April 16, 2007


Yes I was right, mental defect assmonkey, Mark Glenn should never have had children. He will leave a legacy of hate. It is sad. Apparently he has burdened the world with four children, who's only chance of becoming normal human beings is to either escape their pathetic father, or realize what a piece of crap they have for a dad. If teaching hate to children was a crime, the vermin Mark Glenn would be in jail for life.

I've taken on the human feces Mark before. First through email, which prompted a couple of blog posts here and here.

Mark Glenn's life is preoccupied with hatred of Jews, and he will die a pathetic paranoid freak. It is not too late for his children. And lets focus on budding writer, Stefania Glenn, 14. Probably the pride of her dad. Right now, it isn't looking for her future. Her teenage years which should be full of wonder and experience have most likely been consumed by anti-Jewish (I won't say semitic because I don't want retards to jump all over it with their idiotic definitions) propaganda and disgusting brainwashing.
I invite Stefania to read the following and to ask questions. And not look to her father for guidance. Here is my rebuttal to an article she wrote, Settling the Score with the Goldsteins. I'm even going to be nice, because I know she is just the product of severe brainwashing, and by having a father such as hers, it is like being in mental hell. I sincerely feel sorry for her, as I do for her siblings:

Yes, I know, Mr. Goldstein, I’ve heard all about it. I’ve heard all about the Holocaust, when 6 million or 6 billion or 6 trillion or 6 gazillion–or however many Jews you want–were murdered by mean old Hitler.
It was most likely between 5 and 6 million. Do you envy Hitler? I'm just curious.

I’ve heard all about the diary of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp during World War II. I’ve heard all about your people’s persecution in Russia. I’ve heard all about how your people have been despised and oppressed all over the world. Yes, I know, I know! You don’t need to remind me AGAIN that for nearly two thousand years you have been without a country.
The only person reminding you is your dad. You really should just take history, learn, and then have fun. You are 14 years old. Do Jews stop you from having fun?

How could I possibly forget these things? You and your paid liars never get tired of screaming insensibly about all the inhuman crimes that have been committed against the Jews.
What paid "liars" ? Seriously, what are you talking about? What lies, and who is getting paid to lie. Do you not agree that Jews in the past were persecuted? Do you not think what happened during the Holocaust or Spanish Inquisition was inhumane? Was it humane?

About the only thing we ever hear these days is that your people, the Jews, have suffered horribly throughout history and that we (the non-Jews) must make amends with you in every way possible.
Where do you hear these things? I went to school in Toronto, and I don't think I learned one thing about the Holocaust, or that Jews were seeking payback, and that was over 25 years ago. Honestly, what bull is your father feeding you?

Well, Mr. Goldstein, here in the United States of America, we have done everything within our power to pay you back. I don’t know what else you could possibly want. We helped you acquire your own country.
I have my own country, it is Canada. Are you talking to American Jews? What is your country? As far as Israel goes, yes the US helped with the UN's decision to start a Jewish governed territory. So what?

We stood by silently while you murdered hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians at Deir Yassin, so that your desire to have a country of your own could be fulfilled.
That is very selective history. You do realize that the US also stood by when many Jews were murdered by Arabs. Or that doesn't count. And the actual count of Deir Yassin was no more than 120, though it is still not something many Jews are proud of. It did happen during a civil war.

We send ten billion dollars of American tax money to Israel every year, even though America is already in debt up to her eyebrows. We are constantly hiring some blabbermouth to rant and rave to America about “God’s chosen people” and how they have always been “under attack” and how we must rescue them from “all the Hitlers of the world”.
Can you link something about the 10 billion dollars? America does give aid and loans to Israel, but don't fool yourself, they do it for numerous reasons that benefit the USA. Every religious person on this planet think they are in the chosen religion. If you are a Catholic, you think you are in God's true religion. You think your religion is the best in God's eyes. Correct? If not, are you saying there isn't a correct religion? Then you agree with me. All religions are wrong.
And I think it is natural to want to have anyone who wants you dead eliminated. Don't you?

We are never finished hearing about your precious Holocaust, since it seems that you would never be able to exist without it. You are the kings of this country. We have licked your boots for so long that you don’t have any boots left…
Oh, thanks for reminding me about the Holocaust. You seem to like to remember it. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. And to be honest, this is the first time I started thinking about it in at least a few months. Thanks for keeping it alive.
I need to ask, have you ever discussed these paranoid sentiments with a real Jew? I don't know where you are coming up with this "we seem to not be able to exist without it" junk.

…So now, Mr. Goldstein, please tell me, because I am dying of curiosity to know what it is that you want. What more can we possibly do for you? How can you still be unhappy with the way you are treated?
Who is unhappy? Your dad probably is, and you will certainly be if you follow in his footsteps. Jews would like to be able to live without being attacked. Is that asking a lot?

Do you think you are the only group of people that has ever suffered? That is one of the most conceited things I have ever heard. Very typical of you, though.
Actually whoever taught you this is wrong. No Jew on this planet I know states that Jews are the only ones who have ever suffered.

I cannot pretend to be shocked or even mildly surprised at this idea. It is just too typical. After all, don’t you also view yourselves as a superior race?
Since when are Jews a race. An ethnicity yes, but not a race. Superior, well I don't like to brag, but Jews tend to have great family values, great educations and because of the other two, usually do well financially compared to other ethnicities.
If that makes Jews superior, then Jews are superior.

