October 17, 2008

Texas School Board Is An Embarrassment To The USA

I feel so sorry for the USA. Being almost half full of reality denying anti-evolutionists is bad enough, but abusing children with lies goes way over the line.

From Little Green Footballs: The Texas School Board Has Appointed 3 Creationists To The Science Committee.

The worst scenario is that they get their bogus texts into the science class. According to what I've read, it can open the door to getting them in classes across America.

Creationists are trying to backdoor God into the classroom. The funny thing is that I'm not sure if Young Earth Creationists realize that most of those who support the notion of ID are really just theistic evolutionists who accept an ancient earth and evolution to at least some degree.

There is no science at all when it comes to ID, only hole poking, and most of the holes have been sewn up by science. But IDists tend to just ignore the scientific explanations and then they quickly turn the page and try to poke another hole.

The core opinion of an IDist is that life and the universe is so complex that it must have a designer/creator. Again, that is strictly an opinion, and it has no place in science because it is an unfalsifiable claim.

What Every Creationist Must Deny:

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  1. I can see the nature of the problem. It is the label "theory" that is used to tag evolution. Surely there is enough evidence by now to drop the theory tag. That would then leave creationism still holding the tag "theory".

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