July 11, 2007

Muslims Like This Make Me Sick

This video is called: Daniel Pearl I Am Happy Your Dead:) "Your"?

Takferi represents exactly why the West has a big problem trusting Muslims. Do moderate Muslims exist? This idiot would call himself moderate, because he doesn't condone the head chopping. It is like me saying I don't condone slaughterhouses while eating a steak.

He is a raving hypocrite. Pearl did not kill anyone, yet Takferi blames him because he was a Jew who supported Israel, so he basically says that all Jews who support Israel are guilty for any Palestinian deaths, yet takes exception that people blame all Muslims for acts of terrorism. Not only that, but he lies by saying that Muslims are killed for being born Palestinian. He also called Pearl a spy. Why? Because he was an investigative journalist? The mentality of those like Takferi is mind boggling.

The hypocrisy really gets to me. He calls himself an American, yet here is a quote by him under his Youtube video:

takferi (12 hours ago)
we can't enjoy it when the capitalist athiests send daniel pearls to our lands to spy and commit treason. thank you for ur post and concern.

Our lands? OK, so Muslims can come to Western lands, but the West can't come to "Muslim land." I see. And what is the definition of spy or treason to this imbecile?

It is just like the fact that over 10 million people in Brazil today are of Lebanese descent, yet the Arab world took a hissy fit, when Jews started migrating to the non sovereign region of Palestine prior to 1948. Hypocrisy reigns supreme in the Muslim world.

Update: It seems that the hypocritical Muslim has changed the title using proper English. He also has not allowed any posted comments since 1 PM EST. I know I have two pending comments, and I'm sure there are many more.

He also has a Web Site that states: UNITE AND CONQUER Oh yes, the motto of the religion of peace:)


  1. The real irony of course being that Daniel Pearl was genuinely interested in actively seeking out Muslim points of view so that he could be fair and objective in his reporting.

  2. I agree with you, Takferi is a hypocrite.

    However, to compare Lebanese migration to Brazil with European Jewish migration to Palestine is ridiculous. Lebanese (and some Palestinians like 2 of my Great Uncles) who went to Brazil didn't have the goal of creating a Lebanese country in Brazil's place. They did not have a dream of ethnically cleansing the region of Brazilians.

    And if the Lebanese had, don't you think Brazilians would have rose up against them? Rightfully so...


  3. Tommy, there is no irony when one is lying about him being a spy.

    Abu-issa, the fact is that it was not the goal of the Zionists to ethnically cleanse anyone. It was to have a Jewish majority state on land that was not sovereign (no established country, and it was not controlled by the Arabs either). Now some Zionists did want the land to be only Jewish, but they were the minority. The fact is that nobody had to move or leave.
    By 1947, the Jews had a majority population on land controlled by the Brits in the land that was to become a Jewish governed majority as part of the partition.

    Yes, the Brazilians would have rose up. But Brazil was already an established sovereign country.

  4. Hypocrisy and lies are permitted under the Muslim code of ethics.

  5. I also pointed out the "your" right away. I guess I'm just a huge geek... Is education too hard of a concept for some people? Or good audio? (I'm not singling out Muslims, just religious folks who refer folktales over fact...and let that dictate how they live.)

  6. This guy exhibits about as much sense as a monkey.

  7. Jack, you shouldn't insult monkeys like that.

  8. Islam is all based on lies! It's a CULT not a religion!

  9. Islam is a CULT not a religion! It's all lies for control and power! It's time to deport ALL muslims back to their home countries, if they were born here they still go back with their parents! If their parents are dead, they go back to that host country!

    If islam hates the West then they shouldn't live here! Simple as that. Deportation should have started 9/12/01!

    Check out the Rage Boy Toy!

  10. He sounds like some of the leftwing moonbats I've had the displeasure of reading.

  11. Well, I wasn't going to comment on this one because your Lebanon connection is a tad too puerile for my level. But I agree entirely with abu-issa: there is rather a difference between immigrating to a country (there are also millions of Italians in Argentina e.g.) with the intention to settle there on the one hand, and as Jewish immigrants did, with the intention of creating a State, on the other hand. Never mind also the fact that Lebanon is made up of numerous ethnic and religious groups with none having anything near a majority: it's hardly a Muslim country...

