April 19, 2007


I want anyone who reads this to understand, I did not want to engage in any email exchange with vile Joooo hater, Mark Glenn. He is certifiably insane as anyone will be able to tell by reading the following. I also want to let people know that he emailed me using different addies at both my gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, while I was attempting to block the emails. I think gmail won't block mail if you still have mail from that person showing in your inbox. Here we go:

Your Filth
Atheist Jew et al,

Congratulations, you actually managed to rouse a whopping 5 comments from that huge readership you are always bragging about. I can see now why you are so impressed with yourself.

You know, a few months back when I first ran into you, I wrote you off as just another nut-job who wasn't worth my time. However, after writing that piece the other night with your comments in, it got about 15,000 hits on my website and am selling books ‘out the wazoo as they say. It seems that people are really intrigued reading the kind of filth that is spewed out by sickos like you, kind of like watching those ‘faces of death videos that they used to make a few years back.

So now I am changing my mind and am going to allow your emails (as well as those of your huge readership) to get through, as I have started a new website http://uglyjewishracism.wordpress.com and am going to use it to expose to everyone what you people are really like.

So, as they say have at it, and do not be shy about it, and please pass this message along to the rest of the other vultures in the group, along with my email address.

mg mrkglenn@lycos.com 2:23 PM April 17th
Your letter got one retard to email me other than yourself. And no one left any comments on my blog.
I get 300 hits a day on my blog, plus countless others that read it on aggregate sites.
If you read the comments on my site regarding the child abuse you have performed on your daughter, you will see what normal human beings think of you.

You are vermin. And you will represent the lunatic fringe.

3:38 PM April 17th
WOW 300
Well, at least you are impressed, even if there is little reason for anyone else to be.Yes, I can see why you would want to brag about 300 next to my 15,000.

Here is the part I love--‘lunatic fringe’--you speak non-chalently about 'nuking' a nation of 47 million people, speak about the superiority of the Jews over people such as the Arabs, (as you did a few months ago) and then have the nerve to accuse someone else of being part of the lunatic fringe. You speak like the very same Hitler you presume to despise and are so hypocritical and double-minded that you cannot even see it. Or perhaps you do but you are so intellectually dishonest that you refuse to admit it.

While we are on the topic of lunacy and genetic statistics, how do you account for the fact that Jews are statistically more disposed towards mental illness than any other group of people n the world? Oh, wait, don't tell me, let me guess--because of their superior intellects, right??? Of course, it has to be that, now doesn't it, Bacon? It has nothing to do with the fact that they embrace a way of thinking that is completely rooted in illogical and fallacy.

And as far as child abuse, well, you were raised Jewish, so I suppose you would understand something about that, now wouldn't you? You had that Judaic insanity poured into you on a daily basis that you were better than everyone else and that the world was out to getcha out of envy. You and everything you write on that public toilet of a blog are living proof of that abuse. Angry, vindictive, vulgar, intellectually (and probably physically) violent, as you have indicated with your support of murdering not just tens of millions, but rather hundreds of millions of people, in addition to remarking that my children should have been aborted. And you have the nerve to call other people fascists. The only ones who should be aborted are those who cannot live like rational, compassionate human beings--the Hitlers, Stalins, Sharons, etc, etc, etc of the world who think that they have the right to do onto others whatever they feel like doing, you included.

This is going to be quite a ride, so as I said, don't sugar-coat anything. Resort to your usual business of vulgar, below-the-belt, violent language, as I am determined to make you a star out there.
mrkglenn@lycos.com 7:33 PM April 17th
You are a raving lunatic. A hypocrite and a conspiracy nut. I'm talking about smart bombing Iran. The people are probably the most rational in the entire middle east. The Arab Muslim IQ hovers around 83, so stupidity reigns supreme in the Arab states.
I am blocking you from now on on email. If you have something to say. You can say it in the comment section of my blog.

But you are a waste of space as far as one on one confrontation is concerned. You are full of false assumptions and lies. I don't need to waste my time one on one.