Don’t you call the rest of us non-Jews “goyim” or “cattle”?
No, my wife isn't a Jew, I've never called her goyim or cattle. I've called her a bitch though, but it had nothing to do with her ethnicity. Your father has brainwashed you that Jews are brought up with the Protocols of Zion, and that is a lie. Again, you need to talk to real Jews and see for yourself.

You really are the most self-centered group of people there has ever been.
Like the Italians or the blacks in the hood?

Therefore, I really can’t be surprised that you would entertain the absurd idea that the Jewish people are the only sufferers in the world.
Again, that is a lie. Educate yourself. But have fun first....forget this nonsense (wishful thinking on my part).

Or at least, that their suffering is the only suffering that truly counts. 66 million Russians died during and after the Bolshevik Revolution.
Do you really care about what Lenin who baptized a Christian did? Do you care about what Muslims are doing to Muslims in Darfur?

However, nobody seems to feel any sort of special obligation to the Russians the way they do for your 6 million. I have always been horrible at math, but it is unquestionable even in my mind that Russia’s 66 million greatly overshadows your 6 million. But never mind that, Mr. Goldstein. The Russians really don’t matter that much. What we need to concentrate on is how many other things we should be doing for you.
Like I said, I don't care what you do for Jews. Jews just want to be left to live in peace. As far as the Russians who died during WW2 vs. Jews who died: Russians died because of war, fighting for territory, while Jews were murdered for having Jewish parents. And more than 75% of the Jewish population of Europe were murdered for being Jewish, not because of a territorial conflict.

Now come on, just tell me. What do you want? What can we do that will make you happy?
You can learn some real history, and I'll start smiling. Or run away from home so you have a chance to become a decent human being.

If there is anything that we have not already done for you, tell me what it is, and we’ll be sure to do it right away. If you were anyone else, I would encourage you not to be shy in making your demand, but as I have never known you to be short on boldness or nerve, I see no point in warning you against what you yourself would never even think of doing. So go ahead, shoot. Tell me what we have not yet done for you. Go ahead, I’m listening.
The only one you are listening to is your pathetic twerp of a father. Are you that far gone?

Oh, my goodness, Mr. Goldstein, you make me laugh! No, no! I heard you perfectly! You don’t need to keep screaming it over and over again. I heard you. You said that the thing you want is for us to submit our very beings to you. In short, become your slaves. (You see? I KNEW I didn’t need to worry about any shyness on your part!) You say we have not become your slaves? Who do you think you are trying to fool? We are your slaves. We have been for years! Only slaves would bow to your every wish the way we have. Was I not clear when I said earlier that we have been licking your boots for so long that you don’t even have any boots left? Yeah, okay then. We’ll buy you a new pair of boots since we have apparently wronged you by licking them off. What?! You want them made out of solid diamond?! We can’t afford that! How about we just get a pair of sneakers from the thrift store? Oh, okay, never mind, never mind! We’ll get you the diamond. Your wish is our command. But boy, oh, BOY! I just can’t get over what you said about us not being your slaves! In fact, I can’t stop laughing. Now, please, Mr. Goldstein, PLEASE, will you stop screaming like that? You are a somewhat disturbing spectacle with that blood vessel popping out of your neck, your mouth covered in froth and your eyes bulging two inches out of your head. Calm down! It really isn’t good for your health to throw these violent temper tantrums.
Nobody is screaming. But like I said you seriously need some deprogramming. Slaves?
Jews make up 2% of the American population. And many of the people have grown up ignorant like yourself, and make stuff up or listen to paranoid lunatic rants from parents.

All right. Now that you have finally gotten yourself under control, perhaps you can rationally answer the question that I am about to ask you. Ready? Okay, then; is it possible (in your mind, at least) that the Jews have suffered so much that we gentiles will never be able to repay you? Will we never be able to refill the great hole of your suffering? Will you never be satisfied with our efforts to appease you?
I'll be happy when filth like your father cease to exist. Other than that I'm happy.

I heard you answer in the affirmative.
Well then, you haven't been paying attention.

Well, I must admit that I am glad to know that. Since we now know that you can never be happy–that despite the whole world’s concentrated efforts, it is impossible to ever repay you, and that making you happy is a flat impossibility, maybe we can turn our attention over to another subject.
So far all you've said has been pointless rhetoric and lies you were taught.

Maybe since what we have been trying to accomplish all these years is utterly impossible, we can just forget it and focus on what is possible. I am only being reasonable, Mr. Goldstein, when I ask ‘what are you going to do to repay us for all the suffering that you have caused?’
I knew this was coming.

How are you going to repay all the Palestinians whose land you stole and whose children you have been murdering for over half a century?
That is false. Land must be owned before it can be stolen. Land is either owned and/or governed. Israel didn't become sovereign territory until 1948. Before then Arabs owned 20% of what is now Israel. Only 3.3% of the land was owned by Arabs who actually lived there. I'll grant you that some of the land (very little) is disputable and possibly stolen. But what can you expect when you win 5 wars against those who want your total destruction. Babies wouldn't die if terrorists didn't hide behind them. In fact, if the Arabs dropped their arms there would be peace in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

How are you going to repay the millions of babies that you have murdered in abortion clinics?
History lesson: Abortion goes back to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. How can you pin abortions on Jews (though many Jews are pro choice), when countries like Turkey have legalized abortion. Modern day abortion was invented by Christians.

