February 7, 2012

Atheism Is Not A Religion

It gets worse in US election years, many people spew rhetoric which includes making up new definitions for established words or concepts. The idea is to get under ones skin. I find it funny when theists claim atheism is a religion. First, unless it is in the context like "baseball is a religion," calling atheism a religion is a total fail. Religion requires belief in a higher power AND also requires faith that the stuff associated with that higher power isn't made up...in other words, there is no evidence support the higher power or supernatural force(s) that is the core of the particular religious belief.

The second thing is that those who claim atheism is a religion are generally theists who are trying to piss off an atheist by trying to make atheism seem foolish. The ironic thing is that the theist is kind of saying that religion is a foolish thing.

Anyway, Bill Maher put out the atheism is a religion fire much better than I can:

As for Mitt Romney's conversion of his dead father in law to Mormonism, I have a feeling that we haven't heard the end of it. Wait until he becomes the GOP nominee. How is Romney going to defend the Mormons who convert dead Jews?

I'm curious though. Was Romney required to open the grave of his dead father in law prior to converting him? Does Romney own designer grave digging jeans? These questions need to be answered.