November 24, 2008

Did You Know That Masturbation Leads To Homosexuality?

First off I want to say that this religious nutter seems like a very nice person. But as soon as saw the video I said to myself "I've got to post it." I discovered Ronen Levi Yitzchak Youtube channel because I am a follower of Atheist Media Blog, and another Yitzchak video was posted there. He criticized Christopher Hitchens without knowing anything about what Hitchens has to say except for the title of the book he wrote, God Is Not Great.

This video is classic. Ronen has it all figured out. When a guy masturbates he has his male hand gripping his penis, and since one is accepting of a male hand on his penis, he becomes more and more prone to becoming a homosexual. If we cut down on this type of gay behaviour, less and less gays would be created.

The old religious mindset that gays are created by nurture is prevalent. How about this Ronen, homosexuality is mostly created in the womb. And when straight guys like me masturbate, I'm thinking of women. I'm sure when homosexual men masturbate they mostly think about men.

Not only does masturbation most likely reduces the chances of prostate cancer, it also relieves tension and that makes us human males less likely to be overly aggressive most of the time. Sure, sex with a willing female is preferred, but I live in a real world where women (ie wives) tend not to need it as much as men, after they get their wedding ring that is.

Masturbation. There, I said it, I'm relieved....OK, I'm not relieved....not yet anyway.