July 7, 2007

Border Collie Watches Border Collies Watching Border Collies

A quickie. Nothing to do with the fact that there is no evidence that God exists, or that Jesus or Moses existed either. Just my best friend Daisy watching a TV show about border collies who watch border collies on TV. It is sort of surrealistic video, though I have no idea what I'm talking about. Enjoy, it is just over 30 seconds.


  1. Can a dog's eye see a television picture?

    I'm just wondering what she sees on the screen, that kept her entertained.

    I have a pet parrot, and she just ignores TV. Birds' eyes see the screen as a strobe light, so there's really nothing to see for them...

  2. For sure a dog can see television pictures. I've seen her follow a dog who is running on the screen. She also knows if a dog or cat commercial is on within the first two seconds of the commercial if she has seen it before.
    She barks at the beginning of it even though the dog doesn't show up for a few more seconds.

  3. Dogs are color blind... not blind... they see shades of color but can't tell differences between certain colors.

  4. b13, my dog can differentiate between purple and red balls, so yes, they may be color blind but they are savants when it comes to distinguishing shade.