February 17, 2009

Airplanes Prove God Works In Mysterious Ways, Uhmm Yeah Ok Whatever

I'm trying not to be insensitive here, but I'm just going to write what probably most atheists are thinking after that tragic crash in Buffalo in relation to the "Miracle on the Hudson."

As an atheist, or just a thinking person, I cringed when I heard survivors, their families, and even newsmen infer that the Hudson crash had something to do with God. To be fair, I cringed when Kurt Warner won the Super Bowl with St. Louis and spent the post game interview thanking God and Jesus. What is wrong with these people?

This brings me to the crash in Buffalo. I wonder what the Hudson survivors are thinking now? That they are here for a special purpose, but all those involved in the Buffalo crash didn't have a special purpose anymore? Maybe they are feeling guilty. By praising God so much, God decided to show some humility and purposely caused that Buffalo crash to smite the praisers, you know, God is perfect, but he doesn't want to be praised.

God doesn't work in mysterious ways. It is all random people (with scientific explanations). Get over it.