I feel sorry for your children. You should leave them and give them a chance. You've already polluted your poor daughter and stolen her childhood.

You are a sad sad "man"
April 17th
Such fury. Where does it come from? Usually people who do nothing but
rant and rave all the time are diagnosed as mentally ill,and
particularly those who are so vindicitive and who can't express themselves
intellgently without being vulgar. you never answer my question from the other
day, concerning the higher rates of mental illnesses among Jews. Why is
it that they are disproportionally represented. My good friend henry, A
Jew who lost all 4 grandparents in the Holocaust, says that it is
because they wear their minds out through a lifetime of living in a fantasy
world where they perceive themselves as being better than everyone
else. What do you have to say about that, Mr. Piggy?

mg mglenn@mediamonitors.org 8:33AM April 19th

Speaking of insane. I had a feeling you would use your other email addy to leave another message here.
I feel sorry for your daughter. I really do. You are such a self loathing coward.
I'm laughing at you, but sincerely feel for your children. You are one fucked up person. You shouldn't be allowed near children.

9:04 AM April 19th
your vile Jewish supremacism

Thank you! I was beginning to think that maybe you were going to chicken out on my request to send me as much of your vile, Jewish supremacist filth as possible so that I have material to use.

Now, I have a question for you--how do you feel about Arabs and muslims? Please do not hold anything back.

Keep it coming

mg mglenn@mediamonitors.org 10.43 AM April 19th
You are free to ask me on my blog. Coward. It is funny how you won't
allow comments on your blog by people other than Jewhaters and
Muslims. Hilarious. The comments on my blog about the abuse you've
put your daughter through is representative of what normal people
think you. The overwhelming consensus is that you are human feces.

Nothing more, nothing less.
I'll give you all the material you want on my blog. But I'm done
engaging with filth like you one on one.
Thanks for reminding me I didn't block you on gmail, vermin.
Like I said, it is hilarious and typical of your ilk to not allow
comments that prove you to be a Joooo paranoid retard.
Librescu is typical of the Joooooooish mindset you say exists. You,
on the other hand are representative of 100's of years of inbreeding
and intolerance.

Eat shit and die. Follow your leader, and put a gun to your head and
pull the trigger, self loathing child abusing coward.

Don't bother replying here, you will be blocked. But I will allow
your comments to be posted on my blog. I have no problem confronting
your insanity in an open forum, scum.
11:03 AM April 19th
NOTE: This was a repeat email he sent to my gmail account as well. I didn't notice it because I just read his insane ramblings quickly, usually.
Such fury. Where does it come from? Usually people who do nothing but rant and rave all the time are diagnosed as mentally ill,and particularly those who are so vindicitive and who can't express themselves intellgently without being vulgar. you never answered my question from the other day, concerning the higher rates of mental illnesses among Jews. Why is it that they are disproportionally represented? My good friend Henry, A Jew who lost all 4 grandparents in the Holocaust, says that it is because they wear their minds out through a lifetime of living in a fantasy world where they perceive themselves as being better than everyone else. What do you have to say about that, Mr. Piggy?

mg mrkglenn@lycos.com 11:52 AM April 19th
You must be mentally ill. I feel for your children. Get help.
12:58 PM April 19th
Mr. Piggy,

I knew you were nothing but a coward, intellectually, morally, and in all other ways. This is the reason why you have to have that loser-of-a-blog, as a way of inviting people into 'your' territory where you fight dirty. you cannot even address ONE issue I brought up unless it done so in an arena with all your sycophant co-lunatics present so that you can feel secure. you are like Commodus in the movie Gladiator who had to stab his opponent in the back before the fight so that he was sure he had the upper hand.

You know, growing up, we always knew when we were dealing with a coward on the playground. When he fought, he always fought dirty, never man-to-man. That is what you are. You have the perfect opportunity to fight me man-to-man and you won't. you won't even address the issues I bring up, and you know why--because you wold get your ass kicked, just as you have throughout your life. That's ok, I will just continue to 'pop in' and say hello to you until you DO finally have the guts to answer.