How are you going to repay the families of the thousands of Americans who died on September 11th?
By nuking Iran maybe (yes I know Iran wasn't responsible either. But it was radical Islam all the way. And Iran's leadership sure does resemble radical Islam) You think Jews were behind 9/11? That is seriously sick and twisted denial. It was radical Muslims. And Muslims have been paying for it and will continue to do so.

How are you going to repay the Iraqis for destroying their country? How are you going to repay the families of the American soldiers who have died in Iraq?
If Jews had a say in destroying a country in the middle east it would have been Iran or Saudi Arabia. Not Iraq.
But the radical Muslims did need a good bitch slapping for 9/11.
They needed to see who is boss. Sometimes innocent lives are lost so mankind can carry on, as was the case in Hiroshima. Sometimes talk won't work, sometimes you need to show excessive force to end a conflict.

How are you going to repay the Lebanese for ruining their country?
Lebanon allowed their country to be ruined by allowing known terrorists (Hezbollah) to quietly set up shop and get ready for a conflict with Israel. Israel has every right to defend herself.

How are you going to repay all those who suffer under communism, which is another invention of yours?
Lenin was Christian, Marx was a Jew. I don't feel like I owe anything for Marx. Why should I? Should Catholics owe for Hitler? There is nothing in Judaism teachings that leads one to become a communist. It was an individual's invention.

How are you going to repay the Muslims for all the lies that you have told about them?
What lies? Name them. Jews tell the truth mostly. Muslims don't give straight answers. They refuse to be confronted with their lies, just like your father, who closes comments on his pathetic hate speeches.

How are you going to repay all the Christians that you martyred when Christianity was still new?
Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about here. Roman killed the Christians for the most part.

You’re speechless, Mr. Goldstein, but I can read your answer in the hatred of your eyes.
I'm not speechless. I just can't believe that you think you have any argument at all or that you have made one relevant point. Amazing.

You will never try to repay us for the suffering that you have caused. You will never even apologize.
What suffering? I still don't see any suffering caused by even a group of Jews.

And what is more you will continue to treat us Gentiles in this inhuman and merciless manner. You will never voluntarily stop. You will never attempt in any manner to repay us…
What inhuman way? You've made no points, but you probably made your dad very happy in many places.

…but that’s alright, don’t worry, we’ll repay you…

We will repay you for every injustice that you have caused. We will repay you for every drop of innocent blood that you have spilled, and it is possible to do so. Just wait and see, you will be served justice one day.
Oh, I see ITZ COMING. Yet you have no reason for revenge. You need to read up on real history. You are caught up in a cause that doesn't exist in the real world. But daddy is proud of you.

A very wise, just, merciful man from Nazareth whom you also killed once said to your leaders ‘Upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on Earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zachariah.’ I have never doubted His words…He always knew what He was talking about.
Actually, if you do some research, you'll find that it is very unlikely that Jesus ever existed. The words you are quoting are words that were written 200 years "after the fact" And they were written by writers who didn't want to piss off the Romans but thought the Jews were expendable. Oh, and I'm not just picking on Christianity. There is no evidence the Exodus happened either.

I will not try to convert you, Mr. Goldstein because I know that it is impossible. Remember, that we are now focusing on possibilities. So, since you refuse to become a human being by leaving your primitive, savage way of thinking, I will only warn you. Of course, you will not listen to me, but I will do it anyway. I warn you that things are going to be changing. You will be experiencing justice for the 1st time in your life. There is a day coming when humanity will get sick of being treated like animals. They are going to find out why they have suffered so much. They are going to be angry. And guess what? You are going to be the object of their rage. You are going to get a triple-dose of your own medicine, which ought to please you, since you always want more of anything than anyone else has. You are going to discover how human beings act when they see a glimmer of hope after being beaten down all their lives.
Have Jews really been beating you up? How has a Jew personally affected you? Thanks for the warning though. You've only warned me that some children suffer tremendous abuse at the hands of their parents. Not sure about your mother, but your father is a serious nutcase, and he is taking you with him.

There, I have now told you what to expect one day. Now when it happens, you won’t be able to rant, rave, scream, kick, holler, howl and screech about how ‘it isn’t fair’ because nobody every warned you.
This from a 14 year old girl. Do you realize how sad you look to normal human beings?

Well, Mr. Goldstein, I am sure that you do not like my tone. I can see that by the blood vessel in your neck that has finally burst that you do not like what I am saying at all. But considering every injustice that you have caused, every suffering that you have aided, all the innocent blood that you have spilled, I would say that this is merely a feeble attempt of mine to settle the score between us. I don’t see why you are so furious with me. After all, I am only trying to pay you back. isn’t that the very thing that you have wanted for so many years?
2006 by Stefania Glenn
Wow. Seriously, move in with an aunt or go to a foster home. You will be better off in the long run. I really don't think you even know what you are talking about. You've been taught to hate much like the Muslim children in the West Bank and Gaza.
I just hope you aren't capable of strapping a bomb on yourself and then killing yourself with a bunch of innocents. You seriously need some heavy deprogramming. I feel very sorry for you. You are wasting your life over irrational baseless hate.

