February 2, 2012

Senator Boisvenu Has Nothing To Apologize For

Seriously, what is with my country these days? There is the left and there is the far left. The far left is full of wingnuts who try to blame society or other external factors for the actions of criminals. No, criminals are not victims. Unless someone is mentally ill, and I mean really mentally ill, the criminal is completely responsible for their acts.

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu told reporters Wednesday the most heinous of criminals and ``assassins'' with no hope of rehabilitation should ``have the right to a rope in his cell and make a decision about his or her life.''

I would agree with the comment from anyone (Boisvenu's daughter was raped and murdered in 2002), and the fact that other politicians are jumping all over his comments taking a hissy fit just makes me feel less happy about being Canadian. No need to get sensitive when it comes to criminals who carry out heinous acts.

What doesn't make sense though, is that Boisvenu is against the death penalty. Over 60% of Canadians are for the death penalty.

Offering despicable criminals the right to choose sounds like a great idea. But if they choose to live, I see nothing wrong with the state deciding differently, as long as there is 100% certainty that the right person is behind bars. It is a great deterrent, since murder and rape are choices. You should lose the right to be rehabilitated when you rape a child or commit first degree murder.

I can't believe some of the comments here.