That's the really easy part about dealing with double-minded lunatics such as yourself--you always wind up blowing a gasket. People like you are your own worst enemies, and always have been , which is why you have been unwelcome in every poitical environment in which you have dwelt. you are like viruses that the body rejects as a matter of self-preservation. Like vomit, mucous and diarreah.
mglenn@mediamonitors.org 1:54 PM April 19th
I'll address you on any public forum, but not on email. No point.
You are the coward who doesn't allow others to comment on your blog.
I would fight you there, but you know you will get the shit kicked out
of you if you allowed comments. I tried leaving comments on a few of
your friends blogs, and they all got deleted.
And all I did was ask
questions and wasn't disrespectful at all.
Your ilk can't handle the truth.
I sincerely feel sorry for your daughter and other children you most
likely have brainwashed with hatred. You are no better than a child
molester. You've ruined their lives
Oh and you just did a great job of describing yourself with this email
post of yours.

Btw, you must be mentally ill. I'm trying to block your messages and
told you I won't engage in debate on email. You must love being
humiliated or something. Get help. Or kill yourself and save your
children if it isn't too late.
2:41 PM April 19th
Mr. Piggy,

You are nothing but a filthy, violent, vulgar, foul-mouthed coward who lives in a dream world. 'Not disrespectful?' There isn't a vile word that comes out of your mouth that isn't vulgar and violent.

The best part of all of it though is the hypopcrisy--you lecturing others on 'hate' and 'intolerance' and 'ugliness'--it's like listening to Larry Flynt give a talk on chastity. You are nothing but a liar and Jesus and Mhammed both had you and your type pegged perfectly when they both said that lying was your native tongue. Nothing but a bunch of spitting vipers who can do nothing but evil. It is people like you who go down in history as the worst that humanity has to offer. you call others nazis but you talk just like one with your nauseating supremacist garbage laced with vulgar sexual overtones and violence. I grew up in a family full of medical doctors and saw all sorts of patients who suffered from schizophrenia, pshychosis, take your pick, but I have NEVER uncountered someone as far gone as you, and I am sure that we have only scratched the surface.

'Kill myself?' why would I do that? I have way too much to live for, a gorgeous wife and 8 intelligent, compassionate, beautiful children who have to be warned away from people such as you. It appears however that you on the other hand, have NOTHING to live for except for a handful of people who read your little screed on the net and who are as unhappy and share your parasitic, violent, haughty world view.

As I said, PLEASE keep it coming. There are a lot of people out there who love reading this stuff and who really do want to know who their enemies are.

May God forgive you for what you have become

mg mglenn@mediamonitors.org 2:55 PM April 19th
You are genuinely insane. I feel sorry for your children, I really
do. You belong in a mental ward.
Don't worry, my readers are gonna
love this email exchange.
You should kill yourself because you are in the process of ruining 8
lives and maybe more.
You are nothing but a cancer on humanity. Beat yourself on the chest
little man. Because all you have are your fists.

3:04 PM

Oh, here is one of Mark's supporters. He sent me an email yesterday:

richard from richardjenkin80@hotmail.com wrote:

ok kike the nukes are coming you piece of pig poo

jews inferior race your are worthless pile of shit you are less worthless
than worthless hell you are unique in your worthlesness!!

next time i see a jew i will kill the cunt and make my dog fuck him before

you cunt i hate you jews and i hate you jews so much that if i had a nuke i
will nuke you now

go and fuck your mother you cunt of an animal deviljew
You are a big man. I laugh at your ilk. Jooooooos own you. They occupy your "brain"


Have a pathetic life.


If you want to hear what Mark Glenn sounds like, you can click this link from davidduke.org and listen to him on the Michael Piper Collins radio show. This one is about the USS Liberty.

Do a David Duke Mark Glenn google search. Pretty cool, eh?

Collins is another retard who thinks the Mossad was behind 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination.