Note: The white supremacists at Vanguard love Stefania. I wonder if they know she is an ethnic semite (her scum father is a supposedly of Lebanese Christian heritage). Doesn't that make her a mud in KKK talk?

Also check out the Poisoning Children with Toxic Memes


  1. Regardless of how evil a person is, BEAJ, calling people vermin is terrible. It's exactly what Nazis and other racists do. When opposing people who hate, don't use their language.

  2. I disagree JA. I think Adolph Hitler deserves to be called vermin. And so Mark Glenn.
    The difference is that I have legitimate reasons and to call him this, and I back them up with fact.

  3. Well BEAJ, I feel like I just read mein kampf again (which is not a pleasant feeling). The phraseology and the sentiment are of the same family. And the same thing happened again too: I only got two thirds of the way through, and had to stop because I was feeling ill.

    I don't agree with you on many things, but on this subject I certainly do.

  4. I couldn't get all the way through, either. It's disturbing to read shit like that. I mean, I know people like that are out there but it's nauseating to see it put so openly. The next Ann Coulter in the making I guess.


  5. Oh, and notice how all the comments are fawning approval? Comments are moderated so I'm sure mine won't be posted on her site.

  6. One thing seems part of our reality. Religious people are brought up to distrust either explicitly or implicitly, other religious groups.

    Religions also seem retain a racist perspective which is part and parcel of their origin and their cultural and political influences.

    When any group assumes that they have absolute truth, those who appear to deviate from this "obvious absolute truth" are automatically classified as "the enemy."

    This process happens in politics, religion, economics and all sorts of social issues.

    It is essentially, if you are not one of us, you are against us mentality.

    Having said that, the mentality of blaming one group of people for all the social, economic, political or moral ills is as old as mankind.

    Of course, what she said in australia would probably be considered vilification and she could be taken to court and prosecuted for such action.

    I am more of the opinion that it is better that people get to voice their opinion, no matter how distasteful it may be to us, as it alows for their claims to be refuted.

  7. halfway through the disgusting thing i was thinking "good work beaj!"

    then you say this
    "By nuking Iran maybe. You think Jews were behind 9/11? That is seriously sick and twisted denial. It was radical Muslims. And Muslims have been paying for it and will continue to do so."

    So beacause one group of radical Muslims flies some planes into two buildings, This then gives us the right to nuke a whole country in retaliation?

    and why are you saying Muslims? Lumping a whole group of millions of people together like that as if they thought as one mind. Muslims aren't some sort of unified force with a single minded bent to destroy the world. they're just people trying to live their lives like everyone else.

    I don't see how you can be so amazed by her bad logic, you use it yourself. Not ten lines after you say that you cant blame the respective peoples for, Communism and Nazism, you say the Muslims need to face retaliation for the actions of a few.

    besides the eye for an eye argument does'nt really hold water. if it were the case then Muslims would be justified in killing many many more Americans. 9/11 and the war in Iraq has claimed roughly 5-6 thousand American lives so far. The war in Iraq has so far killed over 24 thousand Iraqi's according to official news reports, likely there are more unreported deaths.

    so lets see here "muslims" cause the deaths of ,ill be generous 6 thousand Americans, this makes he Americans justified in killing 24 thousand Muslims?. While its true Americans didn't kill all those people, they wouldn't be dead if he Americans arbitrarily decided o invade iraq. (which had no weapons of mass destruction, or anything to do with al-quada)

    Ounce again you show show your bigotry towards Muslims and Arab, while it may not be on the same rs level as your letter writers bigotry. I find equally repulsive.

  8. OK Pat, I see how you are reading it.
    Let me just say that I should have put the word "radical" in front of Muslims. And the reason why the Iraq war is still on is because of radical Islamists.
    Yes, I have a problem with Muslims in general because I see many denying 9/11, blaming Israel for the woes in the world, and not owning up (by speaking out against terrorism).

    The Iraq war was a necessary evil, as if let go, an Islamic nation or many would start building up weaponry that could severely damage another country.

    The US (who acts as police for the world) took matters in their own hands and did more than show their teeth.

    I didn't say Iraq was payback for 9/11....it was payback and a lesson for all Islamic nations who support or think about terrorism.

    And yes, Muslims will still pay for 9/11 because of their refusal to denounce terrorism (it causes a major distrust), and it isn't unfounded.

  9. well first, sorry for my humble comment, but the holocaust did happen, Jews did die there (and many other ethnicities).
    Israel existence as a country shouldn't be a prize or a payback for any persecution, but a simple reflection of a demographic reality.
    I'm sorry for that girl, but I ask her please meet some Palestinians before defending them, we as Lebanese supported them in the past, and they returned it by declaring that the road to Jerusalem starts from Jounieh, and they dragged us in there barbarism, and violence cyclone for 30 years (and they still are, the bus attack in Lebanon a few month ago was proven there doing).
    She talks about the Jews attack on Dayr Yassin, well does she know what the Palestinians did in Damour to the people that housed them.
    Anyway I can't defend Israel, cuz it destroyed my country countless of times (I know u would say: "yeah but who struck the first blow?" but the fact remains that Israel can't think of the Lebanese as equals), but I will never digest the defending of the Palesto.

