January 31, 2007

Just As Quickly As The Frogs Reel Me In, They Throw Me Back Again

OK, I read this story quickly at Eye On The World; Canadian town to immigrants: You can't stone women

My first reaction is that I thought that would be in the books of all of Canada already. It went on:
"Therefore we consider it completely outside these norms to ... kill women by stoning them in public, burning them alive, burning them with acid, circumcising them etc." No face coverings for women unless it is Halloween. You don't like it, don't come here.

Sounds good. I'm in full agreement. I wonder what the Dearborn population would be like if this was spelled out like Herouxville, a town of 1300 people in Quebec, is spelling it out. Basically, take your Sharia Law and shove it up Mohammed's pooper. Don't even think about it.

One of Eye On The World's commenters stated:

So, in this case, the villagers of Herouxville are simply being islamoprudential.

I like it.

Even this sounds good:

"We invite people from all nationalities, all languages, all sexual orientations, whatever, to come live with us, but we want them to know ahead of time how we live."

That is cool. Except they really mean, "we don't just mean we don't want Muslims" and I'm ashamed to admit that my islamoprudence didn't allow me to see it. I then read this upon further research:

'The town also criticized Muslim halal and Jewish kosher dietary requirements.

"If our children eat meat, for example, they don't need to know where it came from or who killed it. Our people eat to nourish the body, not the soul," the councilors wrote.'

They went way too far for me. And I'm sure they are being hypocritical too. Do the children also not need to know if food contains peanut oil, for example?

Then I found out that the place is 96% Catholic. I'll bet they didn't get the Pope's memo that state the Jews didn't kill Jesus because they didn't bother translating it into their foreign native Froggy tongue.

They didn't stop at Jews either:

'The newspaper said Sikhs were angered by the town's refusal to recognize the ceremonial daggers called kirpans men wear on their legs, while Jehovah's Witnesses protested the town saying doctors didn't require permission to perform blood transfusions.'

You know what, I agree with the above too. But the stupid Froggies had to take issue with Kosher food.

I have no problem with food stores not carrying Kosher foods if it isn't economically viable, but to introduce this into legislation is the height of assmonkeyness.

I know many readers will think I'm getting over defensive of "my people," I just want to say that Jews don't blow things up in the West and they don't look for new members. They don't reject medical procedures that save lives, and they don't carry weapons for religious purposes. They don't cover their faces either, sometimes just the top of their heads....this doesn't allow for potential dangerous situations or identification problems which could pose security problems one day.

But to some religious Jews, staying Kosher is important to them. And it is not a threat to anyone else.

These Froggies showed they are not trying to be prudent, just intolerant. Maybe someone should translate this video into Froggie for them:

I realize Quebec is starting to find out what Islam is all about, but it might be too late. I'm still routing for separation. Ever since I was jealous that my grade 8 French teacher had more hair on her chin than I did, I've had it in for the Froggies.

January 30, 2007

Should I Ban Rickey?

My regular readers are fully aware that I have a cyber stalker on this blog who constantly attacks me and many of those who leave comments here. I've know "Rickey for a few years now (not personally). He was a regular pest on the now defunct Israel conflict message board on Yahoo, affectionately known as "the hate board."

His motus operandi has not changed. He attacks Jews, Judaism, military posters, blacks, Arabs (not Arab posters though), and women. Rarely will he have anything relevant to say, and rarely will he ever stay on topic. Instead he just mainly makes personal insults. He also has an extensive file of copy and paste insults that he would flood the board with, all this while constantly changing IDs that were close matches to the regular posters on the board (except he bastardized the names in a very derogatory manner). He is known to regular posters as Oink or Oinky.

Since the Yahoo board was put to sleep, he has become totally obsessed (not in a gay way, I think) with me and my blog. In fact, the only reason I moderate comments right now is because when left unmoderated, he would copy and paste lengthy irrelevant long posts from his files.
He has set up a mirror blog dedicated to me called The Atheist Jew Slug, because in his own words he needs to expose me.

Who is Rickey/Oinky? I've often speculated on his ethnicity and even his sex. Because he attacked women so furiously, I thought he was a woman for the longest time. Because he seemed to be passionate about Lebanon (prior to the last war), I thought maybe he was a Druze, because he seemed to hate Jews and make fun of Arabs.
I noticed though, he would never malign Muslims in general.

