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August 2, 2013

Freedom From Religion Foundation Have Gone Insane

I didn't want to blog about this, but since the Freedom From Religion is taking a stance of willful ignorance, by not backing down despite hearing and viewing actual facts as to why their stance against the Holocaust Memorial in Ohio is simply wrong, I just have to add my two cents.

Nobody is more for separation of church and state than me, but when it comes to the Star Of David, an idiot can research it and find it is neither biblical or religious. Jews are a religion and/or ethnicity. When Hitler murdered Jews in Nazi Europe, he didn't ask if they were religious, let alone if they believed in God. So the argument that the Star violates of the First Amendment or separation of church and state is hooey, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't promote Judaism, nobody is going to see the Memorial and say, the USA has become a Jewish nation, nor will it in any way make anyone want to convert to Judaism.

David Silverman, President of American Atheists usually gets things right, but he overcompensates against Jews for being born an ethnic Jew (some sort of dissociation psychological disorder I think), and common sense gets thrown aside.

Here is a rational atheist, David Fincke's (Camel With Hammer) take on the subject.

Here is an irrational rant by David Silverman:

When a Fox News hot blonde wins a debate, it is time to reassess your position Silverman.

His point, and only point it seems, that more than one group were Holocaust victims and that they should be represented in the same way is ridiculous, and here is why: The Nazis put out a lot of propaganda, but the only films I remember seeing were those which made Jews out to be subhuman and the cause of every wrong in the world. There weren't films about blacks, gays, or Gypsies, just Jews.

Films like this, the Eternal Jew, not the Eternal Homosexual, were used to get the German people to go along with Hitler's plan:

As for the Star of David making the Memorial look like a synagogue, again just pure foolishness by Silverman. Did the Stars that Jews were forced to wear make the Jewish people look like synagogues.

Freedom from Religion Foundation, wake up and GET A LIFE!

Another excellent read on the subject: Atheists against the Ohio Holocaust memorial: How not to fight for separation of church and state

June 19, 2009

Most Canadians Aren't This Stupid

At least I don't think we are.

The very first part of the video is true. I don't remember ever discussing the Holocaust in school. Outside of the home or TV documentaries, the Holocaust was not brought up. We did have history classes, but generally history focused only on Canadian history.

The Angry Canuck then goes on to make a complete fool of himself. I will take it on his word that he actually tried to research the Holocaust. However, he must have either been directed or attracted to Holocaust denier material and neo-Nazi websites to get all of his information.

I did send him a message to his Youtube inbox:
You researched from anti-semitic sites, the video at the end is proof of that. That person is a known Jew hater.
Unfortunately Google links to Holocaust denial sites so if you sincerely researched it, you went down the wrong path.
You could easily fall for idiocy researching 9/11 as well.

Here are some real sites:

Watch this video:;photovideo

And watch this video too made at the end of the war:

I haven't received a follow up from him. Hopefully has gone through some of the material I sent him. He also has been silent on the video site too, but to his credit, he isn't deleting any posts. And to the Youtube communities credit, his video is getting a ton of one star ratings, and many angry comments.

The disturbing part is (assuming this guy is sincere) how easy it is to erase the Holocaust from the history of the newer generations. Kind of a light at the end of the tunnel for anti-semitic Joooo obsessed internet circus freaks. In order to prevent Revisionism from getting an upper hand, it is important to fight Holocaust denial as much as possible.

To leave your own comment on his video click here.

January 24, 2009

My List Of Stupid, Silly and/or Crazy People On The Internet

I have plenty of internet "debates." Here is a list of categories I wind up "debating" usually. I consider the people who are on the other side of the "debates" stupid, silly, and/or crazy, at least when it comes to any of the issues I'm pointing out below. Yes, many people show up on a few of the categories.

1. Young Earth Creationists
2. Evolution Deniers
3. Holocaust Deniers
4. Those who use the bible as evidence for God
5. Those who call atheism a religion, or liberalism a religion
6. Those who believe the side of the terrorist is the side of the victim
7. Those who think that we shouldn't piss off Islam because we will get what we deserve if we do
8. People who think that homosexuality is a choice in most cases, if not all cases
9. Those who think the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a real document
10. People who say there is definite proof that Jesus and/or Moses existed
11. Those who criticize Israel, say they aren't anti-semites, but fail to criticize other world wide conflicts or regimes
12. Anyone who thinks the UN has any use today other than help Islam spread
13. Those who have a problem with Israel's legitimacy, but doesn't have an equal problem with the legitimacy of Canada, the USA, and Australia, etc.
14. Muslims who whine about less than 500,000 Jews going to the non sovereign region of Palestine from Europe, yet have no problem populating the West by the millions
15. Those who say that Israel is guilty of genocide
16. Those against gay marriage
17. Those against the woman's right to choose
18. People who own pitbulls (ok, that is not an internet one)
19. Those who know for sure that man has absolutely nothing to do with Global Warming
20. Those who think that God creates miracles or disasters

I could probably go on. But it is my birthday in 2 and a half hours.