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November 16, 2009

Palestinians Finally Recognized By American Sitcoms

American sitcoms have completely stayed away from Palestinians. Touchy subject matter? Taboo? Maybe, the over representation of Jewish writers have something to do with, as collectively, as they want to stay away from material that they might be too emotional about.
Well, the Palestinians were finally recognized yesterday on Family Guy.
Thank you once again Seth MacFarlane.

In the following clip, Peter Griffin is making a comparison about how useless the ham radio is that he bought from his buddy Quagmire. "Well this thing is worthless, like my Palestinian alarm clock":

If you didn't laugh, you don't belong in the West.

On a serious note, the Palestinians have behaved much better of late. So much so, no matter what their ultimate intentions are, they have swung world opinion towards them. I'm not talking the world opinion of the Far Left Moonbats or Far Right Hitlerites who already for different reasons supported the Palestinians. I'm talking about those in the center. And the demography that matter, the secular centrists (of which I am a member).

Certainly, the wall and the Gaza ass kicking has helped deter the Palestinians from major terrorist activity lately, but the reality is that since terrorism hasn't been happening, stalling tactics by Israel to make a Palestinian state happen are starting to be noticed even by the most rational of thinkers.

Up until now, the Palestinians have not deserved a state, nor have they shown desire for one that included even Israel living side by side them. And there is a good chunk of Palestinians that won't ever accept a Jewish majority state ever, including least on paper.

But now without violence, Israel has no choice but to do their best to let the Palestinians have a state and see what happens, at least if they want to be seen as a country that has Western ethics going for them.

A Palestinian state is problematic because of the settlements. And a real solution is going to need extreme compromising from both sides. I do know that settlements need to cease until something is agreed upon, as their growth at this time are making Israel the bad guy, and up until very recently, the Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries have been the bad guy without any doubt.