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May 10, 2011

Am I A Family Guy Geek?

I watched Family Guy's Big Bang Theory episode on Sunday, and was left bothered. ***Spoiler Alert. In this episode, it turns out that Stewie caused the Big Bang. Now, when it comes to understanding things in physics like the time space continuum, my brain usually goes numb very quickly, so the fact that he could go back in time to cause the creation of the universe, didn't cause me any frustration. I just nod my head and go OK. But the thing that is causing me some fits has to do with the sub plot, when Stewie's half brother Bertram goes back in time to murder Stewie's ancestor Leonardo Da Vinci to prevent Stewie from ever being born.

From previous episodes, it is known that Stewie and Bertram share the same dad. So in order to prevent Stewie from being born, all Bertram had to do was off one of Stewie's direct ancestors from is mother's side.

The explanation on the show by Stewie was that Bertram had to go back far enough to kill an ancestor who would prevent Stewie from being born but allow Bertram to be born. This is where I have the problem. Both Stewie and Bertram would have to be direct descendents of Da Vinci, unless there is something I'm missing. And even if Bertram has no Da Vinci genes (if that is possible), offing him would destroy the line to the point that their shared father would not have been born.

Of course, the fact that both Stewie and Bertram share a football shaped head, and Da Vinci also had a football shaped head makes it a given that Bertram still had Da Vinci genes, but that is not the point I'm trying to understand here. If any of my direct ancestors died before conceiving one of my ancestors whether I have their genes or not, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here today.

Now, am I geeky or what? Is the fact I'm so into Family Guy a curse for not having children of my own? I don't think I'm a geek when it comes to anything else, but at 50 years old, for me to write this blog piece, I'm starting to question my priorities, and who I am.

One more thing, writing this post reminds me of another Family Guy episode, where Brian the dog fathers a child who is 13 (yet Brian is only 8). Forget about the fact that the kid was 100% human, for some reason, that can be accepted, in that episode, Stewie brings up the ages causing Brian to say "if you don't like it complain about it on the internet."

April 13, 2010

Who Is Embarrassing America

Just a partial list from the top of my head (not in any specific order except for number one):

1.   Sarah Palin....BIG TIME
2.   Any Teabagger in the crowd who gets interviewed on TV.
3.   Fox News
4.   Ken Ham
5.   Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron
6.   The Octomom
7.   Any pro athlete who gets caught carrying a gun.
8.   Right to lifers.
9.   Young Earth Creationists (this is definitely number two).
10.  Israel boycotters.  Especially, if they are involved with a university.
11.  Bill Donohue.
12.  Father Jonathan Morris.
13.  Pat Robertson.
14.  Pat Buchanan.
15.  The Duggars.
16.  The GOP.
17.  Obama's ass kissing of Islam.
18.  9/11 Truthers.
19.  Evolution deniers (see 9.).

There are more, but my mind just went blank.

I just want to add that I'm pissed off at Family Guy because in their latest episode, Brian (who came out as an atheist this year), was caught praying to God by Stewie, when he thought the world was about to end.  And then, when it turned out to be an April Fool's day prank that the world was to end, he winds up going to a soup kitchen to keep a promise he made (to God). 

Dammit Seth, way to offend to offend your atheist brethren. 

November 16, 2009

Palestinians Finally Recognized By American Sitcoms

American sitcoms have completely stayed away from Palestinians. Touchy subject matter? Taboo? Maybe, the over representation of Jewish writers have something to do with, as collectively, as they want to stay away from material that they might be too emotional about.
Well, the Palestinians were finally recognized yesterday on Family Guy.
Thank you once again Seth MacFarlane.

In the following clip, Peter Griffin is making a comparison about how useless the ham radio is that he bought from his buddy Quagmire. "Well this thing is worthless, like my Palestinian alarm clock":

If you didn't laugh, you don't belong in the West.

On a serious note, the Palestinians have behaved much better of late. So much so, no matter what their ultimate intentions are, they have swung world opinion towards them. I'm not talking the world opinion of the Far Left Moonbats or Far Right Hitlerites who already for different reasons supported the Palestinians. I'm talking about those in the center. And the demography that matter, the secular centrists (of which I am a member).

Certainly, the wall and the Gaza ass kicking has helped deter the Palestinians from major terrorist activity lately, but the reality is that since terrorism hasn't been happening, stalling tactics by Israel to make a Palestinian state happen are starting to be noticed even by the most rational of thinkers.