    You also conveniently forget the thousands of Westerners that do live in Muslim lands as engineers etc, even as occupying forces. Seems a lot of the hypocrisy you talk about is matched by your own myopia...

  12. Gert, most of the Brazilians of Lebanese descent are Christian.
    Secondly, no state existed when Jews legally migrated to the Palestine region. Sure, their intentions were to make a Jewish governed state, but so what?
    It still shows hypocrisy that Arabs are allowed to migrate all over, yet Jews can't if they turn into a majority somewhere.
    Take Dearborn for instance, it is now almost 50% Muslim, and almost had a Muslim mayor....the elections were just after 9/11.
    Muslims like the guy in the video think there is something called Muslim land, where Westerners cannot have nearly the same rights if any, yet they expect equal rights in the West. That is hypocrisy.

  13. Boodge, Rage boy doll is funny. I'm sure Arafat would have loved to have one.

  14. you do know that dude used to be an orthodox jew.

  15. muslim fundamentalism is total hypocrisy; but then so is the fundementalism of the christian right wing and orthodox jewish right wing. and remember, at the end of the day, atheists are hated more by fundamentalist muslims, christians and jews than by each other. think about that for a while.

  16. Joe, some of the comments on his videos state this. I was trying to confirm that, but haven't been able to yet. He isn't the first one to go from Fundy Judaism to Fundy Islam if true.

    Sidney, I agree that Fundies of every religion are less tolerant of anyone different, including a large emphasis on atheists. And yes, hypocrisy reigns supreme in the Fundy world.

  17. I have proof from his own site:


  18. Thanks Joe. He says so in his newest video as well, where he rags on Jews and cherry picks history and basically lies throughout it.

  19. BEAJ:

    "Sure, their intentions were to make a Jewish governed state, but so what?"

    I love that "but so what"... It's exactly the difference between the intentions of say Lebanese Brazilians, or Italian Argentineans and Jewish immigrants to Palestine that made indigenous Arabs so suspicious and eventually so hostile. Fear of becoming displaced springs to mind...

    But so what? (lol)

  20. You are buying into Palestinian lore.
    Nobody was to be displaced, and I'm sure that isn't what was going on in the minds of Arabs.
    The more I read, the more I see the majority was accepting, but the outside Arab countries negatively influenced the situation and they keep on negatively influencing it.
    Yes, it should have been a so what.

    Just like Arabs going to Dearborn.

  21. You'll never accept that the creation of Israel, legitimate as it mostly was, was always going to be traumatic for the region.

    And of course Arab hostility came out of nowhere, just a form of "genetic" anti-Semitism I guess... It's you that's toeing the partyline here, matey, not me...

    On the other hand I guess I should be grateful that you don't refer to the Palestinians as "Pseudostinians" or "Fakestinians", a practice that is so en vogue with the more moronic US Israel-firsters, including the Armaggedonists, Holy Landers etc etc. Some of them are on your blogroll, go figure...

    "Nobody was to be displaced": the Internet is full of blogs and sites that call for the expulsion of all Arabs, including Israeli Arabs, from Israel and the OT and some members of the Knesset call also for precisely that... Leading Israeli-American commentators like Caroline Glick (J'Post) allude to it all the time.

  22. Of course there are those who want to rid Israel of Arab Muslims now. After 5 wars, and countless suicide attacks, what would you expect?

  23. Your historical insights continue to amaze me... (lol). As most North Americans you carbon-date things back to last Tuesday, and, hops, problem solved.... Not quite.

    The call for an Arab-free and Greater Israel is old goes back to even quite a few Tuesdays, I'll let you know this for free...

  24. The Palestinians already have a state. It is called Jordan. They can have the West Bank too, but that means nothing when your goal is to complete Hitler's final solution.

  25. Jason:

    You really are an idiot of the umpth degree, aren't you? Keep prattling on about "lennonism". You're a moron.