At times he would get civil with some board members. He said he owned an Auto Repair shop in Burns, Oregon.

When everyone knew that Yahoo was closing the message board, I caught him at a weak moment and got him to post his picture (how can anyone be 100% it is him?). Since he used to attack everyone who posted their pics by trying to belittle their looks, I told him it would only be fair to post his.

At the time I thought he was probably a Pakistani Muslim. But he wrote the following message that changed my mind:

Re: Hey Oink
by: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 12/18/06 09:51 pm
Msg: 3108634 of 3110225

I am whiter and fairer skinned than you who claims to be the son of some kinds of jews. I think your dad was from ethiopia. My relatives were from the Ukraine.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 3108627 by bacon_eating_atheist_jew

Note: his ID. You can't trust an ID thief 100%, I realize.

Some more info on him that makes me believe he is closer to 40 than the 12 my commenters have speculated on:

Re: If God didn't want us to eat meat
by: baldarab_withdog (46/M/Ontario, Cuntada)

12/20/06 12:29 pm
Msg: 3111313 of 3111693
1 recommendation

Loss prevention/security/surveillance all part of protecting casino assets. The majority of problems come from employees. Every square inch of the casino is covered by some kind of camera. That's the way it was at the Reno Hilton where I worked, and the rest are similar.

His most frequent attack on me had to do with the fact that I married outside "my species." He calls assimilation a sin. This makes me think he is a Muslim. He could be crazy Jew, but I doubt it. He is definately a Holocaust fan. But he is crazy.

A good description of a cyber stalker from Desicritics.org: 'individuals of low self-esteem and a corrupt mind trying their best to bring out the worst in others especially those who disagree with them on matters concerning wealth, ideas, perception and at times the heart. For them rejection means nothing but "failure" and a failure means "let down"..........Humiliation in public, cheap tactics with false quotes, sometimes bodily harm are just some of the genius acts that these degenerated souls can resort to.'

It is apparent he is a nutjob freak. I'm guessing he is very harmless. But maybe not to himself. That is why if I ban him, I'm not worried about what he would do to me, but what he would do to himself. He obviously needs this outlet. What to do?

I realize I'm giving him the attention he craves with this post, but I hold the upper hand, because I don't have to publish any more of his comments and he knows it. And I think my readers are getting sick of his shtick.

January 28, 2007

The Lord's Prayer Has No Business At Council Meetings

Durham Council Votes To Continue Saying Lord's Prayer

This is just more theocratic nonsense by Christians trying to rise above their insecurities. Yeah, the poor picked on Christians. Oooh, the Atheists are out to get them.

"The Lord's Prayer is a Christian prayer, and there's not just Christians within the council or in the meetings," said Mark Robinson of the Humanist Society of Canada.

"Everybody in there should be looked at as one, and what that prayer does is single out Christians."

News to Christians: This isn't Saudi Arabia. Canada is not a theocracy just because it was founded by mostly Christians. Heck, the early founders of Canada didn't even have any information on evolution or the Big Bang. They had no choice but believe in the invisible man in the sky. If Canada was founded in 1200, the founding fathers would have believed the sun revolves around the earth.

Canada is a secular country. There are Catholics, Baptist, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. The Lord's Prayer is a Christian prayer. If said in public it EXCLUDES everyone who isn't Christian. Where do Christians get off?

Lets not forget that the Lord's Prayer, being recited in unison, in a government building, violates the Charter of Rights. Yeah, it is against the law.

Lets take me as an example. I had to listen to the Lord's Prayer in public school in the mid 60's. I'm not sure when they removed it, but I was glad they did. I was in grade one and two and the words in the prayer conjured up visions of death to me.
Why was I, a 7 year old boy, born and raised in Toronto as a secular Jew, exposed to Christian Fundamentalism in a public school?

It was just as wrong then, as it is now.

Even the Christians can't come to agreement on which prayer is the "right" one. And they can't even agree if the Lord's Prayer has to do with life on earth, or planning for Jesus' return and shortly thereafter, or both.

