May 31, 2008

My Blog: Where To Go From Here?

I've been blogging for a few years now, and I have noticed that the dates between my posts are starting to lengthen. I'm at a stage right now where I've basically stated all the points that make me a solid atheist, over and over on this blog. More importantly, I'm noticing that the secular cause is winning big time throughout the West (the West that matters anyway: Canada and the USA). There is almost little need to push for the secular cause (total separation of church and state), because the courts get it, and even the governments are getting it.

Sure, there are still isolated situations that need to be ironed out or corrected, like certain hick state school boards that still try to get fantasy taught in schools. But for the most part, I think the population is grudgingly accepting the difference between faith and fact.

Back to my blogging. Yeah, I can still write about these isolated situations, but they don't infuriate me like they used to, because, as stated above, they are coming close to extinction because common sense is prevailing. From prayer in government to creation being taught in secular schools to the issue of gay marriage, whacked out religious influence is slowly leaving with its tail tucked between its legs.

I can still write about the fact that there is absolutely no contemporary evidence that Jesus lived or the Exodus happened. But how many times do I need to do it? I'm still open to evidence, but I'll tell you, the Exodus for sure isn't looking probable at all. There is a lot of evidence that make it impossible. From my standpoint right now, it is almost as improbable as the farcical Ark story. As for Jesus, I guess there could have been a Jesus, or even 9 or 10 Jesus', but the lack of evidence makes me conclude that the Jesus that we read about was at best an invention of Paul (a dream God) who morphed into a real person over a few decades shortly thereafter.
In fact, the beginnings or roots of all religions are based on unreal, unverifiable stories and myths, which is really the only way to go, if any religion has a chance to be followed by the masses.

I guess I can still go after the multiple writers, and now Youtubers, who try to prove God or try to make the idiotic case that atheism is a "faulty world view." But has become somewhat boring. I have found that I have become automated in my rebuttals because there isn't an argument I haven't heard over and over, and the arguments are too easily destroyed by now.

I can also give pats on the back to atheists who make profound statements, but again, I've seen all the arguments for atheism, and I get it, and there isn't much to learn, except maybe new evidences about specific cultures or biological discoveries into our psyche that make us prone to believe in the supernatural. But philosophical arguments for atheism just make me yawn now.

Scientific discoveries in evolution have always been a favorite of mine to blog about, but I just don't have enough of a scientific background to feel comfortable focusing on them.

I get back into the swing of things and blog against the biggest threat to mankind today: Islam (yeah yeah yeah, "radical Islam," whatever.). But lots of blogs specialize in that already.

I still my forte is mocking religion and beliefs, and to enjoy those who mock religion and beliefs. My blog has always been on the edge when it comes to that already, so probably that is route I will go from here.
To me, the purpose of life (mine anyway) is to laugh as much as I can before I croak.


  1. Heh. I doubt much has changed in the balance between religion and secularism since you started blogging.

    Truly religious people can't change their views. Neither can their kids onc they have been subjected to religious propaganda for a certain period of time as human brain undergoes physical changes... Or so it would appear.

    Having a laugh sounds good. I also don't blog as much as I used to - having said what I wanted.

    The main danger isn't Islam or "Radical Islam". The threat is weak. Western civilization is so much more technologically developed that medieval Islamic states can't compete.

    The main danger is still communism, although today these people call themselves "progressive", "socialist", "anti-globalizationists", "eco-warriors" or "anti-Zionists".

  2. I understand where you're coming from. I really do.

  3. Shlemazl, lots has changed. ID got brutally defeated in Dover and in other states. John Tory got brutally defeated in Ontario because of his stance to fund religious schools. Gay marriage has become legal in many jurisdictions.
    Most people aren't truly religious, but I've noticed that even the biggest fundamentalists have started to take a step backwards in light of scientific evidence.
    Religiously brainwashed kids do change many times. Many start to figure it out as late as in their late 20's.
    I contend that the internet is killing the YEC movement for example. It kills all types of Fundamentalism because as long as the reader as a functioning brain, reality has to make them at least question their fundamental beliefs a lot more than ever before.
    Atheism and agnosticism is growing every day by percentages.
    Islam coupled with Communism is a huge threat. Communism (in the West) by itself is impotent, but it opens the door to Shariah Law coming to a state or province by you.

  4. I shut down my atheist blog because I found myself "picking at the fringes". You are right. The arguments become repetitive. The religious lunatics and chronic scab-pickers will always find a geopolitical flume to vent (Oklahoma???)but the dangerous wackos have been steamrolled to an extra-crispy bent. Hell, even down here in Paltryville, TX, church attendance and mandatory 10%-of-gross tithing is way down...Fundie pastors are seeking real jobs with EARTHLY benefits.

    I shut down mine until the rage surfaces again. A wise man once said,in reference to the plague, "the bacilli are always lurking in the old texts of religion." Keep your blog going, though. It is always an enjoyable read. Thanks!!!!!

  5. Here's a YouTube flick that makes me laugh


  6. Thanks Barbie. I'm not intending on shutting down the blog. I think I'll probably let my readers comments push the direction of the blog in the future. What I mean is that I will try to appease my readers more than appease myself.

  7. Keep fighting the good fight.

  8. I decided to add other items of interest to my blog alternated with atheist news and crazy fundie articles as I find them. I love astronomy so do a fairly regular astronomy post. Readers seem to enjoy those. I also throw in some funny cartoons and stuff. That way the blog is interesting, I think. For me anyway, because the same old blogging against xianinsanity starts to get to me.

    I enjoy reading your blog, you have a great sense of humor.