I did a blog search of Mark Glenn yesterday and found a few blogs that linked his USS Liberty story. Of course, the sites either didn't approve my comments or deleted them quickly. All I did was ask what the motive was if Israel did it on purpose? Joooo haters have had 40 years to figure out a motive, but I've yet to hear one that makes any sense. Without a motive, there are only two reasons 1. Human error and 2. Temporary insanity by one or two people tops (whoever gave the orders) or 3. A bad decision by one or two people tops (whoever gave the orders)

In other words, the Liberty bombing can not be pinned on Israel...one or two people, but not Israel. It is like blaming America for the friendly fire death of Canadians a couple of years back. It is just plain stupid.

ABOUT MARK GLENN (his own bios)
From 2007

Mark Glenn is a former high school teacher with five years of experience, having taught history, Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish. His goal, in writing material of this sort, is to undermine the house of cards, (the only strength of which lies in its ability to propagate lies) upon which all injustice is currently based, and hopefully give his kids a fighting chance when they grow up.

From 2005
Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn is an American Catholic of Lebanese descent, the father of 6, and a former school teacher, having taught, American History, History of Western Civilization, as well as the Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish languages. This is his first literary work, which occurred by complete accident during the days preceding and following the second Gulf War. His works have now appeared on over 80 websites dedicated to political discussion concerning the Middle East, as well as a half dozen printed publications. He lives with his family in the American Northwest wherein he plans to continue his writing and speaking out against the injustices wrought against his fellow man, wherever it may occur.

He can be reached at mrkglenn@lycos.com.
Update: Here is a comment Rickey just left. Could Rickey be Richard Jenkins. I doubt it. He would use his real name here.

Rickey said...

Thanks for Mark's email. I have taken the liberty of mailing him some tidbits about you and sent him my blog address. Hopefully one of his followers will make good on threats toward you. They know where you live.

19 April, 2007 19:22


  1. I was one of the guilty who made a comment there - he emailed me a ridiculous reply. I was going to reply back but realized he truly was nuts and nothing I could say could possibly sway his paranoid ideas. Best to leave lying dogs sleep.

  2. Insanity seems to go hand in hand with verbal diarrhea an mental constipation.

  3. Jeannie, obviously that is how he operates. He can't handle being defeated on his own blog, instead, goes to great length with individual emails.
    It just goes to show, that he realizes that if he opened the flood gate to serious debate on his blogs, he would be brutally defeated.

    There is something very wrong with this person, can you believe he allegedly taught children in school as well as the fact he is poisoning 8 of his own now?

  4. Thanks for Mark's email. I have taken the liberty of mailing him some tidbits about you and sent him my blog address. Hopefully one of his followers will make good on threats toward you. They know where you live.

  5. I decided to print your post Rickey, just for fun. And I'm pasting it on the blog post in case you decide to delete it. Don't worry, I won't be posting anything more from you.
    BTW, a moron could get his email addy by just visiting his sites.
    But then again, you are below moron.

  6. Mark:

    Keep up the good work you are doing on folks such as the so called atheist jew and his cohorts. A few things you should know about him:
    I doubt he really qualifies as a jew since his dad was a kaffir arab and his mom is Lebanese. You can get the full story on my blog the atheist jew slob & the atheist jew slug.
    He lives in Canada around the Thunder Bay area. He admits to not working and never having a driver's license. He committed the unpardonable and worst sin of his so called species by intermarriage and assimilation with a chain smoking bleach bottle blonde goy bimbo. He rarely leaves the house. He is addicted to sports betting and gambling which is the reason his wife has to work; to pay the bills and cover his gambling debts. He sits in front of the tv and computer 24/7 and his fridge door opens and closes like a screen door in a March wind. He is morbidly obese. His "atheist jew" claim is so he can have a la carte pick and choose judaism. He and his ilk are the reason Yahoo shut down the news message boards because of the vile and areligious filth they posted. He has no kids, only a dog or two. Does that tell you something? I enjoy your blog postings as well as those of your daughter. They are right on target; such filth as the so called Canadian "atheist jew". He is a bipolar nut job with panic attacks around other people. He really doesn't qualify as a jew except he has the hateful racist mentality.


  7. The jooo-fascists did it.
    The christo-fascists did it.
    The muzzie-fascists did it.
    The US fascists did it.
    The Iran fascists did it.

