November 20, 2007

We Have Creationist Whackos In Canada, But We Also Have Hairy Reasoner

Another favourite Youtubist of mine is Hairy Reasoner. Hairy is a fellow Canuck, who probably lives in Southern Ontario like I do.
His videos are creative, and his wit is extremely dry, guaranteed to keep you smiling throughout. And when I guarantee something, I mean it.
Here is his most recent video "My Favourite Creationist." Hairy makes minced meat out of Canada's version of Ken Ham or Kent Hovind; Grant Jeffrey:

I do worry about Hairy though. It seems as he has read Grant Jeffrey's books. He must be masochistic to some degree, or he has way too much time on his hands.
Here is another of his videos. It is called "Intelligent Design and the Human Body":

For all of Hairy Reasoner's videos, click here. Well worth any extra time you have on your hands.


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