June 9, 2007

The Sopranos Finale: My Predictions

I really started getting hooked on The Sopranos around 4 years ago. I've seen every episode at least once, but mostly three times. After over 8 years it is about to end.
Everything must die and there will be life after The Sopranos. I'm sure of it.

One piece of trivia before my predictions: Me and James Gandolfini are the same age. I'm a few months earlier. Chris who got knocked out of the series a couple of episodes ago is actually 41 years old. He definitely played someone at least 17 or 18 years younger than Tony on the series.

Now for the predictions:

1. Tony will flip. He'll realize that he and his family have no future as members of the Mafia. This will sort of vindicate the shrink, as she will take credit amongst her peers for the flip. 9 years ago, Lorraine Bracco's legs were an asset to the show, but in the last few years, they have been pretty hidden by the cameras. Yeah, yeah, I know, she is 52 years old, give her a break.

2. The show will revolve around Tony and his family finding a new location far far away from New Joisey. AJ will start crying because he is going to be separated from his new crazy bimbo.

3. Before leaving, Tony makes an effort to track down the Arabs after finding out they are in town and most likely plotting a terrorist act (this will piss off the CAIR terrorist apologist organization in real life). He finds them, and kills them in a very brutal manner, in a scene that immediately follows his shrink bragging about how great her therapy was.

4. When bargaining with the Feds, Tony insists on taking Uncle June with him, but not his sister, to his new home, showing his true family loyalty.

5. Before leaving, Tony stops off at Chris' widows house to tell her he has to leave and he just wanted to say goodbye and see Chris' kid one more time. He winds up banging the hell out of her in a passionate way, of course.

6. Last scene: Tony runs into Phil at the Airport. Tony and his family are leaving and Phil and a body guard are coming back. Tony stops and says "hi Phil, how is it going" and then he smirks as Phil gives him a very "mean in a scared kinda way" look back.....OK, now for the final tune: How about The Way We Were by Streisand?

I wonder if the end of series will end my recurring Sopranos dream. I am one of his crew members, who winds up in a car with Tony, and I have no idea if he is going to kill me or continue to be my friend.


  1. Ok I managed to get a hold of a production copy of the show and I have to tell you that you are not going to believe what happens.

  2. BEAJ: did your predictions come true or were you...ahhh...foiled?

  3. I was way way off. Most people were disappointed by the finale, me including.

  4. I didn't watch the Sopranos. The testosterone level was too high for me.

    All that killing and popping a cap in people's arses, was a little too much for me.