    There. A solution for everyone.

    Ooops, I forgot. The bloody kangaroo fascists did it.

  8. The thing is, I'd bet that even if you had never talked about Islam or Israel, even if you were consistently slamming the Jews for whatever reason, he's still send you an identical email. It's pretty obvious that he doesn't so much care what you write about as the fact that you are the one writing about it.

    In fact, I bet you could come on your blog announcing how you had found Jesus and this guy would still hate you.

  9. BEAJ, you definitely have a knack for finding the most nucking futs wacko's out there.

    In a logical world I would say you are wasting your time even bothering with them . However logic doesn't apply to these types of nut jobs.

    I used to think very differently about people as I used to think their type were little more than a few fringe nut jobs who occasionally made an appearance in Blues Brother movie or the like.

    Since discovering blogs like yours I now know that isn't exactly the case. In fact there seems to a large number people with a similar mental disorder/delusional mindset out there.

    You will likely never get through to them but at least exposing them lets rational people know they exist.

    How's life in ThuderBay treating you? Did it stop snowing up there yet :-)

    How much of his life does retarded rickey spend stalking you? He must have no life at all at least one not worth living. It is best when you ban him but posting his more delusional rants are good for a laugh. And besides getting some of your attention and the occasional post on site gives him a reason to live.

  10. There are quite a few people like glenn who are stuck in a mental rut. Their brain is fossilized and they are doomed to live a pathetic marginal existance.

    I hope his daughter marries a Jew and makes lots of atheist babies :D

  11. The other day I found out my daughter was dancing the Horah at school to the Hava Nagila. I immediately contacted the principal and Superintendent and asked them if they'd have a Jew dancing to Silent Night. Of course not they assured me. Well then, I asked, why are you having my Christian daughter dancing to a song written by Hasidic Jews?

    In the end I contacted an attorney, the principal got scared and they cancelled the entire dance. Ah, yes, that made me feel good. +1 for the Gentile -1 for the Jew.

  12. Dear oh dear, can't the children play nicely?

    Let's not let a lack of evidence get in the way of our hate filled vitriol.

    Secondly, how does one manage to attribute all the evils in the world to a specific group of people, who by simple observation, share a diversity of opinions on religion, politics, economics and social issues?

  13. Chris, you actually didn't delete the comment I made here, when you blamed all the publicity on the VT shootings pretty much on the fact a Holocaust (or how you put it "alleged" Holocaust survivor, was killed).
    See, anyone is free to comment here.
    I had to sing Silent Night in school. My parents didn't care. Either did I. That was quite some time ago.
    A question though. Should Joooish kids parents threaten to sue if forced to dance to music written by Christians? That is silly. Hava Nagila is a fun song to dance to. Not even in a religious way. You are a party pooper. I wonder if your daughter is now embarrassed. I sure would have been.

    Why do Joooooooos occupy your "brain" Chris? Did a Joooish girl cancel a date with you when your were 14? Or are you blaming your credit card debt on the big bad Jooooos?

  14. When I was kid the first "best" friend I had was a Christian kid who lived across the street. He used to get all sorts of cool gifts at Christmas. I of course when I was lucky got a crappy bag of Chanukah gelt or even worse another plastic dreidel.

    One year I stayed up as late as I could to catch old saint Nick in the act on his roof. I was very excited. I knew he wouldn't be coming to my place I didn't have a chimney and was I didn't know it at the time a pariah.

    My mother had no trouble with letting me stay up. I don't know how late I made it before I passed out. Needless to say the old fart came after I passed out left David across the street a new toy race car set and I got nothing. Not even the option of telling him I saw the reindeer on his roof.

    What's the point of that story. Well there probably really isn't one. But I can say even when I was kid my parents didn't care that my good bud was not a Jew oops Joooo and let me explore other cultures. Living in Canada I have and had friends from all sorts of religions. Only a total moron would IMO rob their children of the opportunity to learn something new. Especially when its something as harmless as a dance that people do at celebrations. My favorite holiday is still Greek Orthodox Easter. Lamb over the spit tons of booze everyone is happy family in from all over the place. Good times. Jooos welcome.