I used to think "hallowed be thy name," was really "how will it be thy name." I wonder if Christians who spew it out like a herd of sheep know what the words mean.

If the prayer is to try to ensure that God is watching over you and attempting to keep you away from doing shitty things on a daily basis. The Prayer should be made at home. What if you are tempted on your way to the meeting? What if you are married and you see a gorgeous half naked hitch hiker on your way to a council meeting? God won't help you, because you didn't pray to him yet.

I'm at the stage in my life where I just find this stuff annoying and slightly offensive. And in this case, there is no need for me to turn the other cheek.

Since Christians think it is their right to annoy and offend people like me, because they think they have more rights in this country than I do. And Durham thinks they can circumvent the laws by reciting the Prayer prior to each meeting. Here is how to put an end to it:

If anyone is at a meeting and is even slightly offended by the recital of the Lord's Prayer they should recite something out and try to drown out the nonsense being spewed.

As soon as the Prayer begins, how about yelling this out:

"Praise Allah, Allah Akbar" or "You Christians are funny, you pray to a dead Jew" or
"There is no evidence a historical Jesus ever existed, and God is a man made concept. There is no God," or, how about just putting your hands under you armpits while the prayer is going and make that weird farting sound by moving your biceps up and down until most of the board members spew out Amen. Or how about just sacrificing a chicken for luck prior to the meeting.

The above isn't more absurd than bringing the Lords Prayer to a public place. And all the above is legal (OK maybe not the chicken sacrifice), unlike the reciting of the Lords Prayer.

Christians may find this offensive and annoying too. But Christians aren't hypocrites.....or are they?

I have no problem if the council members want to meet early at someone's home or how about a church (too obvious), and recite whatever the hell they want to recite. I don't care if they want to carpool and speak in tongues on their way to work. But keep this crap out of the government halls.

More discussion at CBC.ca

January 26, 2007

How Much Money Is A Few Months Of Torture Worth?

Maher Arar, settled for $10 million because he was on the terrorist watch list in the US and deported to his NATIVE Syria (where he was ALLEGEDLY tortured), instead of being allowed to return to Montreal a few year ago.

Ok that is an oversimplification. If you want the details click here.

Besides the obvious questions as to WHY he was on the terror list?, and WHY Syria would torture a TERRORIST?, or even, WHY would Syria torture a non terrorist? And why hasn't the USA removed Arar from their terror list yet? After reading a post by Deepsouth, one comment stands out: Would the Canadian government please send me
to Syria so that I can be abused for a healthy
10 Million bucks.

He originally sued for $400 MILLION, so maybe the Canadian government figured the $12.8 million it is paying out to be a bargoon. Personally, the amount being paid out is beyond obscene.

This leads me to my hypothetical question:

If you were "falsely" accused of a crime and deported to another country (it doesn't even have to be the country you were born in), and you were tortured (not even allegedly tortured), how much money would you accept from your government for a few months of jail and torture? Remember: You will not be raped or murdered and you will return to the country you now call home in around one year.

I'm not a fan of Sadism/Masochism. I'm not that kinky. Doesn't do anything for me sexually or even emotionally. But I would be willing to take a vacation for $200,000. How about you?

The Canadian taxpayer is paying for this fiasco. To be honest, this makes me not want to pay taxes.

January 25, 2007

Might As Well Get Some Use From My New Digital Camera

My wife just wouldn't flush this thing I saw on the floor by our bar last night. And I have no say in the matter.
It is too fricken cold to put her/him/it outside, so right now Wolfie (I'm pretty sure it is a Wolf spider) is our new temporary pet.

Left, is a picture of my wife's finger in comparison with Wolfie. As you can see, Wolfie is around 3 inches 1 inch long. My wife thinks it is 3 inches. I won't tell her differently. That is a piece of hamburger meat next to Wolfie in case anyone was wondering.

If I'm right and this is a Wolf spider, surprisingly they can live 3+ years.

This makes sense, since I don't remember Charlotte making it past October, or was it November?

They love crickets, flies, moths, etc. But my house is pretty bug free, so it looks like hamburger meat for him/her/it right now.

Oh yeah, today is my birthday. I'm still one day older than Wayne Gretzky:

Oh, and Daisy is loving the snow: