August 7, 2006

OBSESSION: Watch It While You Can

UPDATE, AUGUST 12TH 7:30 AM EST, Youtube has removed parts 2-9, so I have decided to link part 1 here as well as an interview about the movie.

UPDATE, AUGUST 10TH 8:30 PM EST, Google has taken the film down again. To watch it, you have to go here to Youtube, and see it in 9 parts.

"Obsession shocked the audience with its carefully constructed, objective, and fact-based examination of radical Islam today.

Powerful would be an understatement in describing the impact of this film."

Drew Mcweeny

"It is a brilliant assemblage of archival footage of radical Islamic barbarities perpetrated across the globe, sermons of radical Imams from 24/7 satellite TV and undercover footage from Lebanon, the Palestine disputed territories, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, London and New York.
Obsession is indeed a wake up message to a sleeping American public cowed by fear and menace by radical Islamists in our midst. And yes, the film is distressing that such hate, incitement and barbarity flourishes in the 21st century. But the film rouses the American public into concerted action then it will have served a vital and important purpose."

Jerry Gordon
Former U.S. Military Intelligence officer and Middle
East Affairs analyst for American Congress for Truth

“Obsession is required viewing for everyone. Especially for people who have tried to understate or ignore the threat of Radical Islam to our national security, Obsession shows how real and present the danger is."

Howard Gordon
Executive Producer “24”

"As a retired Air Force Major General who has lived and traveled through the Middle East and has commanded major combat organizations in key Muslim countries, I believe Obsession is a movie that every American ought to see. It is the most accurate description I've seen of the great struggle that the western world will face for many years to come."

Bentley Rayburn
Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)

August 6, 2006

When Israel Does Attack Iran, What Happens To The Iranian Jews?

This really is a serious question I have. And I don't know enough about the situation to have an educated opinion.

It is estimated that there are 25,000 Jews still living in Iran (down from 100,000 before the Iran revolution), and many live in Tehran, which has 11 functioning synagogues today.

Jews in Iran are pretty much Dhimmis. From Wikipedia:


Like other religious minorities in Iran, Jews suffer from officially sanctioned discrimination, particularly in the areas of employment, education, and housing. They may not occupy senior positions in the government or the military and are prevented from serving in the judiciary and security services and from becoming public school heads.[26]

The anti‑Israel policies of the Iranian government, along with a perception among radical Muslims that all Jewish citizens support Zionism and the State of Israel, create a hostile atmosphere for the Jewish community. In 2004, many Iranian newspapers celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the publishing of the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.[26] Jews often are the target of degrading caricatures in the Iranian press.[27] Jewish leaders reportedly are reluctant to draw attention to official mistreatment of their community due to fear of government reprisal.[26]

The legal system also discriminates against religious minorities who receive lower awards than Muslims in injury and death lawsuits and incur heavier punishments.

It is impossible to find out exactly what the Persian Jews are thinking right now. According to this article, they are caught in no man's land:

Any public expression of sympathy for Israel would invite a sharp crackdown from authorities and hard-line Islamic groups.

"We are Iranians. We work for what's best for Iran. The fighting, fortunately, does not affect the Jewish community in Iran," said Moris Motamed, who holds the single parliament seat reserved for Jews. Other seats are set aside for the Christian Armenian and Assyrian minorities and followers of Iran's pre-Islamic Zoroastrian faith.

But Iran's Jews have undeniable bonds with Israel -- most notably Israel's Iranian-born president, Moshe Katsav. Thousands of Iranian Jewish families have relatives in Israel. The historical links between Persia and the Holy Land go back to antiquity and are celebrated each year with the festival of Purim.

In January, the leader of Iran's Jewish community, Haroun Yashayaei, issued a rare challenge to Islamic authorities after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a "myth." He said Ahmadinejad was questioning "one of the most obvious and saddening incidents in human history."

Israel, however, presents a red line no one will cross. Iran's Jews have remain publicly silent as Iranian leaders have called for Israel's destruction, including Ahmadinejad's call last year for Israel to be "wiped off the map."

The Iranian Jewish website reminds me of Communist Russia Propoganda. Check it out:

'Last week, Jews in the southern city of Shiraz held a pro-Hezbollah rally that was covered by state-run television -- a sign that the march was likely overseen by the Islamic regime to reinforce the idea of national solidarity.'

I'm not sure, because I can't speak for them, but the Iranian Jews seem to be taking a page out of the people of Peakville in the famous Twilight Zone episode, It's A Good Life, where everyone feared the 6 year old boy, Anthony Freemont.

Ahmadinejad right now, is focusing on wishing Israel into the cornfield, and he might be thinking that the Iranian Jews are potential human shields right now. How will Israel deal with the Persian Jews, who are deeply rooted in Iran? Who knows what their ultimate fate will be?

One thing is for certain: Israel will never let Iran build nukes, and I believe an attack on Iran is a given. It is just a matter of when.

August 4, 2006

Musical Interlude

I need to throw in the odd meaningless and possible fun post, so it doesn't look like I have an agenda. It makes it tough for certain people to label my blog.

