February 28, 2007

History As I Know It

My fourth Youtube video. This one is a bit different, because I actually spent time finding pictures and then I put them to music (well more of a narration piece), and then I did lots of editing (about 3 hours worth, which is more than one hour for each one minute of video), using Windows Movie Maker.
I hope it is enjoyable at least:

The narration is from the animated movie, "The Point." I remember watching it in the early 70's a few times. Why it isn't on frequently, or at all anymore, is sort of mind boggling. It is really one of those cartoons that makes a pre-teen or an early teen think. Maybe that is why.

From Wikipedia: The Point! is a fable by American songwriter and musician Harry Nilsson about a boy named Oblio, the only round-headed person in the Land of Point, where by law everyone and everything had to have a point.

"I was on acid and I looked at the trees and I realized that they all came to points, and the little branches came to points, and the houses came to point. I thought, 'Oh! Everything has a point, and if it doesn't, then there's a point to it.'" -- Harry Nilsson

I figured the narration I selected was obscure enough and unique enough to give my video production a real artsy fartsy touch.

Youtube took away the science and technology category (to piss off secularists perhaps?), so I had to file the above video under "entertainment."

Oh, and I said that this was my fourth Youtube video. I haven't posted my third one on my blog yet, so I might as well now. Just a short video of my doggie:

Daisy is such a good girl:)

February 26, 2007

Youtube Muslims Blatantly Unite To Censor The Truth

From Digg News:
Muslims on YouTube have formed several groups where users and videos that criticize Islam (which they define as "Hate Speech") are listed and mass-flagged as abuse. YouTube seems to remove videos and sometimes even ban users automatically. Muslims claim that they only flag videos that have violated YouTube's TOS, but this has been been proven false

A group on Youtube called United Muslims put up a hit list of Youtube members they wanted to ban. The thing is, that they can't handle the truth. Sure, some of the videos go overboard, but so do many anti-Christian, anti-Israel, etc. videos that don't get banned by agenda. And as far as I'm concerned, shouldn't get banned. I've even seen Holocaust denying videos on Youtube. I'm all for free speech, and as I've said before, the nuts (like the YECs) will find that the internet is their worst enemy.

I think Youtube should stop allowing members to control comments. If someone wants to refute a message, they should be allowed to do so. Many of these sites simply delete comments that debunk the videos in question.

It is funny that the Muslims perceive their biggest enemies on Youtube to be the Youtube Atheists. Generally very politically liberal, I find it refreshing that so many Atheists are making videos exposing the Koran and Radical Islam.

Most Atheist videos are pretty much anti-religion, and mostly mock Christian belief, but that is because most Atheists are ex-Christians.

Here is the video that got Nick Gisburne, Youtube Atheist, banned. In case you haven't seen it, it is just verses from the Koran set to music:

I'm glad this flew back in the faces of the banning Muslims. Many Atheists simply uploaded it and posted it on their own sites. If Muslims want to debunk these Koran phrases, I say let em. But banning videos like this isn't the answer.

UPDATE: New post written May 14th, 2007

My friend at Eye on the World has had his account banned a few times on Youtube. He puts together many of his own videos, including one last year, that I co-wrote with Elder of Ziyon (who did most of the writing). I did the singing (I'll never make it on Idol):

February 24, 2007

Youtube Atheists

They let me in without a background check. Don't they know that I'm really a Fundy who is working undercover?

Over 250 members and counting. Check out the videos. Even Hellbound Alleee has joined up.

Oh, and you God damn Atheists who are not members yet, join Deep Thought's Atheist Blogroll. Just email Mojoey and he will add you.

February 22, 2007


The Rabid Ape does an excellent job explaining what evolution is and how it works. Even most Fundies will be able to understand it, but they will do the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil thingy upon viewing it:

The one thing I didn't like is that he stated there is no such thing as micro evolution and macro evolution, there is only evolution. I would have stated it different, because the terms do exist: Macro evolution is just loads and loads of micro evolution.

