November 19, 2008

I Saw The Bible's Buried Secrets

To my amazement, I was able to watch a new Nova episode on the very same day it was available to most US households. For some reason the Buffalo PBS station is behind when it comes to shows like Nova. I was able to watch it on a Seattle station that comes with my West time zone subscription from my local cable carrier.

I was actually looking forward to The Bible's Buried Secrets. Something told me it wouldn't be too far off The Bible Unearthed, which was quite an eye opener.

Both were similar. Both compared the Old Testament to actual archaeological findings.

Yesterday's documentary seemed to give more detail and more explanation to what most likely actually happened in the region of Israel whereas The Bible Unearthed was more of a bible debunking video.

The idea of the Exodus and Moses remains an impossibility. And it is very likely that the early Israelites were poor Canaanites, who were the product of a have havenot economy that went into the dumper.

More havenots came from outside of Canaan to form what I like to call the Pre-Jews. Included were some former slaves from Egypt, not hundreds of thousands, and maybe not even a thousand.

Another interesting tidbit is that not only were most of the Pre-Jews idol worshipers, they also believed God had a wife:

The land was full of sun God worshiping animal sacrificing poor people. Finally, when the Pre-Jews got their butts whooped in Jerusalem in 586 BC by the Babylonians, the excuse of having more than one God causing the loss stuck, and finally monotheistic Judaism was created.

Ezra and his buddies put all the stories and myths into a book with strict laws and lots of lessons in morality around 450 BC's, and the Pre-Jews became Jews.

Not touched on was my personal belief that the Babylonian culture's Hammurabi and his laws were used as the basis for the Moses myth.

I've often wondered how necessary it is to most Christians that the Exodus story be literal. I also wonder how some religious Jews can make a case for the Exodus story being mostly allegorical.

I'm glad that TBBS didn't even attempt to tackle the ridiculous Global Flood crapola.
I can't believe there are still some intelligent human beings who still believe Noah's story is literal.

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