October 22, 2008

Evolution and Icky Icky Sex

This brings back childhood memories. I wonder how creationists explain it. Oh yeah, God works in mysterious ways.

The last part of the video was really disturbing. A praying mantis with green ooze coming out of him where his head used to be trying to escape.

But it is all about survival of the species not necessarily the individual.

I just read this today:Female Tarantulas Devour Extra Suitor.
I wonder why she let her mate off without devouring him too. What advantage for the species does the mating male have when it comes to living past mating?
Any hoot, the offspring are bigger and stronger if the female gets to dine on the spider who insists on sloppy seconds.

This leads into a new video:


Really interesting video. Isn't evolution wonderful?

H/T Answers In Genesis BUSTED for finding the video (though I'm subscribed to the author of the video cdk007 as well, he found it first, and by the way, Answers In Genesis BUSTED is a great blog to bookmark)


  1. Love it -- especially the fact that in some mantises the male's head contains nerve inhibitors so his decapitation actually improves sexual performance!

  2. Icky alright. I'm at the library and I was wondering if anyone would peer over my back and watch was I watching! :-P