May 20, 2010

The Teabaggers, The Texas Board Of Education and The Founding Fathers

I know I'm just a Canadian so I should just go mind my own business about what is going down in the US of A today, but I won't.

First The Teabaggers. My perception on this crap is that there are two types of Teabaggers: The Libertarian Extreme and The Christian Fundamentalists.

The Christian Fundamentalists are upset because their ridiculous beliefs are being rightfully marginalized, so some even pretend to know something about Fiscal Policy, it is pretty funny actually. It is plain to see that the overwhelming majority of these protesters barely know how a credit card works let alone the benefits and negatives of things like socialized health care. What they care about is making abortions illegal, putting God in school books, getting rid of evilution as much as possible from being taught as a standalone answer to life on earth (putting it mildly), and getting prayer placed everywhere possible.

All of this is based on their hypocritical love of Jesus. I say hypocritical because, for example, there is no way Jesus (who was fictional by the way) would allow the Arizona law to go through if he was an Arizona governor.

The other half of Teabaggers are The Paulian types who believe the government should run magically without much money, without even thinking about the consequences of such a State. For instance, most human beings are too irresponsible to deal with their own health insurance. There will always be a need for welfare for the sick and the single mommies, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. No system is perfect, but human beings need help. If not, there will be lots of malnourished kids and people. And I'm sorry, but I don't buy into fixing these problems with private donations and charity. It just won't work.

I think the fact that Obama is black has made it easier for both type of Teabaggers to get this movement going. I'm not saying that the USA is full of racists, but what I'm saying is that it is maybe a quarter full of racists.

The Paulian Teabagger types have been around for ages, but the reason they are getting so much momentum is partly due to Obama's skin color, and the semi alliance with the Loony Palinites has given them numbers. A bad economy hasn't hurt either. Historically, when there is a bad economy, scapegoats are found. This time around, the Jews were left alone:) Now it is focused on the black Prez, bigger government, and the "Liberal" agenda.

The term Liberal agenda cracks me up.

Now for The Texas Board Of Education. This Don McElroy guy really pisses me off. History has no ifs.....well, apparently it does in Texas. McElroy is a creationist slimeball who is trying to put God into text books. He is also cherry picking history. It is sort of a mine quoting exercise that evolution denialists are known for.

To me, this is such a crock that in the year 2010 something like this can happen in a Westernized country. But then again, evolution acceptance is very low in the US compared to all other nations in the Western World, only beating out Turkey (Turkey is in the West?).

Now about the Founding Fathers. Yes, they were the smartest dudes around at the time. Some of their writing were exceptionally well thought out and insightful. But lets remember, they were probably amongst the very few who even knew how to read back when the USA was founded.

It is evident from their writings that they were strongly for separation of church and state, despite the mind numbing ignorance of those who state differently. The majority were not keen on the Christian God, and they fell in the Deist category.

Imagine if they had knowledge of evolution which came a century later? I'm guessing they would have been atheists. I wonder how that would have worked in 1776. British News Headline: British Army Defeated By Godless Yankees. Would the Americans back then have accepted an atheist Jefferson etc?

Here is another thing. These dudes were apparently OK with slavery. From for all except Blacky. Is that in the Constitution?

So no, they didn't have all the info. They might have been smart, but there is a vast amount of people around today at least as bright if not smarter. Times have changed. The King isn't about to send his soldiers to your home to hassle you for no good reason, so you really don't have to have a gun for that purpose.

I don't even think their intentions regarding separation of church and state or their belief in God or unbelief in God is even relevant anymore. I think the facts found since 1776 in the field of biology and just plain logic should make a case for what is right and what is just plain silliness.

It is silly to put God in the classroom. Prove God, and then he can have a seat.

Funny Cartoon from Joe's Big Blog:

May 8, 2010

Neanderthal Gene Found In Non Africans

It wasn't that long ago that the layman community believed that Neanderthals were a link between humans and chimps.  I found a 1990 Almanac that gives a time line that states that 35,000 years ago, Neanderthals were replaced by Homo-Sapiens (Cro Magnon Man).

I stress that I'm not a scientist, but here is my take on what happened:

The rise in DNA research has put that idea to rest that Neanderthals were the link from chimp like humans to humans.  Just like man's branch diverged from the monkey branch 25 million years ago, and just like the chimp branch and human branch diverged 5-7 million years ago, modern man and Neanderthal diverged, possibly as much as 1 million years, as it appears they were the descendant of the first out of African wave of what I like to call near human ancestors.

The next significant human wave, this time, the descendants of modern humans out of Africa happened between 60,000 to 90,000 years ago. 

What researchers appeared to find is that our ancestors and Neanderthals started making out with each other around 60,000 years ago.  And it looks like some of the Neanderthal genes took (and were probably beneficial) and are now in everyone whose ancestors left Africa in the second wave.  Must have something to do with handling colder weather and stuff like that.

Those who are descended from the line that didn't leave Africa, show no Neanderthal genes.

