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January 21, 2010

Pat Robertson Said Nothing Wrong If You Are A Religidiot

I'm really getting lazy lately. I wanted to post this five or six days ago, but I think I'm losing my enthusiasm to blog. Hopefully this is a just a temporary setback because I like blogging.

So Pat Robertson blames the Haiti earthquake on a deal with the devil. If you are a bible literalist or someone who believes God performs miracles, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying God causes horrible stuff that happens all over the world. You can't just claim the good stuff, and you can't expect God to have changed.

God is the same dude who flooded the earth and killed every living land animal except two of each. Just because he didn't like the way things were going.

The guy is one cold hearted bastard. Childish vengeance is what God is all about. So why are some theists throwing Robertson under the bus? I just don't get it.

February 17, 2009

Airplanes Prove God Works In Mysterious Ways, Uhmm Yeah Ok Whatever

I'm trying not to be insensitive here, but I'm just going to write what probably most atheists are thinking after that tragic crash in Buffalo in relation to the "Miracle on the Hudson."

As an atheist, or just a thinking person, I cringed when I heard survivors, their families, and even newsmen infer that the Hudson crash had something to do with God. To be fair, I cringed when Kurt Warner won the Super Bowl with St. Louis and spent the post game interview thanking God and Jesus. What is wrong with these people?

This brings me to the crash in Buffalo. I wonder what the Hudson survivors are thinking now? That they are here for a special purpose, but all those involved in the Buffalo crash didn't have a special purpose anymore? Maybe they are feeling guilty. By praising God so much, God decided to show some humility and purposely caused that Buffalo crash to smite the praisers, you know, God is perfect, but he doesn't want to be praised.

God doesn't work in mysterious ways. It is all random people (with scientific explanations). Get over it.

February 1, 2009

Isn't It Time For God To Put An End To The Atheist Bus Campaign?

Isn't this the perfect chance for God to finally come out of hiding? I know that if I was all powerful with a bit of a wrathful edge to me, I would do something to prove these atheist buses wrong.

How about making the sun rotate around the earth for a couple of days? Or simply write some messages in clouds? God can always of course make the limb of an amputee miraculously grow back. How about doing it in a couple of seconds on national TV?


At first, when I heard about the Atheist Bus campaign, I was indifferent. In fact, I was sort of against it. I just looked at it as immature game playing by obnoxious atheists. But now that it has come to Canada, and I see all the press it is getting as well as the discussions and irrational ire it is causing, I'm fully supportive of it.

This is getting people thinking, people who may not thought so hard before. Not putting "There is no God" makes a big difference. By using the word "probably," it lightens the offensiveness of it, and opens up the debate in a much nicer manner. What it really does, is get many theists (the ones who are not too far gone) to look at the evidence for God. And once one really starts looking for evidence in a rational and objective way, many will come to the conclusion that there is probably no God, just as I did.

Kids will also start question their assumption of God at a much earlier age, and parents will need to explain why they believe in God, and that kind of gets tough, considering there really is no evidence to rely on. I'm sure the bible will be used, but children old enough to use the internet will be doing more searches, and bottom line will be questioning more and more.

Now about the Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life Part. I know many idiotic theists interpret this as a green light to atheists to rape, steal, and murder, but that argument gets shot down in a hurry because other than sociopaths, humans don't get pleasure from harming others. We are evolved to respect The Golden Rule (reciprocal altruism), though some cultures frown up The Golden Rule at times (see many Muslim countries that focus on a shame culture versus the guilt culture of the West).

Naturally, we are social animals who feel strong senses of empathy and guilt. We are prewired to get a sense of enjoyment (or at least extreme satisfaction) from helping an old lady walk across the street, not throwing an old lady in front of a speeding car.

And the stop worrying part is very important. Stop worrying about what God thinks, stop talking for God, as God is most probably a fictional character. In other words, at least respect the idea of separation of church and state because you are probably wrong, and don't worry about making abortion illegal because you think God doesn't like it, let the woman choose, and don't worry about homosexuals getting married either.

Lets not forget, if you are an anti-evolutionist and if you stop worrying about whether God exists or not, you might just start accepting real science by not letting the bible get in the way when it comes to the overwhelming evidence that supports evolution.

The more scientific minds, the higher the chance that future generations will be on this earth to enjoy a much longer life attached with more quality.

See also, The Atheist Media blog for a clip on the Atheist Buses coming to Toronto.

Oops, I forgot to make my Super Bowl prediction when I first posted this, so here goes. Kurt Warner has Jesus going for him, but Obama is cheering for Pittsburgh. Who has a greater desire to intervene? I'd say Jesus, because he isn't the top banana anymore, so I'm going with the Arizona Cardinals, plus 6 and a half of course.
Oh, and take the over. If the Cardinals cover, the game is definitely going to be high scoring.