Everyone is invited to sing along and help drown my voice:)

The Summer Wind

The summer wind, came blowin' in
From across the sea
It lingered there, to touch your hair
And walk with me
All summer long, we sang a song
and then we strolled the golden sand
Two sweethearts and
The summer wind

Like painted kites, those days and nights
Went flyin' by
The world was new, beneath a blue
Umbrella sky
Then softer than a piper man
One day it called to you
I lost you to - the summer wind

The autumn wind, the winter wind
Have come and gone
And still the days, those lonely days
Go on and on
And guess who sighs his lullabies
Through nights that never end
My fickle friend, the summer wind

August 3, 2006


Fearing for safety, Tarek Fatah, communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress, has resigned, citing concerns for his safety and that of his family.

Who would be threatening him you wonder? The KKK? The B'Nai Brith? The JDL? Peta? The Vatican? Stephen Harper? Tony Soprano? The Atheist Jew?

Wrong on all counts. It was fellow "Canadian" Muslims who have threatened Mr. Fateh's life.

"I'm physically drained and fatigued and disappointed by how much leverage these extremists have," he said.

'Fatah said he has been assaulted both verbally and physically, including an incident in which he was attacked at an Islamic conference in Toronto by dozens of young Muslim men.

He also said that an associate informed him of a discussion she overheard in which young men were discussing how Fatah should be killed.

Fatah said he's reported the threats he's received since 2003 to Toronto police, who are investigating the allegations.'

What a bad bad Muslim he is:

Aside from advocating for gay and women's rights, Fatah has also vigorously opposed the adoption of Shariah law, the legal code of Islam based on the Qur'an.

Last July, Fatah also fought against granting a visa to controversial British Muslim cleric Sheik Riyadh ul Haq.

Globe and Mail story

Max says at Israpundit: "This is the effect of Terrorism. They are already in Canada and destroying our society. It’s not enough to make investigations into a few death threats. Terrorists and terrorist supporters must be rooted out and purged. Support of terrorism and Muslim Fundamentalism in any form must be punished by severe laws. We need to change our immigration and multicultural policy. We need to purge the devils we have already taken in before we start to pay a higher price for this. We are starting to have the same syndrome as England. We cannot tolerate the intolerant. We cannot allow them to use our freedoms to destroy us. We are already paying the price for this.

This is the Lebanonization of Canada.

I couldn't agree more. The governments of the US and Canada don't have the guts, but I think it would be more than sane to not permit anymore new Muslims to live in Canada or the US. This is getting out of hand. The moderate Muslims don't even have a chance to become a voice. It is evident with what has transpired with Mr. Fatah.

On a side note, it looks like Mr. Fatah's last piece for MCC was quite a whine. I'm Canadian, I voted for the PC's. And Harper and Mackay, are doing a wonderful job of speaking for Canadians like me. Canadians who were born here. Canadians who take too kindly to being threatened because we exist.

By the way, how about learning how to spell Peter Mackay's name correctly. It makes the whining more affective.

Even a moderate Muslim aint perfect.

A great piece can be found at Combs Spouts Off called Naming the War Properly. Here is a paragraph from it:

"As was the case with the first three world wars, we are at war not with terror or any other particular tactic, but with an idea, or rather, a large set of ideas, most or all of which are inimical to our culture, and to the civilization that is an outgrowth of the Enlightenment. There is no win-win outcome to this war. There are, in the words of divorce courts, irreconcilable differences between the West and the Jihadis. There is, ultimately, not room enough on this planet for both ideologies, because theirs demands submission of all to it."

August 2, 2006

Canada Has The Right People Making Decisions Today

Foreign Minister Peter Mackay (to my knowledge Mackay isn't a Jew) has spoke the truth: "Hezbollah a 'cancer," also, "it is not a difficult choice between a democratic state [Israel] that was attacked by terrorists and cold-blooded killers."

More from the story in the Globe and Mail: "Lebanon's being held hostage by Hezbollah," Mr. MacKay told a House of Commons foreign-affairs committee special session that was called by the opposition parties to deal with the Middle East crisis.

"They started it," he said, describing Hezbollah's daylight attack across the border into Israel on July 12. He said Hezbollah is a "terrorist army" that "has shown no interest in a ceasefire" and is using civilians as human shields.

Why doesn't everybody get it? Mackay's words are the truth and pretty easy to understand.

On the other hand, using typical Arab assmonkey deflection, terrorist apologist MP Omar Alghabra was quoted saying 'the Conservatives are shamefully trying to raise political funds "on the backs of tragedy."'

Hey Omar, you should be talking about why Islamists like yourself take the side of terrorists who purposely put children at risk on purpose. How can any human being support that?

Jason Cherniak has written a lengthy and extremely informative piece on the history of Canada's political involvement in the formation of Israel up until 1967. The really interesting stuff has to do with the USA, Canada, Britain and the Soviet's view of the partition. Moonbats should give it a read too. Maybe they can learn something.