This could have dangerous implications for racists who, if they accept they have Neanderthal blood in them, and are OK with that, can start making analogies that Europeans (2% Neanderthal) and chimps (3% difference) are not very far off the difference between Europeans and Africans.

One thing is for sure, the Neanderthal genes seems to limit one's athletic abilities compared to those who don't have the genes.  But of course, there are reasons for this, and it all has to do with what is beneficial in each ecosystem over time.

Now for some real science on the subject:

April 24, 2010

Another Fricken National Prayer Day Already

Thank Darwin, I'm a Canadian.

Seriously, I have an idea.  Give National Prayer Day one more chance.  Have everyone in the USA pray that one, just one amputee, grow his or or her limb back.  Just one.

If one person or more grows back a limb, then National Prayer Day stays, if no one grows back a limb, then National Prayer Day ceases forever more.

God has been hiding for at least 13.7 billion years.  That is long enough.  Give him one final chance to show his existence.

I'll even make it easier on God.  By May 6th, I want the fridge door to magically open up and a beer float to my computer desk.  I'll even twist the top off myself.

If you are a normal intelligent human being who thinks prayer works, watch this video:

April 22, 2010

Whenever Creationists Email Atheists, It Is Like Ground Hog Day

I'm really losing patience with Christians, and sometimes religious Jews who take the time to email me.  Usually it starts off all nicey nicey, but it always ends up contentious in the end.  And I really don't have the time to explain evolution to a willfully ignorant reality denialist, because they've seen the answers before, and they choose not to understand them and/or ignore them.

But I do think it serves a purpose to confront Cretards in a public forum for reasons I explain below in my latest unsolicited email exchange with a Christian Fundy.  If this was two or three years ago, I probably would have spent hours doing research, and providing links, and explaining myself.  But like I said, it is futile.

Here is the exchange with someone with the initials EJ:

EJ:  Your blog would be amusing if it wasn't so 1) angry, 2) narrow-minded, 3) militant, and 4) parochial.  Your anti-god profession approaches and gains a level of devotion that clearly looks like religious fervor. I hope that you will find real happiness in your life. Take Good Care, Eric J.

Baconeater: Actually, having 100 followers is evidence that my blog is amusing.  I have happiness in my life.  I am not narrow minded (very few atheists are).  Not angry either, just keeping it real.  I'm militant only because I openly criticize religion.  And since people still want to put religion in my face, it needs to be criticized.

Editors note:  Expanding on the narrow minded comment.  Most atheists assumed there was a God through brainwashing from family.  I was no different.  It takes an open mind to ask questions, and seriously look at the answers.  Thinking about God, and then questioning things about God, while learning about the natural sciences was pretty much a natural progression that most today's atheists went through.  Again, God was given just about every benefit of the doubt to begin with.  It takes a real open mind to conclude there is no evidence for God, and no reason for a God to exist at all.

EJ:  Narrow-mindedness isn't something you can dismiss by saying, "Am not!" Your blog has the predictable atheist screed  of, in no particular order, There is no God, I'm right! / you're wrong!, (the entropy-defying) evolution theory is a fact, Christians are simple, Creationists are dumb, Republicans are dumb, hate any who'd dare think they're right / you're wrong, and a "liberal" dose of argumentum ad hominem sprinkled throughout. Though not clearly laid out, I'm also sure you're pro abortion and pro homosexual civil rights protection.  So for narrow-mindedness, your blog is as clear a display as possible of a sociological-template for, "What one must hold to as a faithful atheist!". Like it or not.

Baconeater:  Your true idiotic Christian bullshit has come out , predictably (and no, not all Christians are idiots like you, just the internet warrior ones who continue to deny reality.  Evolution is fact (Watch Potholer 54's Made Easy series).  A 5 year old can figure it out.  And there is no evidence for God.

Narrow mindedness is to be anti-homosexual civil rights protection.

You are funny too in that you don't even know how hypocritical you are in painting my atheism as predictable, yet saying that I paint all Christians, Repubs, etc with the same brush.   You cretins (internet morons for Christ) are hysterical.  Thanks for the laugh.

But seriously, you are no better than a Muslim who blows himself up for Allah.  Both of you want to stone gays if you could.

What a tragic waste of a life.

By the way, you anti-evolutionists are why so many Christians leave the flock.  It doesn't take much to figure out you are lying or willfully ignorant, and once young people start questioning this, they question everything, and many end up on my blog via Google to see there is no evidence for Jesus or Moses as well.

You are living a lie.

Why are you so angry?

Entropy and evolution.  You will willfully deny this, not try to understand it, or ignore it.  Not sure how sick a cretard you are, though I believe you to be very far gone:

I am wondering what the consensus is among the anti-theism and/or scientific community on the age of the universe and age of earth? Just curious how much time is estimated for evolution by unguided natural selection to present stumble upon today's enormous variety of life.

