April 3, 2007

Take This All You People Who Think I'm Stupid

StupidTester.com says I'm 2% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Your Score Summary

Overall, you scored as follows:

97% scored higher (more stupid),
1% scored the same, and
2% scored lower (less stupid).

You are 2% stupid. This means...

You are our next Einstein. Wow! Keep up the great thinking.
H/T Hear, O Israel


  1. ...there goes Gert's theory;)

  2. Einstein:

    It's "Hear, O Israel", actually...

  3. Corrected. I guess I'm not an genius when it comes to copying things down.

  4. Greg:

    Hardly. It's clear that this test is a conspiracy to prove Jews and conservatives are more intelligent than other people (lol)...

  5. Gert: and you're trying to say they're not!?(j.k. of course)

  6. I am not doing the test. I agree that I am potentially stupid.

    I did have a look through the test. Does anyone know if they counted Pluto as a planet?

  7. I didn't count it as one, that is probably the only question I got wrong:)

    BeepX2, you would probably not do well on it because it is probably culturally biased and not fair for Aussies to take.

  8. Beaj:

    I am guessing that is as good an excuse as any to not take it and display my stupidity quotient.

    Hang on, a better one. The test was designed by joooooooooos.

  9. I tested 86% stupid.
    Therefore, I declare it a stupid test, & shall henceforth roll back & forth on the floor, beating it w/my fists & heels.
    I guess us goyim are goners. Time to take up residence in a trailer park.

  10. I got a 1% stupid score after I figured out how to cheat. I couldn't get to 0%. I don't know if that makes me smart for figuring out how to cheat or stupid for not figuring out how to get a 0%.

  11. I'm 8% stupid. Which pisses me off (and probably gets me kicked out of The Tribe.)

    I answered "8" for planets in the solar system too.

  12. I weakened and did the test. I am a sucker for punishment. (But I thought the idea was to do the test if you thought Beaj was stupid? )

    Oh well, I did the test anyway and found out my stupidity factor.

    Overall, you scored as follows:
    89% scored higher (more stupid),
    3% scored the same, and
    8% scored lower (less stupid).

    You are 8% stupid. This means...

  13. On my second attempt I got a 25% and 8% on my third. It shows how easy it is to become a genius, I guess...

  14. I sincerely did the test only once. I had a problem with the word definitions. However, I have seen the same type of trick questions before, like "where were the survivors buried" for example.

  15. like "where were the survivors buried" for example.
    Yeah, I caught that 1 immediately.