  10. It is obvious that opinions and hate filled opinions are learned. Enlightened opinions are based on facts and information. It is very easy to hate but difficult to understand when something or someone is unfamiliar. People who look around and find ready made opinions which they adopt as their own have abandoned the capacity to think for themselves. I'm surprised at how people can pick up opinions that aren't worth a crock of shit and hurl them about with a conviction that is frightening.
    Yes, I am talking about Glenn's daughter.

  11. BEAJ:

    Having been at the receiving end of charges of anti-Semitism for no good reason at all (unless having an opinion regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict counts), I became a little desensitized regarding such accusations. Then, I've also been called a "progressive Zionist" (but non-Jewish) and that epithet is much more accurate.

    Nonetheless, it doesn't take much digging to find that rabid, virulent anti-Semitism (I call it that) is still very, very much alive. It's distressing to find it and in considerable amounts too. I'm completely on your side.

    Calling for "nuking Iran" is uncalled for though: it would simply add another holocaust to a long list of genocides. It's unnecessary "strong man" talk. You're showing your worst side there. Please don't. It makes your valid points susceptible to undermining. I suggest you remove it: not all Iranians are Radical Muslims and the vast majority have nothing to do with 9/11. Would you advocate nuking Indonesia, because these Muslims are "guilty by association too"?

  12. Gert, I edited my comments. I think that if a madman has a nuke or is building a nuke, he needs to be stopped. Whatever it takes.

  13. Ugh, just reading this made me sick. That a kid would be so indocrinated in such lunacy,hatred and bigotry is frankly nauseating. You can only wonder if this kid has ever met a real live Jew.

  14. BEAJ:

    I've linked to this post.

    Ahmedinejad is quite a different discussion and I don't really want to go off-topic. Let me state quite clearly that I'm not an Iran supporter but I feel that mutual demonization of the West by Iran and visa versa, has lead to a complete distortion of what Iran is all about. This is not a monolithic bloc of "Mad Mullahs", all vying for Jewish blood to be spilled. Theirs is largely a low-heat war with the US, using Israel as a "target". One could quite convincingly argue that the US is waging a similar war against Iran, by using Israel as a proxy

    Iran has, IMHO, neither the capability nor the intention of attacking Israel, conventionally or by means of nukes. If it did attempt that, Samson would reduce Iran to a pile of radioactive rubble: that's a strong deterrent and one that has worked for over sixty years when it comes to dealing with nuclear states. Deterrence by MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) does work. Israel recently acquired second strike capability, making an Iranian attack even more of an unwinnable situation.

    For people like Nethanyahu, bringing up Iran is also quite the vote-winner.

  15. Thanks so much for posting this story. As an atheist, it disgusts me. Born of Jewish heritage, it disgusts me. As a human being and a humanist, it also disgusts me. Not to mention the fact that there are actually comments commending this...

  16. Her screed is the longest, most insane straw man argument I ever read.

    I can just imagine the next paragraph:

    "So you are allowed to rape, dismember and eat gentile girls because it says so in your Talmud, Mr. Goldstein?"

  17. I linked to this post as well. After I received this comment on my products page "jews with their greedy and nefarious ways and/or atheists disgust me."

    I could only assume it was because of what I had said here. And I wanted to spread the word...people who hate suck!

  18. Regardless of how evil a person is, BEAJ, calling people vermin is terrible. It's exactly what Nazis and other racists do. When opposing people who hate, don't use their language.

    Well mate , I don't hate the silly little moo cow. But I still think she's a twat for writing what she did. As for her old man. Let's hope he never runs into little pounce.(Pounce has very sharp claws)

  19. BEAJ:

    I don't understand why you dignify this kind of crap by responding to it. You've now wound up giving the hateful Stefania a second forum.

  20. It's scary to realize there really are people like this out there that think this way. Thank you BEAJ for helping bring some light to this young mind .... hopefully.
    - j

  21. I'm kind of with the comment saying "why bother responding" to such idiocy. She's an anti-Semitic nut job, and truth clearly doesn't matter. Don't waste your energy on such losers - just make sure they don't infect others with their stupidity.

  22. What a pathetic little girl. Yes, it's her indoctrination, and it's likely she doesn't even know any Jews (or REAL Christians either, for that matter).

    Just like "palestinians," these neo-Nazi types brainwash their (miserable) children to hate, because given a choice, no logical mind would follow their way of thinking. HATE in children is the exact opposite of their natural state of being.

    I wonder how it feels for that girl to have been so programmed, to not have her own mind? Her parents gave her NO chance to be a successful human being--just like parents who "share their stash" of drugs with their kids. They have no chance.

    I sort of feel sorry for the kid--it's absolutely child abuse what's being done to her mind--but on the other hand, she IS old enough to start trying to think for herself. Or at least she's chronologically old enough; she's definitely emotionally/developmentally retarded by her upbringing.

    Her parents, though--VERMIN. Actually, vermin is too nice a word for them.