I don't want a reference or a blog as answer to the entropy problem. Give me your personal understanding for how when everything we see in nature moves from order to chaos over time, the most complex form of life we know of is able to move against that downhill force of nature. 
You're opinion, not someone else's.

"You cretins (internet morons for Christ) are hysterical";  "not all Christians are idiots like you,";  "how sick a cretard you are"
You demonstrate the accuracy of my assertion that argumentum ad hominem is among the most relied upon strategies in blogs like yours.

"Both of you want to stone gays if you could."

Civil protection is intended to protect individuals from ostracism that's due to things beyond their control (eg, race, creed, religion, and disability.) Some 
hold that homosexuals are "made" that way. Others that they evolve to that status.  Regardless, the answer is never stoning**. Your Judaism shines out in this bias and I choose to believe that such pronouncements are beneath you.

"how hypocritical you are in painting my atheism as predictable"
Well is it? Regarding my hypocrisy, I am one who actually believes everyone has the right to believe what they want to. I also believe that some of these people may even believe their ideas as strongly as I do my own. 

"Thanks for the laugh."
Nice try.

"Why are you so angry?"
Again, nice try…

"Your true idiotic Christian bullshit has come out"

I saw that you sent two messages since my earlier response. You are clearly steamed and I regret causing that [if I did.]  When I email people on ideological subjects I intend to provoke [only lightly] a correspondence. I apologize if my messages came across more mean than intended. 

Take care

I honestly didn't read any of your email after the first sentence this time.  I'm not wasting my time on a professional cretard, except, I may blog about your emails and if you wish, you can continue your idiocy in a public setting.  One on one with a cretard like you is a total waste of energy and time.  I'm done laughing at you.  Now my readers can have a chuckle as soon as I choose to get to it.  That would mean of course, reading your latest email, which I'm sure mimics responses I've received from internet Christpunchers/evolution denialists many times over.

Do not email me again.  I have no time for reality denialists on a one to one level.  I'd rather respond in public so maybe some youngsters can Google the ass kicking I give you, and then they'll try to prevent themselves from being brainwashed any further by idiots like you.
Now, since I copied his last email, I guess I promised to read it and respond, so here goes:
OK, is he really asking what the scientific community believes the age of the earth and universe is?  Obviously a flip the page technique is being attempted after I linked to a response that squashed his entropy objection.

Oh, he doesn't want a scientific answer or mathematical model as to why his cretard entropy argument is wrong.  He wants me to explain evolution in my own words.  Again, I refer to Potholer54's videos.  I'm not about to write him a 3 page response that he refuses to accept.
Blah, blah, blah, my attacks?  Did he read what he wrote about my blog to begin with, and does he not get that he paints atheists with the same brush from the getgo by accusing atheists of painting Christians, Repubs, etc. with the same brush.  The guy has a serious mental problem.
What is the answer to dealing with homosexuals EJ, maybe you can leave it in the comment section.  And now you are accusing me of having a Judaic mindset because I brought up stoning.  Geez, I thought the NT was full of quotes about killing gays for being gay, never mind that the NT is the sequel to the OT for Christians....I'm  open minded enough to want to see an answer here.  Should be fun.

I think that people can believe what they want to as long as they don't put bullshit in everyone's face.  If you want to believe the earth is a day old, or 6000 years old, go for it.  But keep that crap out public schools and the government.   If you want to believe that gays are sick and twisted, again, go for it, but you don't get to keep them from their basic rights as equal human beings, and that includes trying to stop them from marrying.  To me, involving the government or education board in this type of bullshit, is akin to blowing yourself up on a bus for Allah.  I have a big problem with it.

Again, I'm not steamed.  I did laugh.  I just find one on one debates with cretards to be tedious and useless.  I don't go around emailing Christpunchers.  Why do they need to email me?

April 13, 2010

Who Is Embarrassing America

Just a partial list from the top of my head (not in any specific order except for number one):

1.   Sarah Palin....BIG TIME
2.   Any Teabagger in the crowd who gets interviewed on TV.
3.   Fox News
4.   Ken Ham
5.   Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron
6.   The Octomom
7.   Any pro athlete who gets caught carrying a gun.
8.   Right to lifers.
9.   Young Earth Creationists (this is definitely number two).
10.  Israel boycotters.  Especially, if they are involved with a university.
11.  Bill Donohue.
12.  Father Jonathan Morris.
13.  Pat Robertson.
14.  Pat Buchanan.
15.  The Duggars.
16.  The GOP.
17.  Obama's ass kissing of Islam.
18.  9/11 Truthers.
19.  Evolution deniers (see 9.).

There are more, but my mind just went blank.

I just want to add that I'm pissed off at Family Guy because in their latest episode, Brian (who came out as an atheist this year), was caught praying to God by Stewie, when he thought the world was about to end.  And then, when it turned out to be an April Fool's day prank that the world was to end, he winds up going to a soup kitchen to keep a promise he made (to God). 

Dammit Seth, way to offend to offend your atheist brethren.