February 19, 2008

Recent Science News As Viewed By A Creationist

I invited guest blogger Joe Yokel (a Young Earth Creationist) to share his views on a recent scientific discovery. Take it away Joe:

Huge Frog Was Eating Machine

With an armored head and a mammoth 16-inch body, it wasn't quite the frog prince. Scientists have discovered the remains of what might have been the largest and fattest frog ever to have lived on Earth.

A team of researchers unearthed the fossilized frog in Madagascar. Dating from about 65 million to 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period, the frog is 3.5 inches longer than the largest living frog, the goliath frog of West Africa.

The idea of animals being bigger a long time ago is nothing new. Back during the time of the Ark, reptiles were much larger, evolutionists call them dinosaurs. Noah most probably transported either very young dinosaurs or more likely dinosaur eggs when God made him take two of each kind with him on his voyage.

Of course, the Liberal media has fallen for the so called dating lie. Scientists add quite a few zeros to the age of their findings in order to make their religion of evolution possible. Here for instance, they added 4 zeros (I did the math) to the actual date of the fossils.

In another article on the same find, they refer to the frog as a Devil Toad. This is another bash against Christianity by calling it a Devil. But more importantly, it shows that scientists can't even tell the difference between a toad and a frog, yet they want us to buy into the rest of their crap. If the fossil gave the scientist a wart, it was a toad, if it didn't, it was a frog, pretty simple. But they still don't know much.

It also says that this frog or toad ate baby dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. Aha!, now we know a reason why there are no more big dinosaurs anymore. I may have to rethink the idea that dinosaurs were today's reptiles, with this new revelation, it could easily be deducted that both small and large reptiles could have gone on the Ark.

Of course, when these large frogs ate the last dinosaur eggs, they had to settle for smaller meals and eventually over 5000 or so years evolved to get smaller.


  1. Wow. I must say, Joe, I am speechless but unsurprised. Your response sounds like one straight out of a spin machine, where you use words rather than facts to back up your insane hypothesis regarding the truth of this discovery. The most important thing you can do in your life right now, is to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself; "Do I really believe this vitriol, or am I simply spewing it to get a reaction?" If you honestly believe that which you are saying, then I pity you, and hope that someday, if even for a few seconds, you are blessed with a moment of clarity. I do not envy you the fear that will no doubt accompany this moment, but I do hope you are able to come across such an epiphany, if even for a few seconds. Don't worry about the fear..just realize, if there is a god, and he is what you think him to be, he will forgive you for your asinine and ridiculous ideas. Just remember, the reason that people like you exist, is so that those of us who seek truth and answers will have someone of whom we can learn from their mistakes from an outside point of view, and continue to evolve ourselves to enlightenment. That is what any god who created us would truly want, if he loved us.

  2. Yep, as binary.disciple said.

    I haven't got time today to debunk Yokel's jodelling.

  3. I think this may be a joke by the moderator....Joe Yokel is a suspicious name, and I can't find his blog....very funny though.

  4. OK, I confess, I'm Joe. I figured that the literacy level in the post was a great clue that it wasn't written by a creationist.

  5. O/T:

    BEAJ, have you heard anything about this movie Expelled?