November 28, 2008

The New Disingenuous Breed Of Creationists

So I get this comment on my brilliant (if I say so myself) satirical video "More Proof Evolution Is Wrong"

Good Science For You
"There is no evidence of evolution of mankind from any other species. It is easy to prove.
Check out my vids. I have studied this for over 40 years. I have no religion and I certainly never want to be indoctrinated by some idiot named Ken. Do your own thinking. Don't be the clone of someone elses thought process and beliefs."

I thought he was talking about assmonkey Ken Ham, but I quickly found out that he meant Dr. Ken Miller.

This guy is hard to watch. There is no entertainment value whatsoever, but more importantly no science either. He pretty much "thinks" that science is one very large conspiracy theory.

I could barely watch a complete video, let alone the 10 videos he has recently put up.

I could only watch half of his last video Final Proof Of Evolution Falsified:

His conclusion from what I saw of the above video is that fossilization dating techniques are always contaminated, so therefore evolution is bull.

In Sideways Logic Miller Whale, Devolution he has a problem with animals evolving to be smaller when on a smaller isolated island:

His "logic" here is again not based on science, but on the premise that animals must either go extinct or be able to exist in the new environment, and I guess if they exist, there is no need to evolve smaller.

He obviously thinks in terms of decades and not not even hundreds of years.

Funny that he calls Ken Miller an idiot, makes fun of Miller's PHD, and questions why he should be allowed to tour the country lecturing.

But this is the best part. In the comment section of both those videos, I've been engaging him somewhat, though it is hard not to just call him a moron and be done with him.
He claims both evolution and creation are both bull. When I asked what he believed, he said you can't know for sure (while calling evolution a belief and religion like a good creationist does). Then when confronting him a bit more in a logical way, I asked him if evolution is bull and creation is bull, what else is there?

Of course, I haven't and I won't get a reasonable answer to that question. He is obviously nothing but a disingenuous creationist trying something new on Youtube.

This is just another example of why intelligent design is simply creationism. Either life evolved on this planet or it was poofed here as is. There is no in between. Of course, I can live with the theistic evolutionists who want to believe that God set everything in motion as long as they don't deny science in the equation.

I also asked him to explain the Nylon Bug to me, and he asked me to explain it to him first so that he can give me reasons for why my worldview about it is wrong. I told him that this is not how the game is played, I asked you a question, you get to answer me before I answer your questions.