February 26, 2008

Americans Just Can't Decide Which God Is Right

Wow. 44% of Americans have changed religion from the one they were raised in to the one (or none) that they are in now. That is amazing. You'd figure that today's religions have figured out how to make their Good Books solid by now:)
Which religion is attracting the highest amount of recruits? Those who affiliate themselves with NO religion. I realize this includes many who believe in God, but just don't buy into the crap that religion has to offer, but it includes many who have morphed into atheist or agnostic, like me.
No surprise, the Protestants (the Fundy ones) are losing the highest percentage of their flock. The Fundy lies that are taught, like the Great Flood, a young earth, and their anti-evolution bs, has no doubt turned many faithful into doubters. Once they figure out about the lies, and yes, Young Earth Creationism is a proven lie, impressionable intelligent most likely question everything to do with their forced upon religion and then the existence of Jesus, Moses and God himself/herself/itself.

The survey didn't give reasons for change in religions. I'm sure marriage is a big one. The stringent rules that Catholicism offers probably turns a few off especially when it comes to the simplicity that goes with being a Baptist.
Baptists can go to strip joints as observers and even attempt to save the odd stripper, where Catholics have to repent for even thinking about going into such an establishment.
I have to think that the big reason for switch is what I mentioned earlier. We are in the information age, and the internet, schools, and nature/science TV shows have to have a major influence on making quite a few people just shake their heads when it comes to religion.
Note to Fundies: Start accepting evolution, or your flock will disappear slowly but surely. All that will be left will be a bunch of low IQ Yokels. Look up theistic evolution and bend your Holy Book a tad so that you can accept science instead of deny science.


  1. Theistic evolution is a cop-out as equally soul-damaging as bending the knee to the golden statue of Nebuchadnezzar. So any Christian considering 'bending' the bible to suit atheism's purpose better think twice.

    And far from being proven a lie, Young Earth Creationism has more than enough evidence behind it for the discerning mind to shrug off your pathetic humanist efforts to twist reality.

  2. Ray, you keep denying reality and make sure you are loud and proud about it on the internet. More and more people will leave your flock, and that is a very good thing.
    You have to discard all science to even consider Young Earth Creationism. YECs are the laughing stocks of the Academic World and especially cyber space.
    Keep on commenting Ray though. You are doing the youngens a huge favor by standing by your lies.

  3. Yesterday the 6,000 year old Earth shook in our part of the world.

    As Hitchens would say: "some designer, huh?"

    Clearly a rush-job: six days ain't much, even for an 'omnipotent deity' I guess...

    Ray, you're pathetic but your kind will provide us with entertainment until the sun gobbles up the Earth.

  4. I think a lot of it is that people finally are coming to understand that it's okay to change their religion. It used to be changing religions meant being ostracized. There's enough diversity now that many people won't pretend to believe what they can't believe.

    Also, people are drifting towards the more tolerant religions-- not just regarding science, but religions that promote tolerance and that don't treat followers like wayward children. Unitarian Universalism and Buddhism are popular for those reasons.