    People like Glen, chris & rickey are likely miserable xenophobic ass monkey's that steal opportunities from their children because of no other reason than the above. That and they are racist bigot retards. They don't even realize that their virulent strain of hatred is exactly what bring about wars. Instead of blaming the Joooos for everything they should take a look in the mirror for the sorts of people that bring hate war and death to otherwise happy peaceful people.

    Nut job chris will likely spend a ton of money he could have spent on something useful for his family on a lawyer on a case against the school trying to teach his kid something that might be useful to them in their life among the normal people of the world like how to socialize with others. Then when his car breaks down and he can't buy his kid a new pair of dance shoes he can blame the Joooos. Retard.

    Since I'm a Jooo who can I blame for my credit card debt? Do I have to blame myself for my own mistakes? Or is it the secret Jooo cabal that I am being oppressed by as well?

    BTW I once got into it with some Jooo hater about the USS Liberty. He explained the motivation for Israel doing it this way. It was attacked so Israel could show its superior military power to the U.S. so they would spend Billions on Israeli war technology. If you give it some thought it gives you a look into the twisted intellect of that sort of person.

  15. All this guy proves that it's possible to be a rabid anti-Semite AND mentally ill at the same time. But we already knew that. Takes all kinds to make a world, I guess...

  16. BEAJ,

    These sorts of email exchanges achieve nothing and publishing them on your blog doesn't do you any favours - you both come off looking like you're just out for a rant.

    Why not offer the guy a blogalogue? Or better still, challenge him to one. Keep the insults out of it and just focus on debating the issues. If you focus only on the facts I think it would be a very productive exercise for you and even if he refuses the challenge then you've got him on not being prepared to debate a Joooo and demonstrated that his level is way down there with the stupid insulting emails he's been sending.

  17. Choosedoubt. Not sure if you read my replies, but I was asking him for open debate and not useless email debate.
    I put this email exchange out there to show how deranged Mark Glenn is.
    He doesn't allow comments on his blog, and then cherry picks emails to post in further blog articles.
    Today for example he edited a comment I made (that was unpublished by the coward), which made it look like I called his daughter a bitch. I called him a bitch not his daughter.

    I said "Such a sad bitch and I do feel sorry for your daughter, you have infected her with your filthy hateful mind. Hopefully she will figure things out and escape you. You should be in jail for child abuse."

    His edit of this comment on his new blog post:
    "‘Such a sad bitch, your daughter. You should be in jail for child abuse."

  18. These Nazi lovers are little more than immature brats with internet connections. Granted, they have passion, albeit a misguied one. Glenn's responses remind me of another blogger you had a run-in with some months back...Mad Zionist I think. Another one who ignored reason and went straight for the hyperbole & irrational rants.

  19. BEAJ,

    Yep, read it. Just suggesting call the guy out with a clean post offering a serious debate. He probably won't accept of course but there's a difference between turning down a real debate and turning down something that looks more like a slagging match.

    Personally I'd really like to see you guys discuss without the slagging. The insults just feed his idiocy.

    Cheers CD :)

  20. "That's ok, I will just continue to 'pop in' and say hello to you until you DO finally have the guts to answer."

    This guy is a stalker.

    "next time i see a jew i will kill the cunt and make my dog fuck him before

    you cunt i hate you jews and i hate you jews so much that if i had a nuke i
    will nuke you now

    go and fuck your mother you cunt of an animal deviljew"

    How typical that he complains about your use of insults and profanity while his supporters are writing tripe like that. He probably considers the above to be "intelligent debate."

  21. Wow. Just wow. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around so much hate from this nut job. I feel sorry for his daughter as well.

  22. You are such a numbnuts hypocrite, chubbs;

    You say you do not want to engage Mark, etc. but you have done exactly what he wants by posting your usual plagiarised garbage and calling more negative attention to the issue. I am sure Mark thanks you. You are one dumb assmonkey.

