May 10, 2011

Am I A Family Guy Geek?

I watched Family Guy's Big Bang Theory episode on Sunday, and was left bothered. ***Spoiler Alert. In this episode, it turns out that Stewie caused the Big Bang. Now, when it comes to understanding things in physics like the time space continuum, my brain usually goes numb very quickly, so the fact that he could go back in time to cause the creation of the universe, didn't cause me any frustration. I just nod my head and go OK. But the thing that is causing me some fits has to do with the sub plot, when Stewie's half brother Bertram goes back in time to murder Stewie's ancestor Leonardo Da Vinci to prevent Stewie from ever being born.

From previous episodes, it is known that Stewie and Bertram share the same dad. So in order to prevent Stewie from being born, all Bertram had to do was off one of Stewie's direct ancestors from is mother's side.

The explanation on the show by Stewie was that Bertram had to go back far enough to kill an ancestor who would prevent Stewie from being born but allow Bertram to be born. This is where I have the problem. Both Stewie and Bertram would have to be direct descendents of Da Vinci, unless there is something I'm missing. And even if Bertram has no Da Vinci genes (if that is possible), offing him would destroy the line to the point that their shared father would not have been born.

Of course, the fact that both Stewie and Bertram share a football shaped head, and Da Vinci also had a football shaped head makes it a given that Bertram still had Da Vinci genes, but that is not the point I'm trying to understand here. If any of my direct ancestors died before conceiving one of my ancestors whether I have their genes or not, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here today.

Now, am I geeky or what? Is the fact I'm so into Family Guy a curse for not having children of my own? I don't think I'm a geek when it comes to anything else, but at 50 years old, for me to write this blog piece, I'm starting to question my priorities, and who I am.

One more thing, writing this post reminds me of another Family Guy episode, where Brian the dog fathers a child who is 13 (yet Brian is only 8). Forget about the fact that the kid was 100% human, for some reason, that can be accepted, in that episode, Stewie brings up the ages causing Brian to say "if you don't like it complain about it on the internet."