February 13, 2011

Not Even Close To Being Worthy

OnlineCourses.net has put together lists of "Top" blogs for various topic, I guess as a way to get traffic to their site (it is working I guess). The topics are not very mainstream: Top Insect Blogs, Top Civil War Blogs, etc. One of the topics is 50 Awesome Atheistic/Agnostic Blogs. That's cool. But I don't deserve to be anywhere close to being that list, let alone in the Top 5.

I can't argue with the description of my blog though:

#3. The Atheist Jew: The Atheist Jew chronicles the opinions and experiences of a man who denies the existence of God, but by way of definition, is still technically considered a Jew. He explores a variety of issues, including popular culture, current events, and other controversial occurrences.

* Why We Love It: The Atheist Jew is comical, candid, and entertaining. He pokes fun at religious fanatics and, assuming it doesn't offend you, it's quite likely to make you chuckle.
* Favorite Post: Expect The Religious Right To Be Riled Up Over The Simpsons

The favorite post mentioned was hardly one of my best posts, and I was wrong about the prediction I made in it too. Kind of tells me that their was some effort in putting these lists together, but it isn't close to scholarly work.

There are many great atheist blogs out there, and more importantly, many of the bloggers out there post a heck of a lot more time than I do. I've really cut back here. I think my passion to fight has diminished, mostly because I've heard and refuted pretty much all the arguments against atheism, for God, and against evolution. I find the internet warriors and religious writers who continually conjure up reasons why God exists, why atheism is silly, and why evolution isn't true to be like gnats hanging out at the tail of a gnu (I'm the gnu btw).

Early on when I started this blog, I found it almost to be a duty to refute and teach. Maybe I will get back that desire, but right now it is definitely on hold.