Up until now, the Palestinians have not deserved a state, nor have they shown desire for one that included even Israel living side by side them. And there is a good chunk of Palestinians that won't ever accept a Jewish majority state ever, including least on paper.

But now without violence, Israel has no choice but to do their best to let the Palestinians have a state and see what happens, at least if they want to be seen as a country that has Western ethics going for them.

A Palestinian state is problematic because of the settlements. And a real solution is going to need extreme compromising from both sides. I do know that settlements need to cease until something is agreed upon, as their growth at this time are making Israel the bad guy, and up until very recently, the Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries have been the bad guy without any doubt.

March 30, 2009

Family Guy: Brian Comes Out As An Atheist (Watch It Now)

OK, hurry up and watch the videos before Youtube takes it down. Great stuff from Seth MacFarlane (the new atheist God). Brian doesn't come out until the second video. There are two story lines as you will find out

UPDATE: THEY ARE GONE NOW. My friend at Yoism has put together an edited version that just contains the story line to do with Brian's atheism, just click this link and watch it (he took out the Star Trek stuff).


The line that cracked my up the most happens around the 5 minute mark in the following video. Mayor Adam West gives reaction to the fact that an atheist lives in Quahog "Arrr shocking to say the least. I'd rather have a terrorist living in our midst. At least they believe in a God. Even if it's a SMELLY BROWN GOD." :

LOL @ Logic For First Graders being harmful to God.

I had to find the last part again as Youtube removed the one that goes with the first two. This one begins near the end of the second video, so you'll be viewing around 3 minutes of that video over again:

I kinda hate making these posts because I know the video will disappear ASAP. But I'm trying to do the atheist community a favour, and that outweighs everlasting blog content.

March 24, 2009

Seth MacFarlane Is An Atheist (Not To Be A Dick)

This is a really good discussion between Adam Carolla (another atheist Jew) and the CREATOR of my favourite show on TV, Seth MacFarlane.
I knew MacFarlane wasn't religious, but he actually he states he is an atheist in this interview. Mortality and morality are the topics. Enjoy.

H/T Atheist Media Blog
Carolla seems to be obsessed with death and mortality. With me, it comes and goes in phases. Most of the time I just find myself more and more accepting of the idea of when you are dead, you are dead, that's all folks.

When MacFarlane spoke of morality in nature, I thought for a moment "does he read my blog?" He cites the same thing I do when explaining how religion doesn't cause us to be moral. It is evident in nature. I tend to use chimps as quick examples when debating theists, but his bat example is a good one.

His "not to be a dick" comment just reflects the perception of the rebellious God hating atheist that many theists wrongly accuse us atheists as having. He goes on to explain that being an atheist seems to be the logical default.

So why do I find it great that MacFarlane is on the atheist team? I think it has to do with our innate tribal buttons. I posted about this when dealing with the obsession that a great inventor, an actor, or a sports player is a Jew, that many Jews have. Or how many people tend to support sports teams from their own city even though none to almost none of the players are from the same city.

But it is more than that in this case. Family Guy and American Dad are extremely funny and witty shows. It just feels so good that they come from an atheist perspective after all. Because most atheists know, that our way of rationalizing things collectively is much more pure than the way theists do it. It sort of makes me feel special that Seth is an atheist, because I'm an atheist too.

This brings me to a recent study of the brain. Yes, we are starting to find out that there is a difference in the way the atheist and theist brain works. It seems that religious people do not have the same anxiety levels when they make an error that non religious people have. And they tend to make less mistakes as well which could be attributed to less stress.
The ho hum attitude that theists have after making a error doesn't help when it comes to correcting future errors though.

My conclusion from the study is that if you have a simple task to get done, let a theist do it. But if you are dealing with something complex, let an atheist do it. Sure there will be mistakes, but it won't be for lack of trying.

This brings up a good question. If you were to go in for a major operation, would you want someone who cares about making mistakes (who is apt to make more mistakes) doing it, or someone who cares less about making mistakes doing it? I guess it depends on how complex the operation is.

I do think this study correlates well with evolution and science versus creation. It reflects the ho hum mind numbness that goes with those who deny science and take the simple less stressful route that Godidit and the bible is the only science book you need.

Science is always ongoing, and mistakes have been made, but science is always correcting mistakes and learning from them.

I wonder if there will be a study confirming that some people are more inclined to be atheist because of their brain's nature over nurture. That would make me feel sort of special.