  23. Deal with monkeys and this is what you get.

  24. BeaJ- Hey-I'm continually amazed that you have the stomach to deal with creeps like this. I certainly couldn't handle it. Just try to stay sane and keep the name calling to a minimum- but thanks for doing your part to stick up for us in the face of their insanity.

  25. mark glenn needs to be touched by somebody other than his mother, I pity him, he was probably one of those losers in high school that nobody even knew existed, now he just wants to be known or heard of by any means which include the audacity of turning on his own people.

  26. I'm sorry, but I really don't see how you are any different from Mr. Glenn. It sound like you both are dogmatic in your views, and immature. Why don't you grow up. As for the problems in Israel, it seems to me that both sides have some issues, but Israel tends to be underhanded, and liars. Give the Palestinians a free state, free from settlers, and roadblocks crisscrossing their country. And for God sake, be fair with the water and the trade borders. Can't you idiots figure out how to make peace??
    OOPS, Just realised that my comment is going to be approved or not by you. I am sure it won't get through, only comments favourable to your opinion I am sure.

  27. I have often noticed that many Jewish commentators like yourself fall into the same childish category. When faced with any criticism you quickly resort to name calling and infantile stupidity. Like some spoiled child that can't get it's way, you lie prostate on the floor kicking and screaming until mommy gives in.
    The mere name of your blog is another point of stupidity. "Atheist Jew" so proudly displayed because you just have to tell everyone "Oh, look at me, I am a Jew (who gives a fuck) and also so much on the cutting edge, a rebel, that I am an Atheist (who gives a fuck). It's a show-off mentality that fronts for a sever case of identity crisis and self doubt. Personally I think that you as a group are the raving loonies and definately the inventors of hate as shown in the Torah and more so in the Talmud. But instead of correcting this hate shit you blame the rest of the world for your impotency. Another trait of self hate.

    Whether you print this or not is unimportant because the comment still stands.

  28. Trackstar, your mentioning of the Talmud is classic retardedness. It is obvious you care who is Jew by your idiotic comment which was classic projection.
    My guess is that you too are a Joooo paranoid internet circus freak.

  29. There are facts that exist undeniably, even by the typical jew. 61 years ago, Israel did not exist. While jews have existed in that land with the Palestinians, they were a small minority. Now the Palestinians are squeezed into two small areas. The Palestinians have resisted but since they only have primitive weapons, their resistance is futile. The United States has financed and armed the jew as they have committed this crime. The fundementalists Christian, mostly Baptists have supported the jew in this crime against humanity. Everyday people are beginning to see the jew for what he really is. We have many jews here in the US and they are clever writers. Just like your Beaj blogger. I would just bet that the Horah dance was really a propaganda ploy and not just an innocent Jewish dance. I am not a person who will believe things without research. I heard much condemning jews but never really thought it true until finally I started paying attention. As a group, the jews are an incredibly disgusting people. And almost all jews aupport their group.

  30. Ron, I haven't had a nutcase like you comment here in a month or so.
    I got up this morning kind of feeling upset, but you lifted my spirits because Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks like yourself just make me laugh.

    Booo there is an invisible Joooo in your closet.

    Oh, and thanks again for the revisionist history.

    Gotta go, I have to get ready for my daily Joooos Control
    The World Conference Call at 7:30. I get to find out what number we are going to close the stock market at today and all sorts of things like that. LMAOAY you pathetic being.

  31. Ha ha ha ha aha ahhahahahaha!

    Mark Glenn lost his post at the American Free Press, and Michael Collins Piper, butthurt his buddie has no job and nine kids to support - has started a write-in campaign for him via his program on RBN radio. Hey Mark - try a building site you fucking leech.


  32. Please go to my truth about Mark Blog. I am dissecting everything he has ever written and posting it for the world to see. It is a work in progress so keep checking back.


  33. i will encourage folks to see this and stop the doubt of Mark Glenn www.livestation.com/channels/52-press-tv-english

  34. he can't debate...only use profanity if you disagree and then censor your reply....COWARD

    My guess is he is trained in PSYOPS