin sells and pervades our daily lives. You only need to look at most adverts (the VAST MAJORITY of which are straight-sex oriented) to believe that most of us are at it day and night. That's in stark contrast with the reality of most of us, whose lives aren't exactly an endless series of sexual encounters.

    Gays have, as a defence mechanism, developed and irreverent view on sex, which is another thorn in the side of fundies, who only have sex for procreation. "No condoms please, we're part of the Moral Majority..." Ahem.

  20. AA:
    If dogs are homosexual a significant percentage of dogs should choose the dog over the bitch.
    I'd think, given that dogs aren't terribly picky creatures, they'd hop onto whatever is closest.

  21. As an aside, have the colors & format changed on your blog, BEAJ, or are my eyes deceiving me? ;)

  22. I upgraded to the new template blogger. Of course I had to save everything on my sidebar first, but now editing is a breeze and I experimented with the colours today. Again, it was very easy. But I'm not going to change colours every day.

    That would be too gay.

  23. It always cracks me up when homophobes label efforts by gays for greater acceptance and tolerance by society as "the gay agenda". Well, don't the people who demonize gays have "an agenda" too? Maybe we should start calling it "the homophobe agenda".

  24. Tommy that is great. Did you make it up (the homophobe agenda)?

  25. Tommy - the homophobe agenda? I agree, & I'm thieving it, if you don't mind.

  26. BEAJ:
    Yeah, I thought you'd 'converted' to the New Blogger. Layout editing rocks, don't it?

  27. Let's hear some more of your gay fantasies.

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    homosexual atheist
    Gay & Lesbian – baconeatin... is a haven for queers and demented so called atheist jews. pusgut's dad was a kaffir arab and his mom is lebanese. How jew is that?

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  29. On agendas, if you didn't have one you might not know what to do or when to do it. What is much more interesting is a"hidden agenda".

    I'd think, given that dogs aren't terribly picky creatures, they'd hop onto whatever is closest.

    I‘d think we’d need to study the data gathered from the experiment but my guess is that the bitch would be irresistible due to pherenomes or something. I really think it’s unlikely that the dog would choose randomly but who knows?

  30. Thanks Bacon and KA. Actually, the term just popped into my head as I was typing my comments above. It is possible that I may have heard the term before and it got buried in my subconscious.

    Regardless, feel free to thieve away KA!

  31. It's easier to say "gay agenda" than the following:

    Those goals include universal acceptance of the gay lifestyle, discrediting of scriptures that condemn homosexuality, muzzling of the clergy and Christian media, granting of special privileges and rights in the law, overturning laws prohibiting pedophilia, indoctrinating children and future generations through public education, and securing all the legal benefits of marriage for any two or more people who claim to have homosexual tendencies.[6]

    Fundies do have a legitimate fear perhaps and that is once the agenda has been accomplished it will become a crime to read certain texts of the Bible. The Bible itself could be censored or even banned as constituting hate speech. Perhaps the gay agenda is a subset of the Atheist Agenda.

    Once the followers of the Atheist Agenda have ripped the guts out of the Christian Agenda the contest will be a sort of Alien versus Predator contest between the Atheist and Moslem Agendas.

  32. AA, I don't know about the gay agenda being a subset of an atheist agenda, but when I was religious I was a bit of a homophobe. Once I abandoned religion and got to know several gay people (albeit not in the biblical sense!) I realized I had no basis for being against gays.

    I would think that the Bible is too much embedded in our heritage that it would be banned, or at least certain parts of it being banned.

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