November 16, 2008

Confidence: Just Child Memory Crap

To my regular readers, I'm sorry for the following, I have just been suffering temporary writer's block:

I know this post will date me, but I readily admit I'm 47. I've always been an NFL fan and I proudly can say that I've never watched a full CFL game in my life (I hate watching inferior professional product).

The NFL and the NBA were rituals for me when I was in my single digit years. Living in Toronto, me, my father, and my brother (a year younger than me) would religiously watch the Cleveland Browns on CBS every Sunday. The Buffalo station adopted Cleveland in the 60's, just as they adopted the Boston Celtics during the same time. Basketball was featured when the NFL season ended.

Of course, being a secular Jew, Saturdays were reserved for going to the race track:)
I remember trying to keep track of yards gained by each offense, which means I watched every single play. I also did the same for the Celtic games. I don't remember why I did it though.

I remember one time my mother got really mad at me, I was 9 years old, and she ripped took my stat page out of my hands during a Celtic game and wound up ripping it to shreds. I bawled my eyes out, and ran away from home.

Ok, it wasn't really running away, because I wound up at my grand parents home which was around 20 minutes away by foot. It still was something daring for me to do. Maybe it was that traumatic childhood moment which triggered my atheism:) Why would God let my mother rip up my stats?

Anyway, I never understood why the NFL and CBS took away the greatest theme song ever for football. It was played at the beginning of every broadcast from around 1965 to at least 1970. Here it is. I hope it brings back memories to every football fan from my age and up:

The song is called "Confidence" and apparently it came from the play "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty." I think I remember seeing the movie version which came out long before the play and the song which is aka The Walter Mitty March.

The movie came out in 1947, and I just did a search. Looks like Michael Myers is about to star in a remake. Not sure if it will based on the original story, or the 1947 film which seems to be loosely based on the story.