  23. OK, let's take a deep breath and back up a bit. This is a tough case.

    Piling on her father, however much he deserves it, will only reinforce her conviction that he's right and you're a paranoid professional victim. The question here is how to reach whatever is left undamaged of her mind. Calling him vermin might be right in general, but counterproductive here. Best, I think, is to dismiss the insults and focus on the facts.

    In due time, she may recognize how horrible her father is, but pushing her to do that is likely to push her back toward him. Instead, I'd treat her as an independent human being capable of forming her own judgments, and thus responsible for them -- not as someone "infected" by someone else. I'd make no reference to her father in answering her.

    In due time, there's a fair chance that she'll turn against him. But she's driven by fear -- fear that the world isn't the way she's been taught it is, fear that the people she's trusted most can't be trusted at all. If she sees there are other people that she can trust, even though she's been taught to regard them as enemies, then she might be able to make the leap. Maybe not immediately, but by the time she's 18.

  24. "If teaching hate to children was a crime"

    It should be, and you're right -- if it were, this guy would be in jail. How repulsive.

  25. Man, that's some serious parroting going on.

    Are you sure it's not just the dad posting as a female?

  26. It is sad that his daughter has been brainwashed. There is hope for her, but it's going to take quite a disruption in her life to get her to see reason again. As for giving her and her pathetic excuse of a father exposure - continue doing it. Post every hate-filled email you get from him or her; every blog rant and article. These creeps need exposure. Lots of it.

  27. Judaism is the religion and the nationality of the Jewish people in one package. You can define your self as a Jew rather as a nationally or religiously or both. But if you declare your self Atheist Jew, most probably you are the last one in your family to stay Jew. Your kids and grandchildren most probably won't be Jews any more. If you don't care, than it's OK to call your self an Atheist Jew. It's just an empty title that quickly fades and vanishes in time.

  28. Man. I hope she grows up, goes to college, and actually meets some of the people she has such a strong dislike for. She's young, she might get over it.

    Of course, then she'll probably go through a rebellious stage, date a Jew and next thing you know we'll be seeing "Mark Glenn Murders Daughter, Boyfriend" on the evening news...

  29. Ezou, do the Lebanese think of Israelis as equals? And by equals, I'm not sure what you mean. Equal in what and are you talking about all Israelis and all Lebanese?
    Thanks for posting though, I can empathize with you, and it is clear you aren't denying reality.

    Hussy, that was probably just Rickey. It came from either a California or Atlanta IP (not sure how he pulls that off). I've banned him from here because all he does is insult.

    Exterminator and Ezzie, I don't mind confronting his lies and rhetoric. I don't agree that he should be left to spew without confrontation. Hitler more or less was able to do the same thing, and Marks mindset is no different than Hitler's, and his daughter is a Hitler worshipper right now.
    Because all they have are false baseless assumptions, rhetoric, and
    lies and denial of reality going for them, they are easy to fight. Much like young earth creationists who can state their beliefs on the internet all they want, the more they do, the more people they lose because the facts are not on their at all.
    Mark Glenn realizes he is lying, that is why he doesn't allow rebuttal comments on his blog or his daughters blog. He knows what he is doing, and he knows he is trying to pull a fast one. He is a scummy propaganda artist, nothing more. But his propaganda still should be dealt with.
    He usually only debates by email. This is because he is a coward and I've decided not to engage in email conversations anymore. His confrontations and debates should be out there in the public. Debating him won't change anything, it is like debating Hitler

    Gary, if she reads this and the comments, maybe just maybe her attitude will change a bit. Her father doesn't allow her to be exposed to comments like this. And my guess is he has done his best to hide this post from her.

    Abe, I don't have kids so take a deep breath. But I am an atheist Jew. And in Israel for example 25% of Jews are atheist, and up to another 25% are agnostic. It is a reality. Maybe down the road it will lead to less Jews in generations to come, but I don't think that your approach to try to guilt people like me will be very affective. You need God to give some evidence that he exists:) I don't think people should hide who they are, so others might feel better.

    Basiorani, I'd rather read the headline: "Self loathing vermin Mark Glenn follows his leader and blows his brains out"

  30. Beaj,

    As you know, I agree with most of what you say. But, like some others, I think your tone could be improved and your words chosen more carefully.

    People who, in their ignorance and anger believe such things, will be drawn to Glenn's site where they will reinforce one another. Your logic and facts will have no impact on them (though your tone and some of your words will be taken out context and used to "prove" their points).

    So, I think it is a mistake to post and respond to sick idiocy of this nature. This is classic, paranoid antisemitic excrement of the type that Hitler proudly spewed. Responding to it just calls more attention to it. You know, "It only encourages them."

    In the Glenns' deep "concern" for ALL the millions who died -- unlike us Jews who are only concerned with the 6 million JEWS who died, despite the fact that Jews are overrepresented (compared to their tiny percentage in the population) in virtually every political fight against injustice toward any people -- I am sure the Glenns are deeply disturbed by Hitler's sickness that caused the destruction of millions of non-Jews, including millions of "Aryan" Germans.

    Oh, wait. THAT was OK. Hitler's efforts and the resultant destruction of many innocent non-Jews were a noble effort. Indeed, if it weren't for the influence of the Almighty Jew, Hitler wouldn't have been forced to act in a way that killed millions.

    Excuse me. I misunderstood. My bad.

    The Glenns aren't really concerned about the suffering of innocents. They are only concerned about Jewish concern over Jewish suffering. They don't give a shit about anybody as long as Jews (the cause of all human suffering) suffer.

    Which brings me to a point that I would add to the discussion here. Whether or not Jews, on average, are "superior" or "inferior" to other people, clearly the Glenns believe -- more than anything else that they believe -- that the Jews are the most mighty and powerful people in the history of the universe.

    You see, they really believe that 1/5 of 1 per cent of the world's population has taken control of (enslaved) a large part of the rest of the world and thus dominated human history. And that these all-powerful Svengalis can do it over and over again even after being stripped of all power and resources and after being expelled from nation after nation.

    They really believe that the all problems facing humanity would be completely resolved by controlling (or exterminating) that tiny little group of Superhumans.

    For those who don't see where I am going, let me spell it out. Such paranoid delusions are the greatest complements that could be paid to Jews. Talk about competence and power! Wow! Damn, are we good!

    Of course, the dark side is that these psychotically paranoid antisemites want to kill us. Not such a small price to pay for their undying admiration and awe.

    Oh well.

    But, thanks to the existence of Israel, the game is now over. Paranoid idiocy and rabid antisemitism can never again threaten the existence of the Jews. Well ... not without also exterminating the exterminators.

    It is now in everybody's self interest, Jew and non-Jew alike, to get a grip on the insane assholes who threaten the existence of all of us.

    This subject is explored in greater detail in the important videos that can be found on this page:



  31. Great comment Dan. I'll link your page to the blog story.

    Part of your comments reminds me of this old joke:

    Moshe Reads an Arab Newspaper

    A story is told of a Jewish man who was riding on the subway reading an Arab newspaper. A friend of his, who happened to be riding in the same subway car, noticed this strange phenomenon. Very intrigued, he approached the newspaper reader.

    "Moshe, have you lost your mind? Why are you reading an Arab newspaper?"Moshe replied, "I used to read the Jewish newspaper, but what did I find? Jews being persecuted, Israel being attacked, vandalism in Jewish cemeteries, Muslim leaders talking about destroying Israel. So I switched to the Arab newspaper. Now what do I find? Jews own all the banks, Jews control the media, Jews are all rich and powerful, Jews rule the world. The news is so much better!"

  32. REV ART, just left a comment on my Assmonkey Mark Glenn post from November. I'm sure he wanted to post it here instead:

    Your Islamist hemerrhoid needs to understand that the only hope for fairness and justice among the world's religions is strictly enforced secularism with the view of fostering pluralism. We have strived for that balance in this country for 220 years or so under our remarkable Constitution. The world at large must eventually accommodate the views of all the others.

    Some things need to be said about the Assmonkey's hate-skewered view of the world and the proliferation of views, religious and secular that compete in the intellectual marketplace with his own:

    All religions, including the three that spring from the mythical Abraham, are made-up by men. For adherents to these monotheist cultural artifacts to have invested so much hate, wars and suffering in the name of the same god they all worship as the one and true, is as ridiculous as it is appalling.

    Crusades and counter-crusades, massacres and The Holocaust don't help to make the case that the world is a better place for its religions, whether they're true or false. Preaching hatred toward Christians, Jews or Muslims, one or the other against one or the other, for reasons of heresy or apostasy, makes about as much sense as if the phrenologists threatened the astrologers and the fortune tellers predicted the demise of both...

    The bishops of all the Christian sects, the rabbis ministering to the various Jewish sects and the Imams leading the various Islamic sects are ALL CHARLATANS! Sure they are! No god ever revealed ANYTHING to any of the MEN who claimed he did. And for all their scholarly studies and pondering of select texts - I accuse them of conspiring to delude the masses. I'm convinced that Pope Ratzo, Dobson and Falwell and Robertson, the Chief Rabbi and the Head Ayatollah know that what they're preachin' isn't worth a sack of untreated bull excrement. The reasons are many - from control of the masses to MONEY!

    I hate to bring this up to a religious zealot who appears quick to anger - BUT - MOST of the Jews and Christians experienced an historical great leap forward into modernity. That would be the Enlightenment. Islam has too many leaders trying to hold back the tide of modernity, denying their people the opportunities for what the rest of us consider a civilized existence.

    Having said all that, if people all over the world could just get a clue - if they all opted out of their theistic bonds -all those freakin' clerics would have to get REAL JOBS!

    Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with the unbelievers...
    18 April, 2007 18:15
    Check his blog out, it is pretty funny.

  33. I often refer to myself (with tongue in cheek) as a goy Zionist, indicating my sunconditional support of Israel's right to exist as a nation. Would it not be better if the Jews had remained dispersed and saved them and us all the wars and terrorist incidents? I can't answer that. Besides, you can't put the genie back in the bottle after 59 years.

    I discount all biblical claims of a Promised Land just as I reject the Virgin Birth. The history of the Jewish peoples in the area that is Palestine in the Greco-Roman era and their more recent records of settlements, agriculture and land improvements in the area are all the proof of belonging you need - along with the combined decision of the Western nations, sanctioned by the UN.

    As for The Holocaust, only fools and NAZI apologists could entertain denial of the history. I have read Daniel Goldhagen and met him in person.

    And I have worked for and with Holocaust survivors. When I was 16 I worked for a tailor who had seen his father murdered in his shop before his 9-year-old eyes. He managed to flee Poland to France and then to England before ending up in Dayton, Ohio. Let me tell you he loved this fuckin' country!

    I'm sure there are Muslims who have real horrific experiences to relate to us regarding mistreatment by Christians or Jews - or Hindus. We need to hear those stories. But there must be listening on all sides.

    The Zionists were mostly atheist and their dream for their homeland was for a secular state. That was the better idea.

  34. Is that really Stefania? Or her father writing in her name?

    He sounds like an abusive control freak who has bullied her into thinking like he does. There is no original thought there. It's all the same predictable script that haters read off of.

    They are told what to say and do it without blinking. Robots.

    There is nothing sadder than seeing a teenage child turned into a robot. And an unhappy miserable cynic before she has learned to live.

    Her parents are emotionally abusing their offspring with extremist mind control. That much is clear.

  35. That's an ultimately disgusting point of view the girl has. But I don't think either she or the old fart who's been coaching her deserve the attention you're giving them.

  36. It’s very sad to see someone so young so misled and brainwashed into a life of hate.

    Her little diatribe is devoid of facts and filled with sociopathic hate propaganda fed to her by her father.
    Sadder yet, is the fact that she will most likely never know how misled she is.
    It is her father's shame that he teaches her hate and lies, laced with a philosophy that the world united against some 60 years ago.

    Hitler is dead, and the world would be better off if her father didn’t try so hard to raise a new one.

  37. Jew-haters will define Jews as either a race/ethnicity (or even non-humans!), or as a religion, depending on their convenience.
    Anything goes to spew anti-Semitic hysteria.

    A Jew can well be an atheist. Millions of atheist Jews were murdered for being Jews.

  38. Sadly, beaj, hatred is a learned human condition. No one hates upon being born, their parents raise them to hate.
    Mark Glenn has raised his daughter to hate as his parents probably raised him to hate and as she will probably raise her children to hate. Their lives will be consumed by darkness, envy and a horrible sense that they will never achieve anything because, quite frankly, they never will. And, when they don't they will blame the group of their choice - in this case Jews - as a way of making themselves feel better.
    Personally, were I you, I would not even bother with people like that. Educate those who do not know rather than trying to educate those that do know but refuse to allow the truth into their hearts.
    I do kind of feel sorry for the kids, though. Must be sad to grow up in an atmosphere where joy is displaced by mindless and moronic hate.

  39. I just recently discovered this site, and I enjoy some of your opinions (which everyone has mind you :) ) But this response you have is most assuredly biased and very generic with no key statements of facts...you can't refute her arguements (even if unfounded with physical arguments) with more unfounded arguements. All I'm trying to say is you claim to be Atheist, but you're sounding just as extremist as the original poster...which seems to discredit you. :(

  40. Carla, I am an atheist.
    What exactly do you think that she said that is factual and I'll refute it.
    I am happy with the refuting I did of her, maybe you can show me my weaknesses. You said I didn't refute anything, so I'm expect a few examples.
    Most of what she said is unsubstantiated rubbish. I think I made it clear that Mr. Goldstein, by her definition (the Jooos), don't feel the way she thinks they feel.

  41. I apologize for not pointing actually incidents out. However, I won't bother to say anymore than simply both sides of this "debate" (and mind you it was not quite a debate because she was not given the opportunity to rebut anything she said or provide additional substantial evidence) do not have hard hitting factual evidence.

    Based off of my observations I would only go so far as to say; some of your comments...refering to Muslims as a collective; as well as not being mindful of the individuality of each person...were foolhardy and discredit what you were trying to acomplish. The facts or nonfacts, nothing in either paper is defacto because neither one of you can claim to know everything...and as such we will continue to question ourselves to become better people. =)

  42. I don't think of Muslims collectively, and when I speak of them as such, I'm talking the majority.

    Here is another link to this story that I placed in my other blog Judeophobe Watch.

  43. hello
    rendez vous sur jewisheritage.fr
    a bientot

  44. "Mark Glenn's life is preoccupied with hatred of Jews, and he will die a pathetic paranoid freak."

    Now isn't that real charming...

    Mark Glenn, webmaster of Crescent and Crossa Web site dedicated to uniting Muslims and Christians against Jews.

    Like if that would ever work!

    Very interesting web site...

    Gonna have to save it to my favorites and read more later.


  45. "How are you going to repay all the Palestinians whose land you stole and whose children you have been murdering for over half a century?"

    The only occupation I am aware of is the non-Jewish occupation.

    Torah wants us to be kind to others but killing our people does not make you welcome in Israel!

    Land doesn't belong to the people the people belong to the land.

    I believe the weapons they use to defend it gives them that right.

    I think we're dealing with a gross oversimplification here. The state of Israel was formed out of a conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine, but this conflict was essentially the product of Great Britain's colonial settlement policies. Jews didn't invade Palestine like some sort of conquering army, they were permitted to emigrate there by the colonial power in Palestine. The numbers increased vastly after World War II, which led to growing resentment by Palestinian Arabs, armed conflict between Jews and Arabs and ultimately, to the formation of the state of Israel. There was plenty of killing to go around, on both sides.