July 4, 2007

Time To Offend The Catholics Again

First off, the following video is what is called satire. It takes aspects of real life, and tries to make it overblown and humorous. If you are easily offended, please don't watch. If you don't like swear words, please don't watch it either. Anyone else who wants to grin continuously for over 4 minutes, by all means, click the play arrow:

I loved the last line in the video.

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  1. No, I disagree. Whilst technically the joke works, it's not really funny at all because of the subject matter. It would be better to concentrate on RC's denials and whitewashes regarding paedophilia, that would be genuine critiquing and could be done in a satirical context. But this is just gratuitous.

    To me it's like one of the oldest anti-Semitic "jokes" in the world:

    Q: How do you get 20 Jews in a Volkswagen beetle?
    A: In the ashtray...

    Technically the pun works but this joke isn't remotely funny because of the subject matter.

    I guess it's all subjective but this is one of these poor taste satirical moments that give atheism a bad name and makes us all look basically like "Christianophobes"... As an atheist/agnostic I want no part of that.

  2. Gert, this is a take off on the RC denials and whitewashing of the pedophilia thingy.

    It is more against Priests than followers.

    I think you need to lighten up a tad.

    Priests are knowingly choosing to act on their pedophilia (that is being too kind of me), and the Church is knowingly hiding it.

    It isn't the same as joking about Jews who had no choice.

  3. Like I said, it's subjective, some will think this is funny, some won't. With "lightening up" this has nothing to do.

    Also, why single out RC? Here in England C of E has had its share of scandals. And child molestation is by no means the sole prerogative of the religious. Nor are there any grounds for believing the religious are somehow more inclined toward paedophilia.

    No, I stick to my guns. There are far more funnier things to attack in religion, things that are far more exclusive to religion than paedophilia (which is by and large a seriously overblown problem to begin with).

    "Priests are knowingly choosing to act on their pedophilia (that is being too kind of me), and the Church is knowingly hiding it."

    For the former part of the statement I'd really like some solid evidence. It seems much more plausible that chastity vows prove hard to keep and that some succumb to abusing readily available victims. That would explain why it's more prevalent in RC...

  4. That cracked us up - thanks for sharing.

  5. I've got to go with you on this one beaj. There are no circumstances in which I will defend a priest, the pope or the catholic church. They have a sad sad history.

  6. It is funny but only in an impersonal way. I'm sure to someone who has been abused this would be like rubbing salt in the wound and perhaps too true. Cruel humour in that respect.

  7. Hilarious vid, bacon! Learning how Bibles are made was very.... informative! LOL

  8. If I burst out laughing then it's funny, sorry Gert.

  9. Like Lex, I burst out laughing.
    Very funny; thanks for posting it.

  10. BEAJ: sorry, bud, I have to agree with Gert on this one(though I laughed my preverbial(sp?) ass off while watching this video). I see little good in offending any religion, especially not in this kind of explicitly sick way. It was very, very funny, mind you but I don't think it's the way to go, not for a person of your intellect.

    What do you think?

  11. It is comedy and sarcasm and satire.
    It is supposed to make you laugh, not change the world. Though if you laugh you are more likely to be in a good mood, and that can benefit others.
    If you laughed, the clip served its purpose.

  12. beaj: if it was meant for laughter alone I would agree, but you prefaced the clip with a political statement, hence it seems "ugly" to me.

  13. Hilarious BEAJ. Thank you. Having been raised Catholic, this clip was extra special, though for the record, I was never buggered by a priest. Additionally, I've no problem making fun of religion. Far as I see it, all religion is up for grabs: Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Scientology (especially this one), etc. I don't consider religions to be sacred cows..obviously.