Pharyngula has linked another video that explains evolution in laymen terms, but it was done in German (ooh the Germans). Thankfully it has English subtitles.

On another note, I have no idea why Googlebot has started to diss me. Is it because I'm an Atheist or is it because I am not very happy with Islam? It can't be because I'm a Jew. Maybe it is a combination, but I used to get 50-100 hits a day from random Google searches; in the last week I been getting next to zero. Even a search of my blog name doesn't link to my blog anymore, at least on the first page of results. How am I going to get my message out to those who search things like "evil Atheist Jews?"

What does Google have against me? I used to rank up at the top when it came to many "Atheist blank" searches, and almost every "Atheist Jew blank" searches. I don't appear until the second page now. And only once.:

But Blog Search Has KO'D Me BLOG SEARCH ATHEIST JEW Note: Rickey's The Atheist Jew Slug is linked as is The Atheist Jew (a dormant blog that has no connection with me)

February 20, 2007

Trouble With Atheism: Yeah, Dolts Don't Know What Atheism Is

This is long, but it is worth watching ONCE.

'Rod Liddle argues against those who turn to atheism for a rational and moderate approach to today's problems, and says that atheism has high priests and dogmatic beliefs, just like fundamentalist religion.'

First off, very few suggest that Atheism will solve today's problems. Many problems will disappear if magically everyone became Atheist tomorrow though, and yes, some could be created depending on the political leanings of the leaders.
As far as having high priests and dogmatic beliefs go. Well, I'm gonna watch the video for a second time, before I tell you why that is nothing but horse manure. I'll just make points as I see fit, while watching. Ok?

0:35 Atheism at its worst? You mean when an Atheist is like Stalin? How often does that happen?
0:40 Atheism is a conclusion. Nobody says that Atheism in itself is the answer to everyone's prayers.
3:13 Dawkins does not hate God. You can't hate something that doesn't exist. He doesn't think that belief in God is necessary, and in fact, believes that belief in God, causes much of the violence in the world, and stagnates intellectual growth and education. He is right.
4:10 "Atheists have become dogmatic in their contention that there is no God." Bullshit. Atheists just do not have any reason to consider God exists. We are sure that there is no evidence that God exists, and that none is likely to ever appear. We have no rules. And no, not everyone who believes in God is a deluded and dangerous fool. But many are both, some are one and not the other. Many are neither. And many are wilfully ignorant due to evolved insecurities. I am certain we have evolved a brain that readily accepts the concept of God and other supernatural beings. It is a fight not to be superstitious, for example.
4:38 "Atheism is becoming a religion of its own...they have gurus and sacred texts"
More bullshit. I've never read any sacred texts to do with Atheism. And the Origin of the Species is not a sacred text, it is a science book. A bible is full of unprovable myths. A science text is full of falsifiable theories and facts. We have representatives that are trying to explain that religion is crapola. If you want to call those who rely on facts and the scientific method to be my gurus, fine.
4:50 "Unknowable truths." This dude is starting to sound awfully wilfully ignorant now.
5:10 "Atheist regime." Soviet Russia was a political regime where the leader tried to force his country not to have faith in God. Sorry, but that doesn't happen much. No Atheists that I know want to ban prayer in church or home, or churches for that matter. And I know very few communists, if any, within the Atheist community.
5:26 "Atheism is a belief in a disbelief" Ok, I've had enough. I'm not watching anymore of this over. I watched it once, and thought it was fair, but now I'm just getting mad.

Hat tip: Educational Television Blog via TikkunGer

I had a lot more to say, but I'll let the following bloggers speak for me on this travesty of a documentary. They are all negative, and I wasn't looking for any bias whatsoever, but it is impossible after seeing it a second time not to be negative:

Rosio Pavoris
Rank Atheism

And for all you Agnostic bloggers who state that the points made in this video is why you can't be an Atheist, check out this great post at Rank Atheism for common errors made theists and Agnostics when it comes to
Misleading premises in arguments: Propositional Logic