June 7, 2007

I Don't Mind Theists Like Rabbi Jonathan Ginsberg

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsberg is not a reality denier. Well, almost. He accepts evolution and an ancient earth thanks to overwhelming evidence, but I don't think he's read The Bible Unearthed yet, or chooses to ignore the fact that the Exodus never happened.
Maybe he should watch these videos. I'd love to see his take on it.

But when it comes right down to it, he is not the type of theist who is going to hinder education.

OK, so he got the 20 light years wrong and the age of the earth (not 20 billion years old). He isn't the Jewish version of Dr. Ken Miller, that is for sure. But at least he doesn't deny reality.

He has over 100 videos on Youtube. Check them out. He has lousy delivery on his jokes. I guess he realized that, and became a Rabbi instead of a stand-up comic. If you want to learn a bit about Jews and Judaism, watch some of his videos.

Here is his take on Noah's Flood. I think he'd like to believe that the story literally happened, but I think he is smart enough to know it didn't:


  1. I mind theists who try to get the bible into the public sector. I mind theists who try to push creationism in science class or non individual prayer in school. Or theists who believe that others are inferior to their cult based on whatever bible they use.

  2. Well, that pretty much answered my question. In other words, you're bigotted against those who believe in G-d or am I getting something wrong here because what you described in your comment pertains to just about anyone in the religious community.

  3. You are getting my comments wrong.
    There are many theists (those who believe in God) who fully support separation of church and state, are not bigoted against atheists or gays for example at all and also accept evolution and an ancient earth.

  4. Olkay BEAJ, I'd be happy to meet one of those but I'm afraid I'd have to travel to the Far East and right now I got my sites set on Chi-town towards the end of Summer.

  5. BEAJ: How's it going this time of night? How about coming over for a bit of a surprise...You knock, say "It's me, Bacon" and I'll hand you a big ol' Meme. In other words, you've been Meme'd by yours trully;)