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June 3, 2010

Humanitarians For Gaza: What A Con Job

If feel sorry for all those gullible lefties (the ones who sincerely don't hate Jews) who buy into the charade. In the meantime, everyone can enjoy this:

For the truth about the Flotilla, and the hypocrisy of different nations, including of course Islamic nations, check out The Elder of Ziyon's blog.

They actually named a boat The Rachel Corrie? I guess it will bring the Gazans some pancake mix. If you believe the con artists, the Gazans haven't had a real breakfast since the Jews were ethnically cleansed from that region.

January 1, 2010

Who Is George Galloway?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Happy New. Moving right along...

George Galloway is a terrorist supporting hypocrite. Plain and simple. The name may or may not be familiar to readers here, but he has been in the news because he is part of a "humanitarian" group out to "help out" Gazans. Even the Egyptians frown up these "humanitarians." Egypt recognizes Hamas and Hamas supporting swine like Galloway for the thugs that they are.

The Far Left really boggles my mind. They just can't identify the victim because to them, those with the least are ALWAYS the victim, whether they are robbers, rapists, or terrorists. They can even blame the West and even Israel for the attempted underwear bombing by a very well to do Muslim.

Galloway reminds me a lot of Sid Ryan (Ontario Cupe's President.

Here is Galloway caught lying big time:

George Galloway was banned from coming to Canada earlier last year. The government could have used many reasons to ban him, but chose just one (his stance on Afghanistan).

Galloway is now comparing Israel to a mini-Mengele because of organ harvesting. If you want to put things in a real perspective, read this.